Sturdy Bar Stools with Comfort and Style

Sturdy Bar Stools with Comfort and Style
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Sturdy Bar Stools with Comfort and Style

Sturdy bar stools. Have your current stools been given enough attention to detail, or are they simply tall dining chairs? We've sat on plenty that left a lot to be desired in terms of comfort, sturdiness, and aesthetic value. Woodland Creek Furniture decided to put our stamp on the tallest of seating options! [caption id="attachment_15108" align="alignright" width="300"]Bar Stools Iron X Rustic Upholstered Leather Stool[/caption] The Iron X Rustic Bar Stool not only puts the wow factor back into your home, it adds stability and a choice of upholstery options too. These modern, yet rustic, stools guarantee seamless integration with the rest of your interior. We bet you never thought you’d read that about industrial bar furniture!

The Devil is in the Bar Stool Details

When we designed this metal frame, sturdy bar stool, we wanted to play with traditional aesthetics. Hence the dramatic ‘X’ shape that comfortably cradles your back. More than a gorgeous feature, this braces the stool, adding an extra sense of security, no matter which height option you choose. Configure your new bar stools, by using our simple drop-down boxes to choose the following:

  • Stool height. This is an important consideration and will be impacted by where you plan to place the stools in your home. The most common placements will be in front of a home bar or as part of a breakfast ledge set-up, so be sure to measure before selecting. Our 26” option is considered to be counter height, while the 30” is standard bar height.
  • Upholstery choice. When working with an industrial bar stool, basically any upholstery will work. The dark brown leather combined with metal and wood creates a great rugged look. Our light gray leather adds a contrasting softness that makes for a fantastic transitional bar stool finish.

Our bar stools are sturdy, thanks to the braced metal design, non-slip feet, and expert welding, but what about comfort? How have we added to the plush seat pads, to elevate your enjoyment? By including a curved wooden backrest. Hugging you in the right spot, you won’t need to worry about perfecting your posture on our stools. [caption id="attachment_15107" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bar Stools Iron X Rustic upholstered Leather Stool[/caption]

Logical Bar Stool Logistics

We could flat-pack these gorgeous seating options, but this would have made for a less sturdy bar stool. We ship these bar stools fully constructed so we can take advantage of extra welding opportunities, while minimizing your frustration. Who has time for arduous seat assembly these days? Certainly not us and we don’t think you do either! Shipped for free when you buy three or more and available in as little as 2-3 weeks, stock permitting. We think our wood and leather bar stools are the perfect combination of quality, convenience, value, and attention to detail. So, how many bar stools do you want and what are we drinking to celebrate your amazing taste?