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  • Farm Table Dining is an Authentic American Custom

    Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and other historical television series showed them. Movies by the dozens; The Patriot, Dances with Wolfs and The Alamo used them to create an historical atmosphere. Nearly every American home has a place for one. Even the Simpson’s have one. At one time or another every citizen of these United States has sat down to a Farm Table dining experience.

    Unless you live and breathe American history you really don’t pay much attention to the history of the American Evening Meal and its importance in family life as we know it. Every wholesome image of Thanksgiving has all the relatives gathered around a table with turkey and all the trimmings. That event takes place at a farm table. How about a child’s birthday party? It may be more than just family but, every one is around the table.

    We as Americans like to think of ourselves as family oriented and family focused. What other image conjures up the American family experience better than sitting down at the end of a day for dinner. These days the Farm Table Dining experience is the only time our busy families can sit down and catch up on the happenings of the day.

    Farm Table Dining is an authentic American custom. Experts in the field of sociology have told us that a lot more takes place at the kitchen table than we think. Many families still pray before a meal. Regardless of the ages of the children they all feel equally important at the table; a feeling of belonging. Conversation, better described as communication, a vital ingredient in any group, happens at the dinner table. Work ethics are born at the table; one of the child’s first contributions to the family is to help set the table.

    Regardless of how many family members there are some how the American custom of Farm Table Dining is ingrained in our culture. Whenever the conversation dulls in any social setting; ask people to share their memories of family dinners, you will be talking, laughing and strolling down memory lane for hours.

  • For True Americana in your Home you need Rustic Furniture

    Think of a style of furniture and what the first thing that comes to mind is. Let’s start with French provincial…. Marie Antoinette. Retro….50’s soda shop; Art Deco….South Beach, and Baroque…..well, broke. I admit I don’t know much about that style. There is one style of furniture I am familiar with, rustic furniture. This style has depth of character; that is uniquely Americana. It is a mix of Betsy Ross, Abe Lincoln, and Wyatt Earp and a time when mankind respected the land they lived on. Rustic furniture has strength and gentleness at the same time.

    Rustic style is the Norman Rockwell of furniture. This style has nothing artificial or fake, no plastic, resin or chrome, just wood. Rustic has the feel of America. Each piece stands strong, steadfast but humble all at the same time. Hand made quilts and woven blankets belong, American flags from every era feel welcome around this type of furniture.

    Rustic wooden rocking chairs have rocked millions of babies to sleep. Rustic wooden doors have kept wind and rain from invading our homes. And it was a rustic farmhouse table where we all gathered around for the evening meal. Woodland Creek Furniture specializes in a truly Rustic Americana style of furniture; our Barnwood collection optimizes that Americana feeling.

    Antique barnwood and timbers ranging from 100 to 150 years old are meticulously crafted into beautiful furniture. The barnwood’s aged patina, coupled with the refined lines; give this collection an “elegant yet rustic” charm. The barnwood coffee tables are made from solid reclaimed barnwood. It is crafted to be passed down for many generations. Many more designs will be introduced in the coming months.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words take a look at our main website. Rustic furniture is at the core of American culture. It’s not just a table here or a chair there rustic is a feeling that engulfs the entire room. There is no mistaking the feeling of walking into a room furnished with Rustic pieces, the first thing you think about is strong yet humble America.

  • You’ve tried the rest; now try a Farm Table for your Kitchen or Dining Room

    When you moved to your first house most of the furniture you had was your parent’s old stuff or what our family called ‘Chippendale garage sale’ or ‘scratch and dent nouveau’. Where ever or when ever you got it; you were glad to get rid of it. Over the years you've gone through several furniture revivals, trying black lacquer tables, one kitchen table had tile inlays and the last one you purchased you thought was solid wood. You remember being so proud of yourself for getting the deal of the century until the veneer began curling up at the sides.

    Admit it you have tried every type of table know to mankind, isn't it time you got serious about your furniture? By serious we mean a quality Farmhouse Table for your kitchen or dining room. Nothing on the market today can compare to the beauty, style and class of a rustic Farmhouse kitchen table. No synthetics, veneers, plastics or chrome just a solid wood kitchen or dinning room table to be enjoy now and for generations to come.

    Farm tables can be made from a variety of woods, but Woodland Creek has engineered a way to re-purpose 100 year old barn wood. Using the reclaimed wood from old barns our woodworking experts create beautiful kitchen and dining room tables. These tables have a relaxed elegance you can only get from Rustic Furniture. There are no substitutes for this kind of quality and craftsmanship. Farm tables come in all kinds of styles and if you would prefer something painted there are 100’s of colors to choose from.

    Woodland Creek Furniture is proud to be the nation’s top supplier of Rustic furniture. No one else has the wide variety, superior craftsmanship and customer service after the sale than Woodland Creek. Visit our main website to get an idea of what would look good in your home or visit our showrooms in Traverse City, Mackinaw City or Kalkaska, Michigan. Either place you visit you will be inspired to forget the rest and buy the best.

  • Why Farmhouse Kitchen Tables Last Longer

    When I think back to the type of kitchen table my family grew up with my stomach gets tied up in knots. If you grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s you will remember them well. Some people like to think of them as ‘Retro’. You know the kind, chrome plated, ugly heavy gauge tubular steel and the crowning disaster was the high pressure laminate tops. People who have this type of furniture say that it gives an old room a new personality. I think not.

    I remember so many unpleasant things about those types of tables. I can remember the cherry Kool-Aid stain that even bleach wouldn't get out. When my sister was little she used to bang her spoon on the side of the table for attention. The marks she made were still there when my folks sold it at a garage sale 12 years later. The cracks in the laminate top looked like varicose veins and the scorched spot where my Dad put a hot pot looked like a giant stale croissant. It was a wonder how anybody could still have an appetite looking at that table.

    When you put a Farmhouse Kitchen Table in your kitchen, that table will last longer than any other type of table. Why, because it is made of real wood, no veneers, no synthetics and no chrome. These are solid wood tables and built to be passed down for generations. Each barnwood table will have a warm distressed finish that will warm your home. Woodland Creek Furniture is one of the premier Farmhouse Kitchen Table makers in the country. Located in Michigan among thousands of acres of forests, we choose only the best wood to create our beautiful tables.

    There is nothing like coming into a kitchen and seeing a solid wood Farmhouse table. Couple that with the aroma of a good meal and you have one of the most relaxing atmospheres any home could ask for. Our website has beautiful pictures of the solid wood furniture we make everyday in our shops. Customers have uploaded the pictures of the rustic furniture in there homes. Wood furniture has stood the test of time. It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you have, as long as its Woodland Creek wood, it’s good.

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