It's a Dealer’s Choice!

The saying goes that you have to play the hand you’re dealt but if that hand were presented to you on our showstopping Rustic Game Table, we don’t think you’d mind one bit!

Let’s get the elephant out of the room before we begin: we know that not everybody has a specific game room to house a beautiful table such as this. We also know that is an investment item and does not come with a throw away furniture price tag. These things having been said though. We know that more of you could welcome our redwood game table into your homes than you might think. Let us explain.

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Carving Out A Niche

There’s something wonderfully appropriate about a wood furniture company ‘carving out a solid reputation’, don’t you think? When it comes to producing eye-catching designs that blur the line between function and beauty! We are happy to claim the niche as our own! Also, we think that this rustic card table is a truly representative example of why.

You don’t need a game room, man cave or home bar space to justify a solid wood game table, as we think we’ve designed something special enough to be positioned in your main rooms. What’s more, you can customize the finished piece to make sure that it fits in with your existing décor to the rustic game table

Let’s get back to carving for a moment. Take a look at the highly intricate juniper log base here. A masterclass in organic design, it is only possible to create something of this nature if you have the right people in your team. Here at Woodland Creek, we have the best! Artists with wood, every person in our workshop brings years of experience and vision to the table. If you’ll excuse the pun, and have a natural talent for letting the majesty of the wood speak for itself. And only one thing is good enough to top a carved log base: a live edge top.

Attention to Detail with Our Rustic Game Table

Attention to detail is the name of the game with our rustic game table in redwood and juniper, so as well as marrying striking base formations with an organic slab on top, we knew that you’d want to choose the color of felt that you have applied. After all, the deep red in our pictures might be incredible, but it won’t blend with everybody’s interior design scheme, which is why we give you the choice of 30 exquisite shades.  We’re not suggesting that a bolder hue might distract your opponents. However, we certainly don’t think it will hurt your chances of success!

Given the intricate and specialist nature of our organic wood card table. We ask for at least 12-14 weeks to complete your build. This gives us time to source the perfect wood and allows the base to come into being naturally. We think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait though! Also, we offer free shipping within the USA, as a thank you for your patience.

Beautiful, built for purpose and with no two ever being identical, why take a chance on a lesser game table when you could invest in the best and spread the cost with an easy financing package from Bread?

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