Bow Down to the Ultimate Rustic Bar Stool

Bow Down to the Ultimate Rustic Bar Stool
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Bow Down to the Ultimate Rustic Bar Stool

[caption id="attachment_15363" align="alignright" width="216"]LInk to Rustic Bar Stools Rustic Teak Bar Stool[/caption] You might think that bar stools are basically all alike, but you’d be wrong. Say goodbye to standard tall metal frames, wonky legs and unimaginative seats! As we introduce you to the last word in rustic bar stool beauty.

Comfortably Relaxing with Gorgeous Bar Stools

Home bars are such a pleasure. You can relax, in the comfort of your own home and enjoy your favorite drink without having to think about getting home, or what time it is. The only real snag is that you need to design and build out the perfect spot. We can’t help you decide where to position your bar but tag us in when it comes to furnishing it because not only do we offer an enormous range of stunning bars, we are also delighted to work with you on a fully custom installation and we have all the finishing touches you could possibly dream of. Including the comfiest, most authentically rustic and stylish bar stools you’ve ever seen. Our Natural Wood Teak Stool brings together the God-given beauty of teak wood with our ingenuity and not to brag, but the result is gorgeous. A shapely, tactile and chunky stool, we think our passion for working with teak is clear in the way that we have taken a solid piece! We let it guide our craftspeople to create an organic representation of a bar stool. [caption id="attachment_15364" align="alignleft" width="273"]link to natural teak barstools Natural Teak Bar Stool[/caption] So many people make the mistake of fighting their materials! However, we put ours at the center of everything we create. Firstly, we take our time selecting our timber! Secondly, we nurture it and we do exactly the same in terms of choosing talented people to work with us. Lastly, when these two come together; a beautiful product is made, and what you’re seeing here is an excellent example of that!

Many Styles of Rustic Bar Stools!

Yes, we offer other styles of bar stools. Some are more intricate, others have a mix of materials included! However, we love this design because it radiates a natural simplicity and elegance that is impossible to argue with. We also enjoy the thought of settling down for one of life’s most uncomplicated pleasures on such a pared back design. A cold beer on a sturdy stool; it’s a match made in heaven. The seat is contoured for your comfort and an integrated foot bar is included as well. We also know that varying heights need different options, which is why this particular design comes in two sizes. Shipped free of charge and within 2-3 weeks, depending on stock levels and build queues! Your new bar stools could be with you before you know it. So you better get the fridge stocked, the keg hooked up and your loved ones prepared to not see you for a few hours each evening. Well, maybe just the kids!