Rustic Office Furniture has that Warm Comfortable feeling for your Home Office

Steel and glass may be classified as a modern look but there is nothing as warm and inviting as natural wood furniture when it comes to furnishing your home office. Leave the modern at work and go for the rustic contemporary that Woodland Creek Furniture has to offer. When you furnish your home office you want a desk, chairs and file cabinets that enhance the beauty of your home, not take away from it.

Begin the process of furnishing your home office with a careful examination of the room itself. Ask yourself a few basic questions? Do you want bright and cheerful or dark and comfortable? Will you be keeping the current colors on the walls or adding wood paneling or new trim? Are there many windows in the room and how will the lighting affect the ambiance you are trying to create? Try to imagine what you want it to look like and take a few pictures of the room so you can get some input from others.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, go online and look at the office furniture section of our website or if you’re nearby come to our gallery and see some of the reclaimed wood furniture we have to offer. That look you imagined in your head is here in the showroom. If its not we’ll create it for you. Send us those photos along with your ideas and we’ll make you the office furniture you want and need.

Most people who haven’t seen our work before are amazed at what can be done by master craftsmen who have the knowledge and experience that our people have. All of the furniture we make is environmentally friendly furniture created from reclaimed wood, some of which would have been carelessly discarded if we had not salvaged it. You will be enthralled by the beauty of the coppers, redwoods, birch, cherry, and other hardwoods we turn into furniture for your home and office.

The office in your workplace can have furnishings that are simply serviceable. The office in your home needs to have furnishings that you can live with on a daily basis and that you are proud to put on display when you have guests. If your workplace is your home, you’ll want to spare no expense in making it warm, comfortable, and a place that you don’t mind bringing a client to.

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