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  • Add Reclaimed Wood Furniture to Your Rustic Interior Design

    Reclaimed wood furniture is growing in popularity around the country when it comes to home decor. The reclaimed wood that is used in the production of furniture is sometimes not what it claims to be, however. Many competitors are offering furniture that has a reclaimed wood look to it but comes from fresh cuts of lumber. The authenticity, durability, and history of the wood are all compromised! Actual reclaimed wood furniture uses wood found from sources such as old barns, factories, and warehouses that were built at least 100 years ago, meaning they have the age, character, and meaning all buried deep within the timber. For anyone who is avid about their history and their furniture, these are all very important features!

    The reclaimed wood furniture style is growing in popularity for several reasons:

    • It looks and feels great and unique
    • The rich history and tradition that are behind each piece of furniture
    • They reuse resources, instead of requiring more trees to be cut for wood
    • The physical characteristics of the wood are marked by higher quality and sustainability

    Why, you may ask, is it better to reuse the wood, especially if it is so old as it is? Well, the answer again lies in our history. The wood that was used over a century ago by the nation’s agricultural pioneers was harvested in a time when air pollution from the industrial age did not stunt the growth or quality character of new trees. The wood is stronger, healthier, and last much longer than the wood that is harvested from trees that are bred and cut down in the modern age for mass producing furniture.

    The reclaimed wood furniture that we use at Woodland Creek Furniture is sourced from barns and other locations around the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. We use wood that is at least 100 years old and filled with history and character, before implementing our unique process to craft and reclaim it into new and elegant pieces of reclaimed wood furniture. We would love for you to take a look through our wide variety of pieces either online, or in one of our two massive showrooms.

  • Log Furniture For a Unique, Natural Touch

    We totally understand the appeal of symmetry. In nature, symmetry can be found in all shapes and sizes: From the symmetry of our bodies to the seemingly symmetrical leaves of a birch tree leaf, there is no denying that there is a special sort of magic to these natural designs. However, as beautiful as symmetry may be, there is also a lot to be said about the naturally asymmetrical quality of individual natural bodies as well. Mountains, crashing waves, meadows, landforms, clouds, and even fallen tree branches can shine as their imperfect twists, turns, and features stick out in asymmetrical contrast with themselves. Something about the natural disarrangement of things makes them feel like they have a unique place in the limelight, ready to be recognized as yet another beautiful mark on the world.

    At Woodland Creek Furniture, we pride ourselves on our collection of log furniture pieces. A quick overview of these items on our web page will give you an idea of what we are talking about. We take logs that have fallen, and we help them back up, rearranging them into truly unique, asymmetrically elegant pieces of log furniture that will add a complex yet naturally stunning look and feel to any room, whether it is for your family’s summer cabin or the rustic home decor of your private residence. Not only can you depend on having a piece of furniture that is unique, but you can also depend on the quality craftsmanship that we have built our entire business upon.

    Our vast log furniture collection includes bed frames, burl wood coffee tables, hickory log dining chairs and log dining tables, floor lamps, rustic entertainment centers, and much more. Stop by one of our two massive showrooms in Kalkaska or Traverse City and get a good look and feel for the log furniture items we have ready for you to take home and make a part of your rustic interior design! Our friendly and professional customer service team will help you navigate through your options and decide what will be the best addition to your home!

  • Serving Meals From Farms to Farmhouse Dining Tables

    Our farmhouse dining tables play an interesting role during mealtime when you consider the supply chain it took for everything to come together the way it did for this to happen.

    First, you have agricultural pioneers who spread across our nation’s farmlands and discovered innovative ways to harvest and store the fruits of their labor on the farm. Not only did they sustain themselves and their families, but they learned to make a living feeding those around them. That is an aspect of our American history that continues to run through the supply chain and get fresh food from the farm to your table. Our farmhouse dining tables take pieces from those original farmhouses and barns and turn them into elegant and rustic pieces of furniture to add to your home. This adds to the unique character of the supply chain because you will be eating food from farms that have learned from and adapted from the techniques of the original agricultural wizards off of tables that are made from the barns and farmhouses that these wizards used to innovate those techniques! What better way to celebrate the country’s strong tradition than that?

    The farmhouse dining table collection we offer has the unique elements that we are talking about, and to make matters even better, they look and feel amazing! People from around Traverse City, Michigan, the country, and even the world have come to our showrooms to see the variety of quality farmhouse dining tables and other rustic furniture pieces we hand make and keep in inventory.

    The farmhouse dining table series is unique in that our customers can work with our specialized customer service team to help design and create a custom look for their table. Size, color, and wood type specifications can be sorted out and made ready for production, which will truly result in a farmhouse dining table that can only be found in the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate our American heritage while sprucing up your home decor!

  • Contemporary Rustic Furniture for a Unique Blend of History and Modernity

    Contemporary rustic furniture is a style that is starting to make waves in the interior design community. As many of the urban stylings have recently swept over the tastes of the current generations, many people have grown tired of the static, plain look of modern stylings and have sought comfort in the designs that reflect a more natural look and feel. Woodland Creek Furniture proudly crafts contemporary rustic furniture. This style offers a beautiful and naturalistic feel to the piece itself while presenting the owners with a taste that harkens back to times when life was more simple. A time when people appreciated the beauty that surrounded them so much that they wanted their indoors to resemble their outdoors as much as possible. Still, there are many people who are caught between two worlds of design: They want to have that modern, contemporary look and feel, yet they want to stay somewhere in the realm of rustic, antiquated, and homely. While we talk a lot about our reclaimed wood pieces, we also would like to mention honorably, the lineup of contemporary rustic furniture that helps these kinds of folks find their equilibrium when they are caught between these two worlds!

    An overview of our website or walkthrough of one of our two large showrooms will give customers some amazing insight into the variety of contemporary rustic furniture pieces we have available. We have skillfully blended contemporary design elements and features into the reclaimed wood pieces that we are renowned for crafting to create the contemporary rustic furniture that you have been longing for. Among our many items, you will find:

    • Dining tables
    • Sideboards & sofa tables
    • Coffee tables
    • End tables & nightstands
    • Chairs
    • Beds
    • Bar Stools
    • Entertainment Centers
    • Dressers

    As you can see, we have everything you need to find that middle ground between history and modernity, where the wood meets steel, and where style bursts out with grace and strong character. Let us help you step up your interior design by getting you closer to owning your very own piece of contemporary rustic furniture today.

  • Cabin Furniture for Your Cabin in the Woods

    Cabin life. It really is something else. The fresh air of the forest or mountain emanates through the rooms and hallways. Natural light flows in through the precisely positioned windows. When the night falls, the natural light is substituted with some of the light of the crackling fire, with the strong scent of a hearty meal sneaking into all rooms from its origin in the kitchen. You relax on your finely crafted cabin furniture, that, if selected right, perfectly complement the look and feel of your surroundings.

    The concept behind a well-designed cabin is that there is a seamless line between nature and abode. The cabin dweller might be indoors, but they will still feel like they are outdoors with all of the naturalistic design elements that surround them. The next best thing to being in the great outdoors is being indoors, away from all the bugs, beetles, and bears, and inside a cabin that feels like you are still right outside.

    At Woodland Creek Furniture, we specialize in crafting cabin furniture that is perfectly suited for the task of creating that outdoorsy look and feel on the inside of your cabin. Using reclaimed wood, the design and quality of our cabin furniture are unmatched and just what you need to tie together the decor of your cabin. With a broad selection of options to choose from, our warehouses are sure to contain just the right piece or pieces you are looking for to furnish your getaway!

    We offer cabin furniture for bedroom, bathroom, lighting fixtures, office, patio, storage, dressers, and more. With our wide selection of handcrafted, reclaimed wood cabin furniture sets, you can relive your dream of connecting the inside of your cabin to the outside by giving it the stylistic, elegant, and natural look that it deserves to stand out as a comfortable getaway that you call your own. Come into Woodland Creek Furniture today, check out what our huge showrooms have that will fit your cabin furniture requirements, and start picturing what your cabin is going to look like from the inside, out!

  • Bringing Home the Barnwood Table of Your Dreams

    For some of our customers, owning a barnwood table is a reminder of their days back at their family’s farm. For others, the barnwood tables are natural and elegant pieces of Americana that fit comfortably into their home’s interior design. Whatever the reason may be, our customers have a wide variety of barnwood tables that are inspired by a movement of American heritage and craftsmanship.

    Our barnwood tables are exclusively made out of reclaimed wood beams from 100 to 150 year old barns from the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Unlike many of our competitors, who utilize paint and finish techniques to make fresh lumber look old, we use actual pieces from our nation’s rich agricultural history and reclaim them using our unique process, which keeps them looking rustic and natural while breathing new longevity into them.

    The other unique aspect of our barnwood tables that sets us aside from mass-produced, fresh-lumber furniture is our ability to customize the size specifications and finish colors to suit your specifications and tastes. The quality of our customer service is something we at Woodland Creek Furniture pride ourselves on, and we would love for you to come by one of our spacious showrooms to check out our friendly team and a wide variety of barnwood table options!

    For a unique and finely handcrafted addition to your home that will not only complement your rustic decor, but will also earn you multitudes of compliments from your house guests, we invite you to come and get a good look and feel for our lineup of barnwood tables. Following a rich tradition of agricultural history in the United States, help us pay tribute to the years of work and toil that went into feeding our great nation when it was coming of age. Do so by taking home a piece of that history, and using it to be the place where you continue to feast on the great products that the modernized agricultural industry still provides us to this day.

  • Barnwood Furniture is the Ultimate Rustic Touch

    Growing up in a road tripping family might have afforded you a few chance visual encounters with some of those barnyards that pattern our Great Plains and our old American art and cultural items. Barnyards of the older generations have a mystical quality to them, reminding us of the strong agricultural tradition that carried our great nation into prosperity and helped nurture it when going through the more difficult times. While many barnyards have since fallen into obsolescence as technology has altered the face of the farmlands, they still stand as cultural beacons. Woodland Creek Furniture takes these traditional items and helps breathe new life into them with our lineup of barnwood furniture items. With our finely crafted and uniquely designed pieces, we offer our valued customers the chance to own a piece of Americana that will fit elegantly into their home.

    What better way to cherish the American spirit of agriculture and stylistically decorate your home than with an actual piece of that tradition? Our barnwood furniture collection exclusively uses barnwood to create a fresh, unique look to your home decor. Our barnwood furniture collection includes the following items:

    • Barnwood bedroom sets
    • Barnwood dining tables
    • Barnwood coffee tables
    • Barnwood sideboards & sofa tables
    • Barnwood end tables & nightstands
    • Barnwood chairs
    • Barnwood benches
    • Barnwood entertainment centers
    • Barnwood lighting
    • Barnwood framed mirrors
    • More!

    As you can see, there is no shortage of options to bring that homely, rustic decor into your home, and with loads of style. The barnwood furniture that we craft is given a very special touch behind each and every piece, and we have many options for you to choose from. Visit one of our humongous showrooms in either Kalkaska or Traverse City, Michigan, and find out what people from all around the country and even the world have been looking into when they want a piece of barnwood furniture and unique American craftsmanship in their homes. All of our barnwood furniture is made from 100+ year old barns in the Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana areas, and find out how we can replenish these antiquated pieces of wood into custom sizes and shapes, to meet your specifications!

  • Home Styling with Antique Barnwood Furniture

    Antique barnwood furniture is one of the most popular rustic furniture products we offer, which comes as no surprise considering its unique blend of rustic and elegant characteristics. Aside from looking amazing, our reclaimed barnwood has more features to it than meets the eye.

    We source all of our barnwood from barns in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. All of the reclaimed barn wood we use in our furniture is at least 100 years old, which says a lot about the quality of the wood to begin with. Wood that was harvested from that time is just not the same as the quality of the wood you will find in new pieces of furniture, or our competitors’ barnwood furniture.  The wood’s age is important as only the slow process of weathering gives it the desired antique patina.  Many of our competitors are taking fresh wood or 30-50 year old barn wood and trying to enhance it through distressing and burning techniques.  It simply does not and will not have the same look or feel as naturally aged barnwood subjected to four season of slow weathering over ten decades.

    Our reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly and good for the environment as we are saving trees and our landfills.

    Our barnwood furniture might be the easiest furniture to maintain.  The more use it gets the better it looks. Should you ever get a fresh scratch or gouge, you can use a special tinted wax and in just minutes watch it disappear.  You will not be able to tell what a farmer did 80-100 years ago versus what your kids did yesterday.  Scratches only make the furniture look better. 

    With this higher level of quality, you also get the added benefit of a strong history behind your antique barnwood furniture.  America’s farmland history has an admirable tale full of heroes, innovators, and hard workers. The American farmer has always been the back bone of the United States. While the nation was coming of age and finding its way, the agricultural industry found in it a group of determined individuals who had the discipline and craftiness to work the land and produce the food that would feed the entire nation. The blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors are in each reclaimed beam, timber and plank.  Our barn wood furniture pays tribute to this Americana. 

    Woodland Creek Furniture welcomes the opportunity to handcraft a piece of unique barnwood furniture for you and your family. All of our designs can be custom made to fit your home, office, cottage or ranch. Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

  • Creative Coffee Table Design Ideas

    By Bryn Huntpalmer

    While a boring coffee table may be no more than a drink holder in your guests’ eyes, an interesting and well-styled one can be the most important piece in your sitting area and true a conversation starter. Your coffee table affects how you entertain--conversations hover above it while appetizers and literature sit on it--so why not choose a unique coffee table that makes a statement? Here are several beautiful coffee tables that will transform your living room.

    Via Woodland Creek

    This asymmetrical Live Edge Burl Wood Coffee Table is a true icebreaker. The slab is carved out of natural tree trunks, which means no two are ever identical. The trees used to make these pieces have been infected with the burl virus, which means they have to be uprooted and moved in order to not affect the trees around them--but it also means they have a unique, beautiful grain pattern that appeals to furniture designers and collectors all over the world. This slab can be used as a rustic piece or, with a metal base, can be the perfect addition to a contemporary or transitional home.

    Via Woodland Creek

    If rustic isn’t really your style, this Casual Modern Cocktail Table will give a sleek retro look while still incorporating natural elements like reclaimed wood and natural wood grain. This unique coffee table is versatile enough for just about any decor style and can be finished in other colors to suit your home. Whether your home decor is rustic, eclectic, romantic or contemporary, this piece will contribute natural beauty to your design.

    Coastal Coffee Table with Wrought Iron Base

    Via Woodland Creek

    The Modern Organic Coffee table features a slab that is a vivid mosaic of handcrafted woods including burl, black walnut, ash, redwood, and maple. Like the Burl Coffee Table, there are no two identical pieces. This coffee table mixes the most interesting aspects of rustic and modern design, but don’t get stuck on one look: it can be crafted into an oval, circle, rectangle, or square table to fit in with your space and decor.

    Via Woodland Creek

    Both sophisticated and rustic, the Double Live Edge Slab Antler Coffee Table is crafted from natural wood and real elk antlers. The wooden slabs can be made from redwood, black walnut, burl wood, maple, cherry, or oak--any color will add elegant rustic character to your sitting area.

    Coffee Table Western

    Via Woodland Creek

    Crafted from vintage reclaimed and repurposed barnwood, the beautifully grooved Barnwood Coffee Table evokes the old days. The salvaged wood dates back 100 to 150 years. The long, steady weathering process of barn wood gives it character than modern techniques cannot replicate. The hammered iron base adds an industrial touch, but if you really want a piece reminiscent of the old west, opt for the mesquite slab with turquoise inlays that will be perfect for your rustic cabin, western ranch or lake house.

    I found over 150 unique coffee table designs at Woodland Creek – quite possibly the largest collection of customizable coffee tables available on the web.  I was surprised to learn that many of the designs were made right here in America from repurposed woods.  If you are looking for a creative coffee table, they have a wide selection.

    For more living room furniture decorating ideas, including how to work beautiful pieces like these into your decor, visit Modernize.com.

  • Black Walnut Dining Tables & Furniture

    Dark…Mysterious…Hardwood Treasure

    “Walnut is one of America’s natural riches.”

    Every jeweler has their favorite gem.  Every carpenter has their favorite wood.  At Woodland Creek we are far past like, past enamored…we are infatuation with walnut wood!

    Look deeply into beautiful tones of dark amber, milk chocolate, caramel cream and cappuccino as the blended grains flow together to create the deep sensual coloration of American Walnut.  How can you not be enamored with the beauty of this American hardwood – this American treasure?

    Counter tops, dining tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, benches can all be designed to your needs and fabricated in black walnut wood.  Come in to Woodland Creek Furniture, and let’s discuss your ideas.

    There are 21 species of walnut but at Woodland Creek we specialize in American Walnut.”

    Many of our black walnut dining tables and benches are designed using the natural live edge of the slabs. The natural edge allows the beautiful wood grain to flow to the edge in a natural real design.  Mixing the natural edge table top with contemporary or modern legs creates beautiful “Sophisticated Rustic” signature black walnut tables & furniture designs.

    American black walnut is superior to many other woods due to its versatile nature. American walnut trunks grow traditionally straight and clear of many side branches.  This creates the highest grade lumber. Black walnut wood is a very durable, medium density wood that allows the grain to be sanded from either direction. This allows the black walnut dining table tops to be finished to a soft, warm luster.

    Woodland Creek - a company that allows you to participate in your new black walnut table design.”

    Notice the lighter wood on the edge of the tables and benches.  This is the outer edge closest to the bark of the tree.  This is called the trees’ cambium layer.  This is the newest wood formed under the bark.  As layers added year after year the wood will darken taking on its dark cinnamon cast.

    Woodland Creek’s workshop is located in northern Michigan just east of Traverse City.  Their workshop is surrounded by pristine forests full of black walnut, maple, cherry, ash, sycamore, oak and many more fine species.  We have access to some of the highest quality hardwoods available in the world.

    Throughout Woodland Creek Furniture’s web site you will see dozens of black walnut dining designs utilizing natural live edge slabs.  Any of our live edge black walnut dining tables, coffee tables, sofa tables or desks can be made to fit your space.  Custom walnut furniture is one of our specialties. If you don’t see it, let’s discuss your ideas as we are always looking for creative input from our customers.  We would be honored to handcraft a beautiful live edge black walnut dining table, coffee table, sofa table, desk or bed for you.  Call or email us today.  We are here seven days a week answering questions and brainstorming ideas.  231.668.9125 or info@woodlandcreekfurniture.com.

    “American black walnut is America’s hardwood!”

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