Serving Meals From Farms to Farmhouse Dining Tables

Our farmhouse dining tables play an interesting role during mealtime! Especially, when you consider the supply chain it took for everything to come together the way it did for this to happen.

Meals for Our Farmhouse Dining Table.

First, you have agricultural pioneers who spread across our nation’s farmlands! Pioneers that have discovered innovative ways to harvest and store the fruits of their labor on the farm. Not only did they sustain themselves and their families, but they learned to make a living feeding those around them. That is an aspect of our American history! History that continues to run through the supply chain and get fresh food from the farm to your table.

Our farmhouse dining tables take pieces from those original farmhouses and barns; and turn them into elegant and rustic pieces of furniture to add to your home. This adds to the unique character of the supply chain; because,  you will be eating food from farms that have learned from and adapted from the techniques of the original agricultural wizards! You will be eating this food off of tables that are made from the barns and farmhouses! Farm buildings that these wizards used to innovate those techniques! What better way to celebrate the country’s strong tradition than that?

The Collection of Your Dreams!

The farmhouse dining table collection we offer has the unique elements; that we are talking about, and to make matters even better, they look and feel amazing! People from around Traverse City, Michigan, the country, and even the world have come to our showrooms to see the variety of quality farmhouse dining tables and other rustic furniture pieces we hand make and keep in inventory.

The farmhouse dining table series is unique in that our customers can work with our specialized customer service team to help design and create a custom look for their table. Size, color, and wood type specifications can be sorted out and made ready for production, which will truly result in a farmhouse dining table that can only be found in the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate our American heritage while sprucing up your home decor!

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