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  • Why You Should Consider Rustic Wood Beds

    Rustic Wood beds are made from a variety of different woods. These include pine, oak, hickory, and cedar. They do say old is gold and in this case; it surely is with the rustic art as a theme in modern houses today. Apart from the excellent durability of the beds. They also relate to the past and nature; which means they will always be in fashion.

    Why Choose a Rustic Wood Bed?

    Unlike modern beds, rustic beds look much more stylish and are good alternatives to the modern kind. Read on and find out why.


    Rustic beds are made from natural materials such as wood; which, means they are very hard and can prevent you from getting a backache. If you already have a backache, a rustic bed will help you recover.


    The durability of the beds is excellent, which means they do not need frequently changing. They can easily last for decades without requiring a lot of maintenance. They are long lasting and may be a little expensive. However, they are certainly worth every penny due to their longevity. If they are plain and simple, they are very easy to clean and can look as good as new in no time. They are also able to battle rough weather conditions.

    Enhance the Beauty

    A rustic bed in the bedroom adds a flawless touch of warmth and comfort. We all deserve a good night’s sleep; which, is why it is important that this important furniture be in your room. Not only is having a comfortable bed everyone’s desire, but also a requirement. These beds are the best for all bedrooms and look both beautiful and amazing.


    Just like other beds, a rustic bed comes in the sizes of double, twin, queen and king, ensuring there is an option for all. Not only do they range in sizes, but also styles. Styles range from Mexican, Spanish, South Western and Santa Fe, accommodating everyone’s taste and style. A rustic bed is always the best choice for your bedroom and not forgetting to mention, helps you connect with the rural life and nature of your country.

  • Style Your House with Barnwood Furniture and Design

    Barnwood furniture has several purposes and can be used in a variety of styles and as many different forms of decoration. Regardless of what type of furniture you are looking for, it will always be built from old wood that has been previously used on a barn or rough sawn wood, which replicates the Barnwood look. It can be a rustic bed, western dining table, bedroom furniture, coffee tables, chairs, pool table, or a country-style futon, Barnwood furniture will beautifully fit into any styled cabin or home.

    The Very First Style
    When it comes to Barnwood furniture and styles, the very first is very rustic, which is mainly found in any outdoorsy, wooden, and remote areas.

    The Wood Frame Style
    Secondly, is a wooden frame home style that compliments furniture very well and is made from rough sawn timbers. Timber-framed homes are becoming popular as I speak and this furniture is a brilliant way to beautify this style of the home.

    Country Style
    Country-styled homes are another amazing place to decorate with Barnwood furniture and décor. The charming blend between the country-style furniture and country or home-style theme can renovate an older home into a warm and tranquil environment. Other places that may find uses for the furniture are southern or westerns areas of the country.

    Change the Atmosphere
    Adapting this lovely theme to any room can also change the atmosphere and make it seem more warm and welcoming. It is not necessary that you have to live in a western or southern area, oh no! You can still add a rustic touch to your home and create your very own themed room. The whole process can be very fun and delivers years of constant entertainment for family and friends. Matching the furniture is an excellent way to enhance the theme and provides extra space for the décor items. With a little bit of time and experimenting, you will always find the perfect way to incorporate the furniture inside your home or cabin, in a way, that it flawlessly matches the style or theme of your current setting.

  • Know More about Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    The main reason behind the popularity of reclaimed wood furniture is due to its sustainability, history, aesthetics, and price. According to the United Nations Environment Program, there are presently twelve special trees on the endangered list. The majority of these are common choices to make musical instruments, cabinets, furniture, and many more products; that are used by humans. Around 40 million acres of the Earth’s forests are chopped down every year for this purpose.

    Becoming Eco-Friendly With Reclaimed Wood Furniture!

    As well as reducing energy consumption, going paperless and recycling as forms of going eco-friendly; another way is to furnish your home using reclaimed wood furniture. Instead of going to waste, we gather old wood from decommissioned buildings and homes. These are then refurbished, harvested, and given a second life in the form of a dresser or coffee table.

    Environmental Benefits

    Further than the protection of virgin trees, using reclaimed wood can have extra environmental benefits. As well as using natural oil finishes, many builders also use paints and non-toxic glue. The main goal behind it is to create a beautiful product! One that is high quality and at the same time affecting the environment as little as possible. Reclaimed wood furniture provides a touch that is both stylish and rustic. In some cases, it may be difficult to determine whether a piece of furniture is not brand new. However, evidence such as saw blade marks or old nail holes are intentionally retained; in order to provide a well-worn appeal and antique touch.

    The History Behind It

    The furniture is also surrounded by a sense of secrecy; as you do not know what it may have been used for in the past. For example, your nightstand may have come from a historic school house or from a turn of the century barn. Alternatively, it could even be taken from a neighbor’s unused sundeck. Whichever way, it still has a historical story behind it.

    The Price of Reclaimed Wood Furniture!

    The one thing that is very attractive to buyers of the furniture is its low cost. Even though handcrafted furniture tends to be expensive, materials that are reclaimed are usually cheaper than brand new ones. Wood that is reclaimed is usually cut and treated, which, as a result, reduces expenses.

  • Free Form Rustic Furniture

    There are many styles of rustic furniture.  The most common and thought of is traditional log furniture made from natural logs – often hand peeled – sometimes with its bark left intact.  Log furniture can be described as the simplest or even the most primitive of the rustic furniture styles. There is Adirondack style rustic furniture.  The wealthy business people 20th century from New York built their summer lodges and camps up in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  Local craftsman were commissioned to build rustic furniture from domestic woods.  Natural birch bark was prevalent and used in many designs, and over time birch bark furniture became a look synonymous with Adirondack style rustic furniture.  Out west there was Mr. Thomas Molesworth with his distinct style and use of lodge pole pine.  Mr. Molesworth combined natural wood, leather and accented his furniture with half log pieces and silhouettes of cowboys, cowgirls, buffalo and other western motifs.  Then there is newcomer into the world of rustic furniture - barn wood furniture.  Furniture made from reclaimed wood planks & beams from Midwestern barns.  Barn wood has distinct texture. 100+ years of being subjected to the sun, rain and wind gives wood a distinct texture and warm patina.  Barnwood makes excellent rustic furniture.  There is a 21st century trend to build furniture from reclaimed wood and mix it with modern bases or use it in linear furniture designs.  This combination or style could be argued is a form of rustic furniture.  Yes, it is modern, but it is also rustic.  One style that is seldom discussed, but without doubt, is a distinct and prevalent category of rustic furniture is “free form rustic furniture.”  What is free form rustic furniture you might ask?

    Well, free form rustic furniture has been around almost as long as any of the styles. What makes it a distinct style?  Well, quite simply stated free form furniture has no right angles. No two pieces could ever be alike as it is primarily made with twisty branches or natural roots. Mr. Raymond W. Overholzer may be the earliest known free form rustic furniture builder.  In the 1920’s Mr. Overholzer lived near the Manistee National Forest in Michigan.  Mr. Overholzer often wandered through the forest.  He lamented the over logging and worried that pine would never again grow naturally in the forest so he began to collect pine roots and branches.  He started to fashion free from style furniture from his collection of organic, twisty woods and an artisan and distinct style was born.  Mr. Overholzer works can be viewed at the “Shrine of the Pines”, a log cabin gallery showcasing Mr. Overholzer’s furniture in Baldwin, Michigan.  If you are a person who likes rustic furniture or a rustic furniture builder, this is a place you must visit. Put it on the bucket list.  Mr. Overholzer made over 200 works in his lifetime.

    There are many talented free form furniture builders that deserve mentioning, but time does not allow mentioning all in this article.  One of the most famous was Matt Madsen.  Mr. Madsen started building free form rustic furniture in northern California in the fifties.  Mr. Madsen liked to use redwood roots, manzanita, and juniper and combine these with thick solid slabs of burl buckeye and redwood.  Matt moved and built furniture in many different areas of California, but he always stayed true to his distinct look.  Mr. Madsen was a prolific rustic furniture builder.  He often worked seven days a weeks.  He loved to push the boundaries of designs.  Mr. Madsen really became known for his incredible free form grandfather clocks and rockers, but anything he built quickly found a home.

    In 2001 Mr. Madsen moved to northern Michigan to be close to his wife’s family.  Mr. Madsen was in his seventies, but he still had the passion to design and build rustic furniture.  Being in Michigan it was inevitable that our paths would cross.  They eventually did and a friendship was formed.  Several months later Mr. Madsen asked if he could work out of our newly built workshop.  The answer may have taken less than a second to come out of my mouth, but it was resounding “yes”.  Woodland Creek would have one of the best free form rustic furniture builders of all time teaching and mentoring us.  We soaked up everything he offered.  We watched and listened like all young apprentices should. Matt taught us how the wood has to flow and appear as if Mother Nature intended it to be this way.  Not all the guys were able to learn the art of free form rustic furniture.  Some thought and built linear and building free form was not within their abilities.  We are very appreciative of everything Matt taught us. Matt’s wife passed away, and he desired to be near his family back in California so we shook hands and parted friends.  We had Matt with us for about two wonderful years.  Matt passed away about 18 months after moving.  We honor Matt everyday by carrying on with his unique style of free form rustic furniture. I think Matt would be proud to see some of the new designs the men he taught have introduced over the past ten years.  Matt loved to push the boundary of rustic furniture design and so do we.

    On behalf of all the woodworkers of Woodland Creek Furniture, I would like to invite you to visit our workshop and see the guys carrying on the free form style of Matt Madsen.  We give tours of our workshop seven days a week.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Questions to Ask Before Ordering Barn Wood Tables

    First Question about a Barn Wood Table

    First, how is the top made? This is probably the most important question; because, many woodworkers are just now finding out about the popularity of barn wood tables and barnwood furniture. So, they are just starting to use this kind of wood for the first time. They have yet to experiment with its nature and how it will adjust to different humidity levels in a customers’ home. They will make many mistakes as it is much different to work with when compared to fresh cut wood. If they are gluing a barnwood top together, then there is a high probability that it will crack; and, not the normal little cracks that add character. However, it will be the large, ugly cracks that won’t blend in! No doubt your eye will go right to the spot each and every time.

    The barn wood has been outdoors for a hundred years and been subjected to the driest and moistest of seasons. Barn wood is conditioned to adjust to the different season’s moisture levels. Gluing it and bringing it indoors will almost always result in cracking issues. Woodland Creek Furniture’s barnwood table tops are made with a special patent pending “floating” top. The barn wood planks are tongue and grooved and rest on a substrate wrapped in a thick outer solid barnwood beam. The top can “float” and adjust to the season’s and home changing moisture levels.

    Your eye may never notice the slight swelling or contraction of the wood planks; however, with over 3,000 dining tables made and delivered all over the U.S. and Canada over the past eight years, you can feel confident your table will do what it is supposed to do!

    The Second Important Question link to a barn wood table

    The next question to ask is how old is the barn wood? Why would the barn wood’s age be an important question? Because many companies are using barnwood that is only 25 to 50 years old. This is simply not long enough for the wood to develop the patina and texture that gives the barnwood its warm rustic charm. It takes 100+ years to develop the sought after character. It is much easier to take down younger barns. The process goes faster and “faster” means it takes less man hours saving money.

    Some companies have given up on the time consuming and painstaking effort of reclaiming barn wood all together; and, just simply take fresh cut wood and attempt to make it appear to be barnwood. Through the use of sawing, burning, sand blasting, grinding, wire-wheeling, planing and texturing techniques; they attempt to replicate the appearance of barn wood. A person that works with barn wood every day can recognize the difference in a split second; but, the untrained eye or furniture buyer can be fooled into believe it’s real barn wood. Fuzzy, poor quality photos make it even more difficult to tell whether the wood is real reclaimed barnwood or fake barnwood.

    When you place man made barnwood next to real barn wood; then, the differences are noticeable as real barn wood’s character is much warmer and aesthetically appealing. Woodland Creek Furniture will demonstrate the difference when you visit one of our showrooms. Visiting customers always pick authentic barnwood tables and furniture over the lower quality reproductions.


    The third important question to ask is – does the barn wood table or furniture have a finish on it? Many companies are opting to not use a finish on the reclaimed wood. Why you ask? There are two main reasons. First, applying a quality finish takes a lot of time and skill – adding the manufacturing cost to the product. Each time a coat or layer of finish is applied you must let it dry and then hand sand between coats. Hand sanding take a lot of physical labor which in turns makes the barn wood furniture more expensive to produce. There should be a coat of sander sealer followed by three more coats of high quality finish; to seal the wood’s pours to prevent staining of the wood.

    You would be surprised at the thousands of complaints against some of the large national companies. Companies that are selling unfinished reclaimed wood tables and furniture. Customers tell stories of having the table a week only to spill a glass of wine, and their expensive table is permanently ruined. The salespeople at these stores will tell you that you can “sand the stains out”. Not true. Wine, juice and other liquids penetrate too deep and the table becomes a blotchy mess. Even the natural oils from our skin will darken the wood over time.

    Woodland Creek Furniture’s barn wood tables and furniture have a quality handcrafted finish on them ensuring decades of daily use. Once barn wood has been properly finished and sealed it is very easy to touch up scratches with a tinted wax. If you decide to order a barn wood table; you will pass it down to your kids and then their kids.

    We invite you to look at more barn wood tables!

    I invite you to visit one of our showrooms and see the quality difference in person. Custom made barn wood tables and furniture is Woodland Creek’s specialty. Don’t see the design you need from one of the 1,500 unique designs on our web site? Call or email us today with your ideas and measurements, and let’s design it together.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.


    Rob Evina
    Founder/CEO Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Customer Reviews Woodland Creek Furniture

    Customer Reviews Woodland Creek , A Rustic Furniture Retailer, Receives National Award For Positive Customer Reviews

    February 4, 2014 – Woodland Creek Furniture of Traverse City, Michigan has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” by Houzz, the leading national online platform for home design.

    The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction & Reviews and Furniture/Home Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013.

    Users of Houzz, known as “Houzzers” saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal ideabooks via the Houzz site. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2014” badge on their profiles, showing the Houzz community their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

    We’re delighted to recognize Woodland Creek Furniture among our “Best Of” professionals for customer satisfaction as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

    You can follow Woodland Creek Furniture on Houzz at: http://www.houzz.com/pro/woodlandcreek/

    Woodland Creek manufactures and retails handcrafted rustic furniture made from reclaimed barn wood & solid natural woods made to customers’ specifications. Last year, Woodland Creek shipped over 2,000 custom made pieces of rustic furniture to homes throughout the U.S. and Canada via their web site. Woodland Creek was chosen by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

    Local Traverse City residents George & Suzann Grazul could not find the perfect entertainment center for their new home after visiting most of the larger furniture stores. They stopped into Woodland Creek and found a design they “almost” agreed upon. “It was close, but not perfect. We then found out it could be customized. We explained our needs and the salesperson told us it could be done” states Mr. Grazul. Woodland Creek furnished a CAD drawing and the piece was built and delivered within the promised time frame. “We love our entertainment center, and we would recommend Woodland Creek Furniture to our friends.”

    Many (not all) of Woodland Creek’s rustic furniture designs are actually made in their northern Michigan workshop by Michiganders. Other designs come from select smaller specialty manufactures around the U.S., and they also direct import from overseas companies that demonstrate sustainable furniture building practices. Woodland Creek has defied the odds and actually grown while many U.S. furniture manufactures have been forced to close due to economic pressures created by mass produced, cheaper imported furniture. “We are bringing jobs home one by one” says President, Robert Evina. Most of the furniture sold by the big box stores is made in China. Each time we take an order from a big box store, we create work for our employees. Evina doesn’t want customers to consider Woodland Creek just because it is made in Michigan. Rather, “we can compete with our unique designs, handcrafted quality, fair pricing and custom options. The fact that it is made in Michigan or the USA is just a bonus” says Evina.

    Woodland Creek is located at 4290 US 31 North across from East Bay. Woodland Creek has a web site with over 1,250 rustic & soft modern furniture designs. All designs can be customized both in size and color. Woodland Creek operates a sister brand store under the name Woodland Creek Modern, located right next to our Woodland Creek Rustic store in Traverse City, MI. All of Woodland Creek Moderns furniture designs are also customizable. Woodland Creek Modern showcases traditional, eclectic and soft modern furniture designs. Both stores are open seven days a week from 10:00 to 5:00. 231.938.8025. www.woodlandcreekfurniture.com & www.woodlandcreekmodern.com

  • Soft Modern Furniture

    Link to the Soft Modern Entertainment Center Soft Modern Entertainment Center

    What an unusual term to describe a style of furniture “soft modern furniture” - it is almost an oxymoron. The term never entered my vocabulary until one Saturday afternoon; when a customer walked into our retail store and engaged one of the sales staff. This customer stated she had found us online; and, after perusing our web site was excited to see we had a nice selection of soft modern furniture.

    A Variety of Soft Modern Designs

    I immediately looked up and starting asking the customer questions as to which designs she liked. I wanted which designs she felt fell into the “soft modern furniture” category. After she had left, I took pause and reflected on her thoughts. I agreed. Indeed some of our designs were modern, but the use of reclaimed woods and natural woods did give them a “softer” more “earthy” feel. Just five years ago no one would have thought of combining linear furniture designs containing polished or brushed stainless steel with textured, distressed salvaged woods. Well, now this décor and style of furniture is popular; furthermore, this style of decorating does not appear to be a fad. I personally think soft modern furniture is a category here to stay.

    Why do I feel soft modern furniture is here to stay? Firstly, the world continues to become fast paced; all cities have major traffic issues; the news both domestic and international is a constant stream of negativity. Secondly, most products are mass produced and made with mostly synthetic materials (i.e., plastics, resins, etc.). Our society is basically on steroids and growing at a rapid pace. Everybody is working longer hours in order to get ahead or just stay above water. When our clients come home, they want their homes to be a refuge from this synthetic, fast paced, tumultuous society. The use of reclaimed woods with history, texture, and character offer solace and provide a unique warmth even when used in modern furniture design. The linear modernistic style of the furniture contributes with its neat and orderly essence. The combination is a breath of fresh air in the design industry.

    Paired with a Rustic Look!

    Now let’s take this look one step further. Let’s mix in some mid-century modern furnishings with soft modern, and you have what I personally coined “Michigan Modern Furniture”. I am speaking personally, but seeing furniture designs from the 60’s and 70’s come back in style and pairing it with the aforementioned new soft modern furniture designs is a look that resonates with Michiganders and now across the country. Maybe this attraction partly comes from nostalgia and a sentimental yearning for the happiness of being a kid with no responsibilities – whatever the reason for the positive vibe, it works.

    Link to the Soft Modern Furniture- Bar Stool Soft Modern Furniture

    Woodland Creek Furniture and our sister store, Woodland Creek Modern, display a nice variety of soft modern furniture and mid-century modern furniture. Most designs are available made in custom sizes and layouts. Because we make most of our own designs, “custom” does not mean expensive. You are dealing factory direct and we offer very fair pricing for quality furniture. Our stores are open seven days a week. If you live out of state, we have live customer service sales staff helping with questions and quotes seven days a week. We ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. Call us today to discuss your project.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • How to Compliment Your Rustic Bar for the Ultimate Man Cave

    After a long day or week at work, you need a space where you can relax, enjoy a few beers and catch up on the latest game. Luckily, creating a comfortable zone for you and your friends doesn’t require too much creativity or effort. One simple way to add a little extra luxury to your man cave is to install a customized rustic bar. A customized bar can easily be the focal point of any man cave without looking like you tried too hard.

    It doesn’t get any manlier than a custom bar made from natural wood with log accents or one handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood.

    Another advantage of installing a rustic bar is that the more they get used the better they look.  It is really hard for your clumsy buddies to damage a top made from distressed barnwood or a solid slab of wood top.  The barnwood already has 100 years of character so a little more will only enhance the look.  A thick slab top can take years and years of abuse and then be re-sanded only to look as good as the day it was originally installed.  Just choose a style that fits your personality and provides all of the storage you need to keep a few cold drinks handy.  After you’ve decided on the type of bar that will fit perfectly into your new haven, there are a few extra things you can do to ramp up the manliness.

    Get the right furniture: Depending on the type and size of bar you choose, look for rustic furniture that is similar in size and style to keep your room looking pulled together.

    The ultimate man cave needs a good couch and recliner. You can coordinate the bar with matching log or barn wood sofas, chairs or recliners.

    Leather or suede is comfortable, manly and looks great with darker colors and rustic pieces. Because this space will be (hopefully) kid free, you should be able to splurge on a pricier piece, which may be necessary if you are looking for high quality leather or suede furniture. To ensure that you’re getting a good quality piece look for an aniline piece, which means the stain permeates the entire piece of leather and not just the surface.

    You should also look closely at the stitching on your furniture and avoid pieces with frayed stitching; and last but not least, sit on the couch or chair you’re interested in. Move around in it. Plop down into it like you would at the end of a long day. Listen for any squeaking and move around to feel any unpadded areas of the furniture. Comfort is at least as important as style, so make sure you select a piece that’s comfortable and attractive.

    Choose the right colors: Luckily rustic wood bars go with pretty much anything, but if you want a more subtle place to relax, you should look for a mix of dark and light colors to compliment the tones in the wood of your bar. Colors that typically work well with rustic pieces include burgundy, browns, creams and dark reds. If you’re feeling a little brave you could even try a burnt orange on the walls.

    Accent your man cave with personal touches: Throw pillows aren’t really a man-thing, but that could change if you choose a cool pillow like the Man Cave Beer Coozie Pillow. This awesome pillow can be customized for your personal space and doubles as a beer holder. Forget about coasters, this cozy pillow can sit next to you on the couch. There’s space for two drinks, so you can share with someone or just hold an extra drink for yourself.  Don’t forget to add photos, sports memorabilia and other personal touches to make the space feel more like your own. And to round out the perfect man cave, don’t forget the pool table and/or big screen TV! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beer in your personalized rustic man cave.

    Author Bio:  Hank McKinsey is a lifestyle how-to blogger for his blog Home By Hank and also a stay at home dad.  When he’s not at the computer blogging, he can be found at the park with his two dogs or on the tennis court with his wife.  Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

  • Live Edge Tables

    There is no double that live edge tables are popular. Woodland Creek Furniture is receiving more and more requests for custom made live edge dining tables made in all sizes. We recently had a request for an eighteen foot conference table; which, we are working on finding the right slab right now. Why the sudden popularity in live edge tables? After you see one in person you will immediately understand why. A large, natural live edge slab has a warmth and presence that just draws you in. You cannot help but want to rub your hand over it just to confirm it is real.

    This was never in doubt as it is impossible to replicate the look; but, because they are rarely seen you just have to touch it to make the experience “real".  You will find yourself running a finger over the unique grain pattern that it nature’s artwork. At Woodland Creek Furniture we encourage “touching” and “rubbing” of our live edge tables. If you didn’t, we may well be offended (smile). Rubbing and touching is the highest compliment. Much like the Italians encourage a good belch after a meal to compliment the chef; we at Woodland Creek consider a light rub down the highest form of flattery.

    Woodland Creeks Quality Live Edge Tables

    Live edge tables by Woodland Creek Furniture are some of the highest quality in the marketplace. Woodland Creek Furniture is located in northern Michigan surrounded by some of the finest hardwoods found on this wonderful planet. We have black walnut, maple, ash, elm, cherry to name just a few indigenous species. Trees are a wonderful natural resource and if managed properly will be around until the end of time. Woodland Creek Furniture practices sustainable furniture crafting.

    The vast majority of wood used in our live edge tables come from Mother Nature herself! This means that a good storm here and there by Mother Nature downs enough trees to supply us with wood for the year. We also get logs from various tree services that are hired to remove them; because, a piece of land is being cleared for construction. Or, because one has grown too large and threatens a nearby residence. We are careful to use every part of the tree down to the scraps. Woodland Creek Furniture’s original retail store and workshop are heated by two outdoor wood boilers; so, we burn the scraps to heat our buildings – nothing goes to waste.

    Variety of Styles

    Live edge tables come in many different styles. You can pair a live edge table top with a modern stainless steel base and the resulting table will add character to any Manhattan apartment or mountain modern home in the Rockies. Take a live edge table top and use a traditional farm base; and, it will fit nicely into a country or farm home décor.

    Woodland Creek offers a large variety of hand forged metal bases giving certain designs an industrial style. We have organic, natural log bases; which, when matched with a live edge table top will add warmth and character to any log home. Live edge tables may be the most transitional furniture design available. The type of chair also steers the style. We have seen our customers use modern leather chairs to rustic log chairs around our live edge tables. The design opportunities are endless.

    Woodland Creek Furniture strives to offer the highest quality live edge tables at the fairest prices. Our wood is kiln dried slowly. This is important because larger operations rush the wood drying process and this causes degradation of the wood. It also increases the chances of the wood cracking or splitting; after being in your home for a period of time. Like all things – when you take your time and do it right – the end product is much higher quality. Woodland Creek believes in the “take it slow and do it right philosophy.”

    Our Offered Styles of Live Edge Tables

    Woodland Creek Furniture offers three types of live edge table tops.

    Firstly, we offer Plank Style Live Edge Slabs. Solid slabs of wood are laminated, glued together, with the outer edge planks providing the live edge. Each piece of wood is carefully picked for its grain pattern and color. Our guys hand pick the planks so that the grain patterns blend into a slab of natural art. I personally feel the plank style tables have the most character and are the best value (personal choice).

    Secondly, we offer Book Matched Live Edge Slabs. The term book-matched means that two sequential cuts of a log are paired together. Each slab receives a straight edge and when flipped the boards are almost identical; creating the appearance of mirror grain pattern.

    Lastly, we offer Solid One Piece Live Edge Slabs. This is a table top made from one piece of solid wood. The size of the tree dictates the size of the slab. There are still some big ones out there, and Woodland Creek gets them all the time. Be sure to check back in a few months; and, see the giant slabs of burl wood we have coming in. The largest we have coming is seventeen feet long by five feet wide. One solid piece of wood with the most incredible grain pattern found in any species. We will have hundreds of one pieces slabs in just about any size you may need.

    A Wow Factor for Years to Come!

    All three styles of live edge slabs are beautiful, and there are no bad choices. It comes down to a personal choice – the style that makes you go “wow” and fits your budget. We invite you to visit our workshop! You can hunt with us through the hundreds of live edge slabs we have in stock. If you live out of state, rest assured we craft and ship hundreds of live edge tables every year! We can craft and deliver a beautiful live edge table to you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Call or email us today to discuss your project.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Handcrafted Furniture

    Handcrafted furniture is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Why in the age of low priced mass produced furniture would someone pay more for handcrafted furniture? I have a simple theory as to why. First, the world is truly becoming more and more mass produced. Mega factories now employ tens of thousands of people at a time. Just about everything you see on your local retail stores’ shelves is made in huge quantities; and, usually with resins or plastics, manmade chemicals, and as cheaply as possible.

    Our kids toys, our kitchen utensils, our lawn equipment – I could go on and on. Very little is high quality or handmade anymore. Furniture is some of the lowest quality products in the marketplace. The large furniture retailers must maintain super high profit margins so they can have their fake 50% off sales every other week. 99% of their furniture is made in mega factories overseas with low wage workers and the least expensive materials. They do not make one or two pieces of furniture at a time – rather they order hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of the same design. It is mass production on steroids.

    A Personal Handcrafted Furniture Story

    I will share a true story with you. My wife and I purchased a home less than two years ago. The vast majority of the furniture used to fill this home came from either Woodland Creek Furniture or Woodland Creek Modern. My wife needed a desk made, and we have been pretty busy with orders and under pressure to make promised delivery dates so I told her it would be about eight weeks before we could make one for her. That was not good enough for her. She had to have one immediately! So, she goes off to IKEA in another town. She returns with a knock down (you must put together) office desk. She proceeds to put it together and set up her office. I will admit that it looked good.

    Short lasted

    She tells me the price, and I am dumbfounded that something can be made and sold this inexpensive. I pick my battles so I let the conversation I wanted to have go about the quality, durability and longevity and opted to let time expose the facts and demonstrate my point (and win the argument that was sure to follow). Sure enough it has not even been two years. It has been 23 months, and it surly started sooner, but I rarely go into her office to take notice of the problem. I needed something from her office at which time I notice the laminate is wearing through and you can see the particle board (pressed saw dust bound by glue to make wood) underneath.

    At first I thought I was seeing things so I went and put on my cheaters. Sure enough there it was – the laminate was paper thin and wearing through. Now, my wife only uses her office maybe once or twice a week. The kids will occasionally watch a video before being told to leave her office and go find an iPad. What I am trying to say is “the office does not get used on a regular basis.” The bottom line is – the furniture is low quality junk and not meant to last. It maybe would have lasted one year with normal use before showing serious signs of wear. You figure your time of purchasing the furniture, assembly – only to repeat every few years, and it is not as inexpensive as it seems. You truly get what you pay for.

    Quality Handcrafted Furniture

    I am quite proud that Woodland Creeks handcrafts quality furniture made from solid woods in unique designs ranging from rustic to soft modern. Woodland Creek has been crafting quality furniture for fourteen years now, and I know that the vast majority of our furniture will be around for many, many years – decades and in some cases even centuries. The only way it will not be is if it is abused or burned. Real, solid wood furniture can be refinished and look brand new for another decade or two. I saw one of our copper vanities at a customer’s home not too long ago. The vanity was purchased from one of our stores some eight years ago, and I honestly can say it looked as good as the day it was delivered.

    Our long lasting Furniture!

    Our barnwood furniture is being used in high traffic commercial businesses, and the reports back are “it is indestructible”. It is so easy to touch up. If you ever get a scratch in it, you can touch up it up with a tinted wax in minutes. You would be hard pressed to tell if the fresh blemish was done a hundred years ago by the farmer erecting the barn or minutes ago by your young son being too aggressive with one of his toys. Barnwood furniture is the type of furniture that only gets better looking over time.

    Woodland Creek’s live edge dining tables are made from 2” to 3” solid slabs of natural wood. Unless you let your kids play with hammers or matches at the table, these tables will outlive us. Sure, maybe in 6-10 years (depending on use and how many little kids or grandchildren you have) you will want to have the top refinished, but rest assured in less time than it take to run to IKEA to buy and assemble one of their tables, you can have this top refinished and back in your home for many more years of use.

    A Range of Designs!

    Woodland Creek presently has 1445 furniture designs on its web site. Every one of these designs can be made in custom sizes – this means any length, width or height needed. Most designs have endless finish options. You can specify no sheen (shine), soft sheen or high sheen. We enjoy designing and crafting custom layouts to fit your home. I think you will find that handcrafted furniture by Woodland Creek priced very reasonable when you factor in the uniqueness, solid wood and American quality that comes with each piece of furniture. We give tours of our workshop seven days a week; so, please consider this an invitation to come see our unique woods and the men and women that make Woodland Creek Furniture the company it is. We take pride in the furniture and service we provide. We would be honored to handcraft a quality piece of furniture for your home.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.

    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

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