• Why is Antique Barnwood Popular

    A lot of furniture manufacturers claim to offer antique barnwood items. However, you might be surprised to learn that some of it is likely to be faux reclaimed timber; but, those manufacturers might not even really understand what it means to source and use such a precious material.

    We love antique barnwood and have taken our time to not only put quality measures in place for our timber! We do this to make it very clear when we are emulating the gorgeousness of it! In order to give our customers the look for less. There’s no pulling the wool over a Woodland Creek Furniture customer; but just so you really know what you’re looking for! Come with us now as we give you the full lowdown on this extraordinary material.

    What is antique barnwood?

    In simple terms, antique barnwood is wood that has been reclaimed from historic barn buildings throughout the US. At Woodland Creek, we only use timber that has been in place for a minimum of 100 years! This is to guarantee that enough history and strength has been decanted into every fiber.

    The wood is usually reclaimed in the form of cladding, floorboards, planks and beams and will be aesthetically rustic! This is thanks to years of weather exposure, general use and even animal damage (which is superficial only).

    Antique Barnwood Nightstanc

    What can antique barnwood be used for?

    Everything and anything. As long as the timber is good and strong, you can make just about anything from it. We’ve made beds, dining tables, coffee tables and much more for our discerning clients. Some people even add it to new homes in the form of visible roof beams, to add some faux heritage.

    Why is it so popular?

    Simply because it looks so beautiful. Having a piece of furniture in your home that is literally made from a piece of US history will never not be an absolute flex! Furthermore, there’s another point too. Genuine antique barnwood is expensive, frequently prohibitively so, which makes having some even more of a bucket list dream. 

    Why is antique barnwood expensive?

    Because of the costs associated with sourcing it. Demolishing a dilapidated barn is no mean feat, plus selecting the best timber, shipping it and then working with it to make tactile, usable  pieces of furniture? That all takes time, expertise and of course, money. These processing costs have to be passed on to the customer, though we always strive to keep prices low.Antique Barnwood Vanity

    Is there an alternative?

    When crafted well, faux antique barnwood can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Even we have had to look more than once at some of our replica pieces, because they are so realistic. We take fresh timber and give it our special patina, resulting in ‘saw marks’, insect tracks and more. It looks amazing and would definitely fool most people; but, we are careful to be transparent about the fact that we have faux aged it.

    So there you have it, one of the most popular wood furniture trends explained. Are you on the lookout for a piece of antique barnwood furniture for your home now?

  • History in the making: why faux barnwood is so popular

    Antique or reclaimed barnwood has been enjoying a serious surge in popularity, but so too has carefully manufactured faux barnwood. The question is, why and is it better than the real thing?

    Real barnwood can be found in homes throughout the world but especially in the USA, thanks to its in-built heritage and strength. Years of weathering creates a patina that is interesting and unique; while also adding to the durability of the material itself and let's not overlook a crucial element; faux barnwood is often consider to be an eco-friendly building material too. There are, however, a couple of problems with barnwood! Most notably the availability and price, which faux varieties can easily tackle.

    Reclaimed faux Barnwood Furniture - Bed

    There is an infinite amount

    Let’s start with the issue of availability. While there are countless old barns scattered throughout the country, particularly in the Midwest, not all are suitable for demolition and reclamation and there is, ultimately, a finite amount of barnwood to be had. With this in mind, faux versions have started springing up. 

    Usually, we make it from pine. Pine that we give an aged look through certain processes and stains; not all faux barnwood is created equal. Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we have a team of artisans on hand to create the most realistic versions out there, resulting in us even having to look twice. Utilizing rough sawn marks, nicks, insect tracks and specifically-chosen stains, we are able to recreate antique barnwood faithfully and respectfully. 

    It’s far less expensive

    Naturally, wood that has seen at least a century of history comes at a price; especially those pieces with really interesting marks and patina. You could be looking at a four-figure price tag for small items with real barnwood and though it’s worth every penny, sometimes a cheaper alternative is a sensible idea.

    Despite requiring care and a lot of work, our faux barnwood is a cost-effective way to get the aesthetic and vibe that you love; without compromising on quality. We don’t use themed veneers or cheapen our furniture with low grade hardware; instead, we offer you solid wood furniture that we make with less expensive timber. The result is furniture that you love and your guests envy, but no potential for bankruptcy. 

    we can make it into anything

    Let’s imagine that you are looking for a specifically-sized linen closet for your bathroom. You want aged barnwood but have had no luck finding what you want. No problem. Simply have it recreated in faux barnwood for a fraction of the cost! Furthermore, it will have a  faster completion time and with your bathroom specifically in mind

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