Traditional Style Built to Contemporary Standards

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Traditional Style Built to Contemporary Standards

Don’t fall into the trap of letting your bathroom be the interior space where you let your design credentials slip! It can be so easy to simply plump for the basics. Because, this isn’t a room that you spend huge amounts of time in. However, when it’s remarkably uncomplicated to inject some fabulousness, just with your choice of vanity, you’d be crazy not to. Let us show you this fabulousness in our Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity! Link to the Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity

Invite Wood into your Bathroom

There used to be a school of thought that wood and bathrooms don’t mix. However, when you install quality, purpose built bathroom storage furniture into a moisture-rich environment. There are no negative consequences to worry about. Even if the wood vanity being created is more on the rustic side. Our Heritage Collection takes reclaimed wood and gives it a brand new lease of life as a piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime, while building on the vintage feel by including traditional carpentry mastery. In the case of this stunning barnwood vanity, you’ll find hand carved wooden door hinges. Not metal, wood, to bolster the old world feel of the piece as a whole. The perfect finishing touch is a hand forged metal latch! This latch completes the aesthetic, without detracting from all that wonderful wood. Link to a Barnwood Vanity

The Beauty of a Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity 

Why choose a reclaimed barnwood vanity over something more contemporary? Simple. It has so much more character! This wood has already enjoyed a functional existence, with unique nail holes, cracks and saw marks to prove it. In short, no two items will ever be identical, regardless of the design or craftsman that makes it. That elevates your furniture to new heights instantly and allows your space to always be unique. The simplicity of our Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity allows the gorgeous material to step forward as the star of the show. A fussier design might have overshadowed the rich hue of the vintage wood! Here, however, there is no option but to stand back and enjoy the piece as a cohesive whole. Better still, there isn’t a single style of home that this would look out of place in. reclaimed barnwood vanity in home

Perfect for Every Home

Any western-style home, rustic interior design scheme or actual log cabin would make a perfect home for this beautiful vanity unit! However, don’t discount more modern homes either! In a minimalist chic bathroom, adding one piece of eye-catching dark wood furniture will help to heighten the bright finish everywhere else. You can complete the vanity with a modern sink and faucet, to balance the final aesthetic too! You choose the position of the sink and customizing your overall vanity orientation with our drop-down menus. Thanks to the simple look of the Heritage Collection, you can experiment with accessorizing and building a more complete home furniture set. From reclaimed wood mirrors to dressers, coffee tables and everything in between! It doesn’t make sense to keep such wonderful pieces hidden away in your bathroom alone! So, why not experiment with a wider rustic design aesthetic?
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