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Jump for juniper joy

Juniper is a fantastic timber for woodworking because of its inherently knotty and unusual formations. These gorgeous naturally occurring twists and turns make for some of the most unusual; but, eye-catching pieces of furniture around and today we are going to introduce you to one of our favorites! Join us as we show you are Rustic Juniper log Dining Table! 

A Rustic Juniper dining table to invest in

Just take a look at our rustic juniper log dining table. Pale and creamy with interwoven swirls of coffee-like brown; it’s a work of art and we can say that, because we are the artists! The great thing about our more unusual dining table designs is that although they look more magical than most, they still have perfect functionality built-in. You won’t find a wobbly leg, uneven top or splintering edge anywhere! However, let’s get back to the aesthetics because that’s what you’re really interested in. And today, we are going to give you a tour from the ground up.Link to the Rustic Juniper Log Dining Table

Our signature twisted table bases

We couldn’t be happier to be known for our ability to craft such incredible table bases; not least because 99% of manufacturers can only work with perfectly straight lines! Well we err on the side of whimsy and embrace the shapes and styles that mother nature has taken the time to cultivate, which is how you can access a dining table with a truly unique and one-off design. We finish your base with a protective clear coat, because you wouldn't want to hide any of that tonal gorgeousness, would you? Or maybe you’d like to experiment and try something different? Ask for our advice and we will ensure a great blend.

A simple Rustic Juniper table top

With such a striking base in place, we decided to keep ourselves in check when it came to the top with a simple round design. We do give you a host of options though. We give you 6 standard top diameters to choose from; though of course, a custom size is only ever a call or email away. With your size selected, there are 7 wood varieties to select from as well. If you’re wondering why we don’t use juniper for the top as well. It’s simply a case of us choosing easier-to-work-with options. Options that have excellent longevity and can stand up to daily use for decades to come. We never sacrifice function for fashion. Next, you need to choose a finish. If you’ve chosen a particularly stunning wood, such as cherry or black walnut, how about a simple natural clear finish to elevate the look? For more neutral timbers, we have a selection of stains that will work beautifully with the juniper and create a vibrant end piece. The final decision we ask you to make is if you’d like a live, flat pr chamfered edge. We can create manufactured live edges on timber that doesn’t naturally lend itself to one, so don’t worry about that.

The perfect shipment

With all your selections made, you get to sit back and just wait for us to deliver your new forever dining table; free within mainland US states and enjoy the full year’s warranty that comes as standard too. We offer these for peace of mind; because, the only thing that should get twisted is your juniper dining table base!
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