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[caption id="attachment_15633" align="alignleft" width="300"]Link to the Soft Modern Entertainment Center Soft Modern Entertainment Center[/caption] What an unusual term to describe a style of furniture “soft modern furniture” - it is almost an oxymoron. The term never entered my vocabulary until one Saturday afternoon; when a customer walked into our retail store and engaged one of the sales staff. This customer stated she had found us online; and, after perusing our web site was excited to see we had a nice selection of soft modern furniture.

A Variety of Soft Modern Designs

I immediately looked up and starting asking the customer questions as to which designs she liked. I wanted which designs she felt fell into the “soft modern furniture” category. After she had left, I took pause and reflected on her thoughts. I agreed. Indeed some of our designs were modern, but the use of reclaimed woods and natural woods did give them a “softer” more “earthy” feel. Just five years ago no one would have thought of combining linear furniture designs containing polished or brushed stainless steel with textured, distressed salvaged woods. Well, now this décor and style of furniture is popular; furthermore, this style of decorating does not appear to be a fad. I personally think soft modern furniture is a category here to stay. Why do I feel soft modern furniture is here to stay? Firstly, the world continues to become fast paced; all cities have major traffic issues; the news both domestic and international is a constant stream of negativity. Secondly, most products are mass produced and made with mostly synthetic materials (i.e., plastics, resins, etc.). Our society is basically on steroids and growing at a rapid pace. Everybody is working longer hours in order to get ahead or just stay above water. When our clients come home, they want their homes to be a refuge from this synthetic, fast paced, tumultuous society. The use of reclaimed woods with history, texture, and character offer solace and provide a unique warmth even when used in modern furniture design. The linear modernistic style of the furniture contributes with its neat and orderly essence. The combination is a breath of fresh air in the design industry.

Paired with a Rustic Look!

Now let’s take this look one step further. Let’s mix in some mid-century modern furnishings with soft modern, and you have what I personally coined “Michigan Modern Furniture”. I am speaking personally, but seeing furniture designs from the 60’s and 70’s come back in style and pairing it with the aforementioned new soft modern furniture designs is a look that resonates with Michiganders and now across the country. Maybe this attraction partly comes from nostalgia and a sentimental yearning for the happiness of being a kid with no responsibilities – whatever the reason for the positive vibe, it works. [caption id="attachment_15634" align="alignright" width="217"]Link to the Soft Modern Furniture- Bar Stool Soft Modern Furniture[/caption] Woodland Creek Furniture and our sister store, Woodland Creek Modern, display a nice variety of soft modern furniture and mid-century modern furniture. Most designs are available made in custom sizes and layouts. Because we make most of our own designs, “custom” does not mean expensive. You are dealing factory direct and we offer very fair pricing for quality furniture. Our stores are open seven days a week. If you live out of state, we have live customer service sales staff helping with questions and quotes seven days a week. We ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. Call us today to discuss your project. Thank you for reading this blog entry. Sincerely, Rob Evina Founder/CEO Woodland Creek Furniture
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