Spice Up Mealtime with Reclaimed Wood Tables

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Reasons Reclaimed Wood Tables look Great

Reclaimed wood tables are great additions to your home for many reasons:
  • LOOK: There is no denying it. These tables look fabulous. Reclaimed tables look fresh, stylistic, and rustic. They look like they are high quality. They look like they took many hours to reclaim, design, and craft (That’s because they did). Theses tables look like they should be added to your home and made part of your furniture family!
  • FEEL: They feel smooth. They feel like a quality table. They feel like they will be part of your life forever (with proper care, they will!). It just seems right to add a reclaimed wood table to your home!

    These reclaimed wood tables use wood that has already been used. They do not require our company to cut down fresh trees. We use pieces of wood from locations in neighboring states that would otherwise be left to rot. We breathe new life into our pieces, which helps us herald the strong history, our next point!
  • HISTORY: Our tables have a place of their own in American history. These reclaimed wood tables are made of wood that was used during a time when our country was coming of age, developing new farming techniques and utilizing quality wood to build their barns. While their time may have seemingly passed, they are now being given a second chance at life by undergoing our reclaiming process and finding their ways into homes like yours. You now have an opportunity to own a piece of history, that you will use as a part of your history!
  • UNIQUE: You will not find authentic rustic reclaimed wood tables like this in your big box retailer. While fresh wood can be finished to look like reclaimed wood, there is no replication of the authentic wood pieces that we source from around us in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, to craft these unique and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Why wait any longer to own a unique, eco-friendly piece of history with the right look and feel for your home decor? Come on down to one of our huge showrooms and see what all the buzz is about regarding reclaimed wood tables!
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