Rustic Modern Furniture Design

“It’s a fusion of rustic masculinity and modern femininity creating a new décor.”

Rustic modern furniture design embraces multiple time periods. Ancient stone slabs married to modern chrome legs, reclaimed hardwood matted to black modern wrought iron supports creates the yin yang in this design.

Rustic modern Furniture to Spark Your Desire!

“Masculine and feminine aspects exist in all beings.”

At Woodland Creek we love to mix the masculine with the feminine to creating forms that touch your emotional senses. Close your eyes and run your hand across our rustic modern tables. What will you feel? Coarse aged hardwood joined with polished black forged metal. Time worn gray barn wood joined to ebony lacquer create a timeless mix.

Gray Wash Coffee Table
A dining room done in Rustic Modern furniture creates interest by matching reclaimed hardwood with the clean intention of modern stainless steel. Aged hardwood supported by sculptured metal are trademarks of this diversified design scheme.

A Mix of Old and New

Coffee tables and entertainment centers with sofas and end tables mix the old and new. Rustic Modern holds on to the past while embracing the modern. The black and gray or gray and rustic browns create a time frame of hundreds of years. Rustic Modern furniture allows great versatility to add new pieces of décor without worrying much about whether it will match. Of course it will as it typifies transitional furniture.

Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Center

A rustic modern bed allows you to mix rustic night stands on either side with a modern dresser and a rustic modern chest of drawers. Mix…match…enjoy. Furniture design is all about you. What do you like? What gives you the sense of calm, contentment, peace in your home?

Rustic and modern materials in Rustic Modern generate a balance in room décor. The rough wood generates feelings of rustic rural Idyllic calm. The modern materials of chrome, black lacquer, and glass focuses on urban, contemporary and metropolitan. A mixture that creates curiosity from both aspects. Rustic Modern furniture designs are like the fascination that exists between the men of the country and the women of the city. New, different exciting, mysterious. Masculine and feminine wound together in rustic modern furniture design.


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