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  • Custom Made Rustic Furniture

    Ready to add some rustic warmth to your home?

    Woodland Creek Furniture is the store that can help. But Woodland Creek is not your typical furniture store and, in fact, could be one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets. Within your first five steps into their unique stores in Traverse City and Kalkaska, I think you’ll agree that the designs are fresh, the energy is upbeat and the staff rarely says “no.” Just about every rustic furniture design you see can be reimagined in any size or color and for any layout — making custom made furniture a snap!  Try asking for a piece of rustic furniture to be made a custom size or color at the big box furniture stores. That will earn you a “have-you-lost-your mind” stare. Not at Woodland Creek, which loves doing custom.  That’s because many of Woodland Creek’s furniture designs are made right here, in its own northern Michigan workshop. Handpicked craftsmen make other designs that are available exclusively at Woodland Creek.  Custom furniture does not mean “expensive” either.  Since you are dealing factory-direct, you will get factory pricing along with your access to nearly unlimited options in woods, textures and colors.  Each of Woodland Creek’s more than 1,500 rustic furniture designs can be custom made to your specifications.


    With Woodland Creek, you can expect a progressive twist to old standards of traditional rustic design.   Woodland Creek is pairing reclaimed barn wood, live edge barnwood, and live edge hardwoods with different bark textures, weathered metal panels, gray washed inserts, chipped edge glass, salvaged birch bark, burl wood panels and other unique looking textures.  The combination is unique custom made rustic furniture for your home, office, lodge, ranch, mountain, cabin or camp décor.  Starting in summer of 2015 customers ordering custom made rustic furniture will be able to watch live time as their furniture is handcrafted by some of the finest rustic furniture builders in the country.  Watch as raw wood and varying rustic mediums are transformed into functional works of art.

    Woodland Creek keeps up with all the new trends in furniture, displaying what’s particularly in vogue at its showrooms in Las Vegas and Denver. Top interior designers around the country have Woodland Creek build custom made rustic furniture for them. These guys and gals are on top of what’s hot!  Working with reclaimed woods before that became cool, Woodland Creek offers furniture and other items supporting today’s popular “refined rustic, soft modern and elegant casual lifestyle.” The style niche is focused on pairing reclaimed woods, live edge slabs and organic shapes with modern, linear furniture design, including polished and brushed stainless steel and beveled or chipped glass.  “Major furniture shows and the DIY shows on television are showing the mixture of rustic with modern, rustic with Tuscan, rustic with Cottage,” said Gina Evina,, the Traverse City store’s friendly interior designer.


    “Customers are mixing ‘soft modern’ or ‘refined rustic’ in all types of decors, including traditional. It is becoming mainstream.” If people don’t see exactly what they want in the store or on the company website, Evina advises them on mixing and matching the various bases, tops, woods, metals, glasses and finishes to suit their personal style. A base preferred on one table can be paired with a different top from another piece, for a customized new piece. By contrast, import furniture makers typically offer one size and one color for a particular product.  Should customers have another idea entirely for a piece of furniture, Evina’s motto is simply “Let’s design it together.” Personal service is one key to Woodland Creek’s success.

    Woodland Creek has designers on staff that make house calls to help with the design process.  Several gorgeous dining room tables on display Woodland Creek are made from planks of genuine Michigan hardwood, which are much thicker than mass-produced tables. Woodland Creek’s dining and coffee tables, headboards and footboards include the variations most people appreciate about real wood, including natural grain and occasional knots.  Complementing the Woodland Creek custom made rustic furniture are unique accessories, including special light fixtures.  A chandelier dangled over one long rustic table in the showroom made a dramatic statement, its 10 or more mixed media-enclosed filament lights hanging from raw cords off a large ceiling medallion. You must see it!  The cost of Woodland Creek’s custom made rustic furniture are “always a pleasant surprise for customers,” said Evina. “Customers tell us all the time that they were expecting much higher prices.”


    Woodland Creek’s handcrafted, solid hardwood and Made-in-Michigan dining tables start at $1,795 — about half of what name brand manufacturers would charge, according to Evina.  Woodland Creek pieces attract customers worldwide, and Evina expects continued market growth for the company this year because: “We are surrounded by some of the finest hardwoods in America, we handcraft each piece of furniture with Old World techniques and everything we make or that we offer from other American craftsmen can be customized.  Oh, and our designs make people stop in the tracks and say, ‘Wow!’”

    Showroom visitors are welcome “to open the drawers, shake the footboards and lean on the table tops,” Evina said. “In that way, they’ll “see and understand the difference between our quality custom made rustic furniture and mass-produced furniture.”

  • Ways to Spice up Your Patio Furniture and Throw the best Barbeque

    The sun is peaking through, the days are getting longer, and you might be sneezing. Yes, spring is almost upon us. With one of the longest and hardest winters in recent history hitting most of the nation, most people are jumping out of those snow boots to get outside. Winter gets old and spring can never come soon enough this time of year.

    As a barbecue fanatic and a DIY-lover I’m always grateful when sunny hot days come my way. There’s nothing better than throwing a freshly marinated rack of ribs on a hot grill while you hang out with family and friends. There’s something unbeatable about my wife’s delicious iced tea, throwing a football around with the guys, and letting the kids run around the yard. There are tons of ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but one of our favorite is definitely having an evening on the patio.


    One important thing about buying patio furniture is making sure it will last. I like to impress my guests with a good overall experience and maintain my reputation in the neighborhood for having the best Memorial Day barbecue. Having solid, sturdy patio furniture is an essential part of this.

    There are a lot of great ways to spice up your patio so you can throw the best barbecue. Just remember that it’s difficult to ever throw the best barbecue without a solid foundation. You’ll definitely need a grill and some awesome pieces of outdoor furniture. Letting Woodland Creek take care of your outdoor furniture needs will take a lot of stress out of your party planning this spring and summer. Remember, we’re close to getting that summer weather and it’s not too late to start thinking about your patio furniture.

    Bio: Hank McKinsey is a DIY blogger and craftsmen. He enjoys spending his time grilling, hanging out with his dogs, and being a new parent. Check out his blog here.

  • Rustic Modern Furniture Design

    “It’s a fusion of rustic masculinity and modern femininity creating a new décor.”

    Rustic modern furniture design embraces multiple time periods. Ancient stone slabs married to modern chrome legs, reclaimed hardwood matted to black modern wrought iron supports creates the yin yang in this design.

    “Masculine and feminine aspects exist in all beings.”

    At Woodland Creek we love to mix the masculine with the feminine to creating forms that touch your emotional senses. Close your eyes and run your hand across our rustic modern tables. What will you feel? Coarse aged hardwood joined with polished black forged metal. Time worn gray barn wood joined to ebony lacquer create a timeless mix.

    Gray Wash Coffee Table
    A dining room done in Rustic Modern furniture creates interest by matching reclaimed hardwood with the clean intention of modern stainless steel. Aged hardwood supported by sculptured metal are trademarks of this diversified design scheme.


    Coffee tables and entertainment centers with sofas and end tables mix the old and new. Rustic Modern furniture holds on to the past while embracing the modern. The black and gray or gray and rustic browns create a time frame of hundreds of years. Rustic Modern furniture allows great versatility to add new pieces of décor without worrying much about whether it will match. Of course it will as it typifies transitional furniture.

    Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Center

    A rustic modern bed allows you to mix rustic night stands on either side with a modern dresser and a rustic modern chest of drawers. Mix…match…enjoy. Furniture design is all about you. What do you like? What gives you the sense of calm, contentment, peace in your home?

    Rustic and modern materials in Rustic Modern furniture generate a balance in room décor. The rough wood generates feelings of rustic rural Idyllic calm. The modern materials of chrome, black lacquer, and glass focuses on urban, contemporary and metropolitan. A mixture that creates curiosity from both aspects. Rustic Modern furniture designs are like the fascination that exists between the men of the country and the women of the city. New, different exciting, mysterious. Masculine and feminine wound together in rustic modern furniture design.


  • Slab Dining Tables

    Woodland Creek Furniture displayed several of its beautiful slab dining table designs at the Las Vegas World Market’s January 2015 show.

    The show was a wonderful success.  The purpose of attending the show was to exhibit our solid slab dining table designs and make them available to Interior Designers and their clients.  The feedback and reviews were very positive, and this encouraged us to take a permanent showroom for the bi-annual event.

    Woodland Creek is located in northern Michigan surrounded by beautiful hardwoods.  Woodland Creek’s geographical proximity to such a wonderful selection of hardwoods allow it to produce some of the finest slab dining tables on the market.  Woodland Creek Furniture offers slab dining tables made from black walnut, cherry, maple, ash, alder and exotic burl woods.  Custom size slab dining tables are not a problem.

    Slab Dining Table

    You may tell us the exact length and width needed.  Each slab dining table is handcrafted one at a time using time honored woodworking techniques. A professional, high quality four coat finish is applied to each slab dining table.  The wood is sealed and protected from stains.  We tell our customers all the time to not worry about the table top – use it and not to “baby” it.  Scratches only add to the character of a slab dining table.  In 8-10 years, you can either have us refinish it for you or a local finish company. A solid slab dining table top can be refinished in just a few days, and it will look as beautiful as the day you first received it. Since it is solid wood and not a veneer dining table, you can refinish it every 10 years for the next several hundred years, and still have a thick slab left over.  You must try very hard to hurt this style table.  We have customers ask all the time if they can take the abuse kids can dish out.  We always answer (playfully) that unless you let you kids play with hatches or matches at the table, then our slab dining tables can take the abuse of just about anything else.

    Walnut Slab Dining Table

    Natural live edge slab dining table tops can be paired with a variety of base styles.  Our dining table base designs range from rustic to modern – and just about everything in between.  We offer farm dining tables with live edge slabs as well as contemporary designs.  Slab dining tables are becoming popular in all types of decors including ranch, mountain, rustic, modern, Tuscan, coastal, cottage, mid-century modern, and even traditional.  Woodland Creek Furniture offers over 200 unique dining table base designs.  All bases and tops can be mixed and matched.  Woodland Creek is sure to have a slab dining table design perfect for your project.

    Woodland Creek Furniture offers customer service seven days a week.  You can call or email anytime from 10:00 to 6:00 Eastern Standard Time, and you will reach a real person who can help you with your questions as well as provide a slab dining table and shipping quote.


    We would be honored to handcraft a beautiful solid wood slab dining table for you and your family.  One that is sure to become a family heirloom and be passed down from generation to generation.


    Rob Evina


    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Barn Wood Doors Bring Rustic Modern to Your Homes Transitions

    Behind the Gray Door

    A transition is made of one single step from one room to the next.  The door that opens…the door that closes…the closed door for solitude…the open door for welcome.  A closed door elicits curiosity.  What is on the other side?

    At Woodland Creek we feel that the doors between rooms are essential to your home design. I’ve always loved sliding doors.  They slide on a track from left to right or from right to left.  When open they become wall décor. When closed they add to the rustic room design.  An open door creates a new experience as you transcend from room to room.  This ash door is finished in Urban Graphite.  Shades of gray is the hot color in interior design.  Graphite matches most colors.

    “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.”

    All of our interior barnwood style doors are made of solid woods like alder, ash, aspen, walnut or maple. Our rustic barn wood finish is popular choice for many of our customers as it has deep brown and honey tones giving a warm rustic charm.  Most of our barn wood doors are made and manufactured in the USA (Michigan).

    This barn wood design features four constructs: three horizontal boards, Z design or X design or the split M design. Our barn wood doors can be finished in a variety of colors and made any size needed.  Our barn wood doors are handcrafted from either solid knotty alder or ash, but if you have another preferred wood species – let’s discuss it.

    Barn wood doors can also be painted in any of twelve colors or for a minor upgrade any color that Benjamin Moore makes. Our barn wood doors are very popular as they add rustic charm to any room.

    “When one door closes, another one opens.”

    Are you enthralled with the spirit and feel of modern-day design?  Our sliding contemporary door accents the clean sparse design of Modern décor.  Note the stainless steel tracking. A modern design sliding door opens the possibilities for original projects.

    Add a window, a spy glass lenses, inlays, metal accents, or multi colors.  Sliding doors can become a portrait for holding photos, cork for lists, or black board and chalk for notes.  Imagine…design…create.

    Sliding doors done in white wash or cappuccino flatter cottage designed doorways.  Let us know what size door you would like.  With sliding doors you can make the entry way any size you like.  Double doors allow the entry way to be large enough to make two small room into one large room.


    Cottage doors allow you to be whimsical and fun.  Our gray driftwood stain adds a wonderful touch. Pieces of drift wood can be used as outside door handles. I’ve seen cottage doors trimmed in fishing lures, hand nets and other fish stuff.  Great fun!

    It’s time to be creative with your doors! Give us a call with your ideas.  Our craftsman are very creative and enjoy make unique new projects.  Open the door to a new design!

  • 4 Amazing Antler Furniture Creations from Woodland Creek    

    Woodland Creek Furniture Specializes in Reclaimed Organic Materials in its Designs. 

    Elk and deer shed their antlers as winter progresses, allowing them to save energy in the deep cold. Many local Department of Natural Resource Offices allow Scouts to collect antlers on DNR managed land. The Scouts resell the antlers to raise money for their troupe.

    Woodland Creek Furniture’s craftsman use many of these shed antlers from elk, mule, whitetail and moose for their exclusive antler furniture & antler tables. Combining antler sheds and natural edge woods of black walnut, ash, maple, cherry, aspen, oak or beautiful burl our craftsman create amazing antler designs never before attempted in the furniture industry. Each antler furniture piece is a work of fine American art.

    This new reclaimed antler dining table is made with a solid wood natural live edge slab top supported by an organic juniper trunk and natural elk sheds. The base features real elk antlers finished in our exclusive bronze finish. This elite finish has taken many months for our design group to perfect.

    The finish has genuine copper particles mixed in to create this rustic deep copper bronze hue. The thick juniper base is also finished in bronze. A variety of master tints are available for our antler furniture. From Opel & Gold to Rustic Barn wood or Natural to White Wash the tints will accent any rustic or modern décor.

    We suggest placing the antler table in a sunlight area. Allowing sunlight to shine across the surface creates a deep golden glow to the surface. The combination of rich black walnut and real antler in bronze is stunning. Please share your thought of adding moose or fallow deer shed to create your personal design. Of course our antler tables can be made in the length and width of your choice.

    Woodland Creek’s antler sofa table or antler console table features real Rocky Mountain Elk and Eurasian Fallow Deer antlers. The fallow deer lives in wood and grass lands through out Spain, France, and as far south as Greece. They are noted for their smaller size but spectacular antlers.

    This antler sofa table is a Woodland Creek exclusive. Two rugged live edge slabs are paired with real elk and fallow deer antlers. The antler is then finished in our new proprietary bronze & copper finish giving it a rich luster. Or the antlers can be left in their natural color for a more realistic look.
    The combination of walnut, antler and bronze create a functional antler table with an artistic design. Our antler furniture can be made custom sizes to fit your space. Black walnut has always been the favorite but a table made of cherry is equally as beautiful!

    Despite popular belief, the size of a deer rack is not a good indicator of the animal’s age. Adult male’s antlers will reach its largest sizes at about five to eight years. Deer antlers have been recorded to grow as fast as ½” per day.
    This striking antler coffee table is designed with two beautiful live edge black walnut slabs paired with naturally shed deer and elk antlers. The craftsman artistically designed the antler coffee table so it has a raised shelf. The antler coffee table can also be made with a standard design.
    The combination of walnut and antler create a functional artistic design. Our antler coffee table can be made custom sizes to fit your space. Keep in mind that our antler furniture can be made with many other species of wood such as redwood, burl wood, maple, ash, elm and oak. Share your design ideas. We are very creative.
    Bull elk lose their antlers each March, but they begin to grow them back in May in preparation for the late summer breeding season. Today elk live primarily in western North America, especially in mountainous landscapes such as Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone National Park. Some eastern U.S. states like Michigan have reintroduced small elk herds into heavily wooded wilderness areas. Pigeons River State forest is the home of Michigan’s elk herd.
    The artisans of Woodland Creek rarely get a period of time they are not working on a customer’s order, but on those rare occasions it, they are allowed to dream up new antler furniture designs.

    This spectacular rocker was designed and built by one of the most talented rustic furniture builders in the country. If you want a rustic piece of antler furniture that amazes visitors when they visit your home, office or lodge. This handcrafted elk antler rocker is guaranteed to create memories for a lifetime.
    Our handcrafted antler rocker is not only jaw dropping, but it actually rocks. Created from natural shed elk antler and burl redwood along with hours of tedious design work. We invite you to visit our showrooms to see the most unique handcrafted rustic antler furniture available in the world. This antler rocker typifies our commitment to crafting and exhibiting the most unique antler furniture in America.

  • Unique Coffee Table Base Only Designs

    Woodland Creek Furniture presently offers 158 unique, handcrafted coffee table designs.  All 158 tops and bases can be mixed and matched to create a distinct look or style for your home.  This means that if you need a cocktail or coffee table base only Woodland Creek is your company.  We have handcrafted hundreds of unique cocktail & coffee table bases for many customers who may already have their own granite, glass, wood or concrete table tops.

    Woodland Creek Furniture offers a wide range of cocktail and coffee table bases in reclaimed wood, forged metal, natural log, stainless steel, live edge slabs, stone, and concrete.  Our cocktail or coffee table bases can be made any size needed to fit your cabin, lodge, ranch, camp, country, mountain or traditional home.

    Our cocktail or coffee table base only designs complement the modern, rustic, mission, craftsman, Old World, Tuscan, Southwestern, Western, contemporary, timber frame, industrial, and rustic chic home decors.

    Woodland Creek Furniture has its own talented craftsmen on staff.  We have talented woodworkers, metal artisans and wood carvers.  We operate a full service workshop in northern Michigan and one in Indonesia.  Woodland Creek works directly with individual customers as well as large hospitality customers.  We handcrafted single custom coffee base only projects as well as projects that require hundreds of cocktail or coffee table bases for commercial applications.

    If you do not see a cocktail or coffee table base only design that interests you, we welcome custom projects.  Let’s design a unique coffee table base only together.  Many of our coffee table base only designs have come from customers all over the United States and Canada.  We always keep an open mind and will offer suggestions when asked.


  • Unique Dining Table Base Only Designs

    Woodland Creek Furniture presently offers 217 unique, handcrafted dining table designs.  All 217 tops and bases can be mixed and matched to create a distinct look or style for your home.  This means that if you need a dining table base only Woodland Creek is your company.

    We have handcrafted hundreds of unique dining table bases for many customers who may already have their own granite, glass, concrete or wood table tops.

    Woodland Creek Furniture offers a wide range of custom made dining table bases in reclaimed wood, forged metal, natural log, stainless steel, live edge slabs, stone, and concrete.  Our dinette table bases can be made any size needed to fit your cabin, lodge, ranch, camp, country, mountain or traditional home.

    Our dining table base only designs complement the modern, rustic, mission, craftsman, Old World, Tuscan, Southwestern, Western, contemporary, timber frame, industrial, and rustic chic home decors.

    Woodland Creek Furniture has its own talented craftsmen on staff.  We have talented woodworkers, metal artisans and wood carvers.  We operate a full service workshop in northern Michigan and one in Indonesia.  Woodland Creek works directly with individual customers as well as large hospitality customers.  We handcrafted single custom dining base only projects as well as projects that require hundreds of commercial dining table bases.

    If you do not see a dining table base only design that interests you, we welcome custom projects.  Let’s design a unique dining table base only together.  Many of our dining table base only designs have come from customers all over the United States and Canada.  We always keep an open mind and will offer suggestions when asked.

    Woodland Creek Furniture offers customer service seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 eastern standard time.  We are only closed major holidays.  Give us a call or email, and let’s design a unique dining table base only together.

  • Complete your Kitchen with Farmhouse Table Chairs

    You convinced yourself that a Farmhouse table from Woodland Creek was the only table you wanted in your kitchen because of its beauty, functionality and rustic appeal. Now you have that table, what are you going to do about chairs? As my Mother used to say, ‘You can’t sit on your imagination….get a chair.’ Just for one moment let’s do sit on our imaginations. Imagine your family around that beautiful table sitting on Farmhouse Table Chairs. These chairs are made from the same materials used to make your table and they are made by the same artists, too.

    Getting a new Farmhouse Table is an exciting addition to your kitchen but, how do your old chairs look around that table. Do the colors coordinate? Are they all the same size chairs? If these chairs aren’t made by Woodland Creek you know they are not the same materials and definitely not the same workmanship.

    Let’s look at this from another perspective. Do you entertain a lot? Perhaps there is someone in your house that for what ever reason is a local VIP. Do you have clients into your home frequently? All these are reasons to complete your kitchen with Farmhouse Table Chairs.

    If guests frequent your home you have every reason to invest in matching rustic chairs. Your home is a reflection on you. What if a client walked into your kitchen and saw that gorgeous table with worn-out, stained and odd sized chairs surrounding it. What kind of message is that sending? What if your business is designing of any kind, whether its wedding cakes, landscape design and especially if you’re involved with interior design; it will send the message this person doesn’t know what he/she is doing!

    Don’t let this happen to you. Take time to choose the right style, size, workmanship and wood to fit your Farmhouse Table and your décor. A good first impression can make a world of difference with any one whether it’s a future client or future friend. Give your guests the WOW factor when they walk in your home. First impressions are everything.

  • Eco Furniture is Natural Wood Furniture taken to the Next Level

    The term “environmentally friendly” has been used more in the past decade than perhaps ever before in history. As the issues related to the depletion of our natural resources, global warming, and pollution come to the forefront in the new millennium there are those in every industry that find a way to do their part to preserve this planet. Woodland Creek Furniture chooses to make eco furniture, our small contribution to the solution for problems that have in many areas reached epic proportions.

    Eco furniture is environmentally friendly furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that is gathered, not cut down. Most often it is taken from the piles made by the demolition of barns and farm houses, preserving the natural resources of our woodlands and forests. With it, we create all natural wood furniture that is taken to the next level, giving you the beauty that you’re looking for in your home without the negative consequences to the environment.

    Each piece of reclaimed wood that we collect and bring back to our furniture gallery has a unique look and feel to it that can be used to create something significantly different from any other piece of furniture you may have purchased before. Combining different types of wood and then preserving them with a finish to enhance their natural beauty turns these already rare pieces into timeless classics. Our craftsmen are the very best wood working artists in the business and we do custom orders if you’d like to share some ideas of your own.

    Eco furniture is also sometimes called organic furniture. Since it’s created from all natural wood, when the time comes for it to be discarded it can easily be reabsorbed into the eco system it was taken from. Unlike plastics and synthetic materials, wood is biodegradable. It will last for many generations inside or even outside of your home, and there is nothing to worry about when it finally does see the end of its usefulness to you. If you throw it away its safe for the environment and perhaps someone at that point will reclaim it like we did and create something new.

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