Sharing in the History of Old Barnwood Furniture

Old Barnwood Furniture
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Sharing in the History of Old Barnwood Furniture

Aside from the rustic and nostalgic feel that you get from barnwood furniture, you also share in the rich history of the United States by adding authentic woods that were previously part of old barns from the turn of the century. Up to about half a century ago, a lot of Americans were living in rural areas where farming is the main source of living. The old houses and barns were all made of wood and not a lot were made out of concrete.

However, technology catches up on everybody and soon, new materials are used in building homes and working areas. Modern times also urbanized many rural areas and now, less than two percent of the American population is still involved in farming. As a result, many of the old barns are moving into a state of critical despair because many of it is abandoned and unused. Once the roof starts collapsing, the board interior and even the barn beams will quickly start to decay as well.

Fortunately, the current trend of creating rustic homes is getting more popular and old barnwood furniture has become a staple in many home decorating schemes. These old barns are re-milled into wood furniture and flooring that has that vintage feel, which is totally unmatched by any artificial means. It is usually available in its unfinished color or in painted finish. The usual colors are yellow, blue and red as it is the most common colors used in the 19th century.

The designs are usually simple but barnwood furniture is expected to last a very long time. That is why it is especially sought by some of the leading architects, engineers and interior designers not only in the US but also in Europe. These salvaged barn lumbers provide a home with the weathered and strong characteristic that is not present even with other wood furniture. These woods have gone through different weathers ranging from the scorching heat of the sun, to high velocity winds and even the crisp cold of snow.

That is why barn wood furniture gives the feel of an old friend who has been through it all but is now at peace resting at your home. Barnwood is truly an exotic type of wood that is personally crafted by Mother Nature. And speaking of Mother Nature; if you think about it, by using barnwood, you are actually helping save the environment as well. Not only are you saving the rich history behind each piece of wood that was previously in old barns the old United States but you are also saving other trees from being cut down to create the wood furniture that should have been used for your rustic home. Instead of cutting new trees, you are helping salvage old woods that would have been left to decay if it was not turned into something beautiful like simple bed or coffee table.

So while saving trees and preventing deforestation, the past comes alive in your home as new life is breathed into the old barnwood.