The Ultimate Multisensory Investment

Wood is such a timeless material and seems to hold its appeal throughout all fashion fads; and, interior design trends, but why? It’s because solid wood furniture offers more than just one sensory pleasure, as we’ll explain now.

A piece of solid wood furniture- dining table


There’s no denying that when you see a beautifully built and expertly designed piece of wood furniture, you’re interested. More often than not, you’ll try to picture it in your home or start subconsciously redesigning your spaces with this new and intriguing style in mind and it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Even the simplest of bookcases or beds can be enough to make you aware of a wood furniture fascination that you never knew you had. This is when appreciation turns to investment!


All real wood furniture has a scent, some stronger than others. From the richly aromatic red cedar to fresh Aspen or even comforting and medicinal pine, the aroma that wood exudes into a room makes a new item really makes its mark. Walking into a room and being hit with something fabulous to look at and then, a rich, heady and familiar scent? That’s absolute heaven and we say that as people who are surrounded by wood every day and still can;t get enough of the different perfumes!


Have you ever been able to pass by a perfectly executed piece of solid wood furniture without giving it a little stroke or maybe a tap? Neither have we. It’s almost a habit, but one we all share. The desire to reach out and experience timber with our hands is primal and natural. Wood feels strong and when finished by experts, the silky smooth, almost glassy surface is too much to resist. Even rustic finishes demand a little attention, just to see how rough those antique barnwood saw marks really are.


The rich ‘thunk’ as you close a beautifully fitting cabinet door. The hushed rollers as you bring out a dovetailed drawer and the comforting sound absorption when you place plates on a solid wood dining table. You won't find any of these stoic sounds with flatpack or composite furniture, only hand-selected real wood.


Gotcha! We hope you’re not eating your solid wood furniture, but if you are, be sure to hydrate a lot!

Owning a piece of wood furniture brings joy on so many levels. You know you’re getting your money’s worth and something that, if cared for, will last countless years. You also know that it will bring a smile to your face as you recall fond memories made with it. Furthermore, you’ll always want to ‘reward’ it with a little nostalgic stroke, just like you might have done in the showroom when you selected it. Wood furniture becomes part of the family. It evolves and adapts and deserves respect. Maybe that’s why no matter how many whacky material ideas designers try to make us buy into, it’s always wood that keeps coming out on top.

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