Rustic Fun For All Ages

To decorate your home in a cohesive way. You need to pause for a moment and think about the bedroom furniture in your kids’ rooms. It’s all very well choosing yourself an amazing rustic bed that will stand the test of time. However, what about the younger members of the household? Don’t they deserve something stunning as well? Now, you can treat them to a rough sawn bunk bed that will be the envy of all their friends.

link to a rough sawn bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Antique Barnwood

Encouraging great taste

 You might not be convinced that children will want a rustic bunk bed. However, kids aren’t just about modern technology and everything new! In fact, you might be surprised by how amenable they are to something along the lines of a barnwood bunk bed! One that looks amazing and won’t ever date, because good looking wood is timeless.

Buying a wooden bed gives you the chance to teach your kids about sustainable, green materials. While also giving them the chance to appreciate traditional styles and American craftsmanship. Especially with this rough sawn timber frame bunk bed, as it has been designed and is built right here in the USA. Domestic product appreciation is so important, but that’s just one reason to consider investing in this gorgeous bunk bed design.

link to the post and beam bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Honey Amber

Solid as a rock

Kids have a habit of being a little less than gentle when it comes to their beds! Which is why sturdy thick wooden beams are the right choice. You’ll find no laminate or veneer here. You will only find solid cedar being put to expert use! The solid cedar will create a bed frame that you can depend on. Adding an aesthetic touch, the rough sawn finish amps up the rustic vibe, making it ideal for not only your home, but also a log cabin or rural hideaway.

Even better is the fact that the solid wood bunk bed frame is so strong. So much so, that even adults can sleep comfortably in it as well.

link to the post and beam bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Weathered Gray

Amazing value in the Rough Sawn Bunk Bed

Given the timeless design of this open-slat, integrated-ladder bunk bed, the quality of the wood being used and the fast completion time that you can rely on. You might be wondering how the price can be so comparatively small and that answer is simple! You are buying direct from the manufacturer. We are proud of our exclusive designs and want to ensure that only the finest artisans work on them! This is why we source talented craftsmen and keep our standards high.

With no distribution channels to account for. We can create dynamic designs that are built to last a lifetime, but offer excellent value for money as well. We also want you to have the option of buying more than one item from a collection, if you like to coordinate your furniture.

The Sawmill Rough Sawn Timber Bunk Bed is a perfect example of the fact that safety, style and sustainability really can work together to create unrivaled furniture pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of fashion. Even kids will appreciate that!

Link to the rustic rough sawn bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - American Chestnut
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