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  • Rustic Bathroom Vanities

    A Rustic Bathroom Vanity

    Designs and fixtures for the bathroom have come a long way and began as rich Victorian pieces. From there they got even more sophisticated, which is why they are number one when adding a contemporary touch. Over the years, the design of bathroom fixtures has been changed and progressed by bounds and leaps. Regardless of all the changes and progressions, there is still one type of vanity design for the bathroom that yet remains popular, has improved its place, and has withstood long time. These are the rustic vanities.

    Where Are These Commonly Used?

    Rustic vanities are generally used as bathroom fixtures for county homes and log cabins. The touch they offer is of true elegance and uniqueness, which flawlessly brings a tranquil charm to the whole area. Rustic vanities come in a wide range of designs and styles, be it antique or contemporary, they make a stunning design for all bathrooms.

    Which One Is Right?

    When choosing, it is important to remember it will serve the crucial point of your bathroom. You may wish to coordinate the wood, the countertop and sink with the bathroom theme, which means you need to focus on the design, size, finish, and price.

    The Different Types

    Certain types of wood can capture the rustic look brought by bathroom vanities. These include cherry, oak, and mahogany. If these are coated correctly; they can last for a very long time.

    Does The Finish Matter?

    Yes, the finish is important! The finish is as important as the wood that is used. The finish gives the wood that rustic appeal and protects it from water damage. You need to ensure the finish best matches the design of your bathroom.


    A rustic vanity is made from wood and as for the countertops and sinks; these are made from several materials. Ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum are some of the materials used for the vanity sinks. Wood, granite, and other natural stones tend to be used for the vanity countertops. Regardless of the material, you need to ensure the design complements your bathroom style.

    Improve the comfort of your home and make your bathroom look warm, inviting and stunning with a rustic vanity today.

  • Facts about Rustic Barnwood Furniture

    Rustic Barnwood Furniture

    If you are searching for some stunning pieces of furniture that delivers uniqueness and originality, then you may want to consider Rustic Barnwood furniture. The addition will be of complete trend and is a top consideration if you favor green production. After making a serious comeback, Barnwood furniture is wanted by the majority. It provides a lovely touch and texture, which explains the high demands behind it. The wood can be used for both exterior and interior fixtures due to its strong feature and rough, luxurious texture.

    Links and Popularity

    Rustic barnwood furniture is strongly connected with the cowboy styles and estates. It also has a strong link with a range of countries such as New England. Yankee Barnwood items are famously known for their few decorations, whilst the famed Yellowstone or Montana styles comprise use of curled tree twigs and hewn logs. There is something for all tastes in the Barnwood range, ensuring everyone can easily buy the furniture they desire. If you wish to add a touch that is unique or contemporary, then you can easily do so. Alternatively, it may be that you wish to impress your guests. In that case, the furniture can also do that for you and leave you with tons of compliments.

    Design and Products

    This form of wood starts with old planks and is the starting point for the designers. The result is usually the sophisticated products in a range of different sizes that allow all homes to feature this incredible piece of art inside their home. Without a doubt, it will always add a flawless touch of contemporariness. If the tables are not desirable, or if the chairs are too big, interior designers can always suggest the presence of small details such as frames, mirrors, and pictures.

    Styles and Ranges

    The final choice all comes down to individual preference, because the variety is just endless and the styles are uncountable. An addition of some subtle details may do it for some whereas others may call for something large like a table. Regardless of the choice, it will always be more than enough to highlight the grace of the room. The prices also vary and are all down to the person and their budget.

  • Embrace Rustic Cabin Furniture

    A piece of Rustic Cabin Furniture

    If you are after some tips for decorating your cabin, then you are at the right place. However, it is not necessary for you to own a log cabin for this. Read on and discover the different ways you can replenish, redecorate, and refurnish existing furniture into rustic cabin furniture.

    Paint and Materials on Rustic Cabin Furniture

    Applying a paint finish to any surface can help to achieve a rustic look which can include kitchen cabinets, dining room chairs, occasional or dining tables, as well as cabin flooring. The materials can easily be purchased online for the project as well as from local hardware stores.

    Where to Start

    First, lightly sand the surface; so, that any treatment or surface finish is removed. Next, wipe it with a damp cloth and if the surface is not wood, you will need to prime the surface using a paint primer. If it is wood, then you can skip the priming. What you are after is a rough and rustic look, which goes to the next step of dry brushing the primer using a wide paintbrush. Add texture and streaks to your cabin furniture and allow this to dry.

    What Comes Next?

    For this step, it is important to test a few samples of treatments and paints. The process is both fun and rewarding, and if you are making your rustic cabin furniture yourself, then it is something to be proud of.

    Achieve the Look of Rustic Cabin Furniture!

    Start with rich and dark browns as the base. This way is both true and easy to achieving the rustic look. This color will be peaking through and is not the finish. The next coat is the finish color. For a rustic look, you may want to try muted or dark, reds, mustard, or greens. Next comes the antiquing. This changes both the hue and color of the top coat. Allow the top and base coats to dry before you proceed.

    Using a fine piece of sandpaper, discover the areas where normal wear and tear may have occurred. Lightly sand these. To enhance the look, you may also rub in painter’s glaze, and dark pine wood stain. Regardless of the type of wood, the techniques above work on all. Once you have covered the small pieces, it is time to move on to a larger project for your cabin décor.

  • Comfortable and Stylish Cabin Furniture

    A piece of Rustic Cabin Furniture

    The essential beauty of the cabin is living is a small space. The furniture is compact with multiple uses. Twin beds can be used as sofas.  Rustic end tables can be used as stools.  The dining table is used to have dinner! However, it also is a work table, a baking table, or a table for cards and puzzles. Let’s looks at some of the choices in multi-functional and versatile cabin furniture.

    Types of Cabin Furniture!

    Futons are an oriental invention where living spaces have always been small. They serve both purposes sitting and sleeping. Futons are comfortable and attractive additions to the cabin lifestyle.  Rustic futons are made from pine, hickory, aspen, white cedar or reclaimed hardwoods that feature weathered and natural look.  Made is sizes of twin, full or queen they fit in to most cabin spaces.

    As you shop for a futon keep in mind that 80% of a futon is the mattress.  The mattress is where you sit and sleep. Thin Spartan padding makes up many less expensive futons. This padding looks good in the showroom. However, it will shrink with a few months use. Here at Woodland Creek, we make our futons with over stuffed mattresses that stand up to years of service.

    Frames for futons are designed to match the cabin design.  Rustic hickory is used for cabins in the woods. White cedar and pine goes well for cottages in the conifers.  Reclaimed hardwood goes well for ranch cabins on the plains.  Aspen accents the mountain cabin. Chrome metal or flat industrial fittings accent the urban cottage.

    The mattress cover conveys the design attitude of your dwelling.  There are hundreds of choices available.  Here at Woodland Creek, we accentuate the rustic but also work with contemporary themes.  Take photos of your cabin and show us your rooms where the futon will be.  This will help you see how the cover design matches your cabin.  Many of our futons come with coordinated pillows.

    Make Sure the Quality Is High:

    We deeply enjoy selling American made futons made in Wisconsin at Woodland Creek;  consequently, the cost is a little higher than those made overseas! However, the quality is outstanding. American quality in a futon that serves you day and night.  A futon can easily coordinate to match to your cabin or cottage scheme.  Bring your ideas to Woodland Creek and we will design a futon the matches you hide away space.

  • Why Embrace Natural Furniture

    Natural furniture beautifully adds an exquisite and comforting touch to the home, which is why you need to venture out to Mother Nature for your home furnishing needs. Once you have found the right look for your home after considering the info below, there is no reason to why you cannot start bringing in the natural furniture in today.


    Furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear, which is why you should consider natural furniture. You have many different options as the sturdy elements enable it to hold up for many years to come. What this does is drives down the cost of your furnishings with each passing year. Furniture is something that is used daily, which means it needs to be strong. If it is natural, it can last not just years, but also decades.


    Furniture also requires constant upkeep and care. Your furniture may cost you a good initial price, but in the end, you will have to pay dearly. If the furniture is natural, it is much easier to deal with. All you will need is soap and warm water, and that is the dust out of the way. It can also be kept outside as it can withstand outdoor elements and may even come out even more beautiful.

    Beauty and Craftsmanship

    If furniture is natural, it carries a natural beauty with it, which is admired by many regardless if any supplementary artisanship is involved or not. The wicker furniture pieces in particular have an added touch of elegance in the weave of the product. In order to create the flawless wicker effect in the furniture, it takes both artistry and skill. If it is done right, then it is truly the most exquisite object that will be placed in your home. In order to enhance the comfort, wicker furniture is always a perfect choice.

    Next time you are on the search for some elegant pieces of furniture, do not just head straight to the modern section. The hard-earned money should be spent on something that will both last a long time and at the same time add a charming touch, which can be added with no other furniture piece.

  • Make a Fine Addition with Rustic Coffee Tables

    If you wish to decorate in a country-style way, you may want to consider rustic coffee tables for your home. The beauty of the furniture is simply down to its timeless style and simplicity. It gives your living room a focal point, which is well built and simple.

    Common Furniture by the Shakers

    The Shakers made the furniture common. The Shakers are a religious group whose main beliefs include good workmanship, the importance of simplicity, as well as hard work in all that they do. Their hard work is shown perfectly by the style of the furniture. It is both simple and clean in appearance and is very durable. True furniture pieces like the rustic coffee tables from the style truly feel like the result of good workmanship as a lot of attention has been put into the creation process.

    A Combination of Simplicity and Functionality

    Shaker furniture is put together very well and is known for its simplicity and functionality. Qualities of the style include clean lines, sturdy lines, as well as a customarily classical appearance. The smooth and beautiful surfaces combined with the excellent joinery make the Shaker-style rustic coffee tables feel and look long lasting as if they will be appreciated by generations for years to come.

    A rustic coffee table

    It Can Be Pricey

    Shaker furniture can be a bit pricey, but every penny is worth it as it does have its benefits. This piece of furniture will last you many years, therefore, finding a sincere piece is your top choice. If you love changing the décor every couple of years and do not want the same table for a very long time, then a piece in the style is definitely for you!

    Its Popularity

    The first time Shaker-style furniture became popular was around the mid-1800s. Since then, other furniture makers have produced similar pieces that imitate the style including bookcases, chairs, coffee tables, and cupboards. If the Shaker-style price is high for you, you may incorporate this style into your home at a price that best suits you. Make a posh and rustic addition and do it today.

  • Barnwood Kitchen Tables: Long-Lasting Quality

    Remember the first kitchen table you had?  If it was like mine it probably came from the garage sale down the block.  We used it for a year or so until the veneer on the side started to fall off.  I wondered why it was so heavy and then I realized that it was particle board underneath. It was real wood but from scrape trees, chopped up and glued together.  I got what I paid for… Let's shake off this horror story by showing you our barnwood kitchen tables!

    Barnwood Kitchen Tables for Detailed Use

    I’m glad I’m at a point in my life now where I can choose to have quality furniture made to my specifications.  Woodland Creek furniture is real solid wood that has stood up to years of wear. It’s all made from reclaimed wood.  Some from barns.  Some from old buildings.  But all seasoned hard from age and beautiful in texture. The article of furniture that gets the most use and abuse in our house is the kitchen table.

    Woodland Creek’s farm table is the most basic and well designed for family use. These farm tables are made to last for your lifetime and generations to come. It is made from solid wood. The amazing feature of barnwood is its ability to take scratches and make them part of the character of the wood.  Kids will be kids and the kitchen table takes the abuse.  But barnwood kitchen tables are so forgiving that a 30 second touch up is all that’s needed.

    The next time you are out shopping for furniture ask the sales staff questions. Is this real wood?  Where is this furniture made? Do you have furniture that is not veneered? Don’t be taken in by synthetic materials that look like wood, it won’t last as long as real wood and it certainly won’t look as professional and classy. Come see our farmhouse table collection at Woodland Creek. Once you have seen our real wood tables you won’t settle for anything else.

  • Why Consider Rustic Dining Tables?

    Whether you are in the process of redecorating or just want a furniture change, rustic dining tables will always add a contemporary touch.Link to a Rustic Dining Table

    What It Is?

    Rustic dining tables are a beautiful piece of furniture, which will always leave the room looking wonderful. The appearance consists of ruggedness, which will always remind you of the good old days when families would all gather around during mealtimes. When browsing through the wide range of rustic dining tables, it is important you keep the following factors in mind. The first thing that needs to consider is the size. You need to ensure the table correctly fits inside your dining room because that is when it will look best.

    What to Consider?

    The price also needs to be taken into consideration and the first thing to do is set down a budget. The table you purchase must fit within your budget so you do not spend more than you intended. Looking at a couple of dining tables and comparing the prices will give you a good idea of the price range. The tables may differ in size and shape, and will have different prices for unique variations. You may prefer square, rectangle, or even round. Pick the one you prefer and make sure you like it before anyone else.

    A Range Of Designs

    The rustic dining table also comes in a range of designs, which also need to be taken into account. The wide range of designs ensures there is something to suit all personalities, as well as all home décor. The finishes can also vary; which is another thing you should look at when considering a rustic dining table for your living room. The type of wood used for each table may also vary. Which is another factor to look into before you purchase. Just remember, a heavy table is likely to be made of wood. Consider the above-mentioned tips and make an addition that is both posh and classy. Add that unique vintage or contemporary touch to the dining room today! Then watch the instant complement; that is brought between the décor and furniture inside your happy home.

  • All about Log Furniture

    When it comes to decorating, log furniture has its own little place in the whole process. The wood is rough looking with a thick and rustic texture, which presents a look that is both sleek and graceful. It is brilliant as a form of traditional looking furniture and makes you feel right at home once you decide to spruce up the place in rural décor. Why not consider it and embrace the charming furniture for your next refurbishment? Whether your furniture needs replacing, or your guests need impressing, this furniture flawlessly does both.

    The Popularity
    The popularity behind log furniture is immense as it is something unique, with a delightful charm of its own. It’s not so perfect finishes and curves induce a firm allure, which leaves a down-home feeling most people crave. People who have a keen interest in western décor may require log furniture to complement their theme as well as their choice to complement their rustic cabin.

    The huge popularity behind the furniture is a little puzzling, as you do not usually expect something with so many imperfections to be popular. However, there is an explanation, which is the raw and simple natural looks, which retain. The furniture is also part of history as when the early pioneers headed west, they engraved their rustic equipment out of the land they were trying to tame. The idea that these bold people made use of what the land gives the furniture a romantic appeal that is easy to grip once you are surrounded by the rustic pieces.

    The Charm of the Furniture
    One feature of the furniture that is a winning charm is its durability as well as its ability to take a beating and retain its natural appeal. It is ideal as lodge furniture with the ability to survive the day in and day out routine of guests enjoying their stay. Regardless how you feel about the furniture, you have to admit that it arouses a rural appeal that cannot be matched by its rivals. It may lack a little style, but the character surely makes up for that.

  • Why Antique Farm Tables Are For You

    Okay, so you think now is the time to do some redecorating? The difficult thing is matching the new pieces with your existing décor. It has to turn out as something very special, which will only work if you change your approach. Read on and discover what antique farm tables can bring to your dining room or kitchen.

    There Is a Huge Variety

    You need to take into account that this lovely piece of furniture will become the centerpiece of your room; which means you need to check out the whole variety. The fun and exciting bit when searching for farm tables is you never know the different types you may find. They have a unique construction and have done for many centuries. If you are considering an antique farm table; odds are, you are purchasing a truly original piece of furniture, which cannot be found anywhere else.

    Condition of the Tables

    The range of antique farm tables may not be in good condition. Regardless of this, what you need to do is use your imagination and picture the table inside your living room surrounded by love and attention. It may require a little bit of refurbishing, which can include sanding, painting, and varnishing. That is all you will need to do in order to discover the true beauty underneath. If the process sounds a little difficult, you will be happy to know wherever you make the purchase the tasks may be done for you with your table looking brand new in no time.

    Where to Look  

    You just do not know where you will find these tables, which is why you should look in all places as you may even find them at flea markets for a small amount of money. You may also find them at estate sales and yard sales. The low cost of the tables may be because of the bad shape. However, with a little bit of expertise and refurbishing, there is no reason you cannot bring out the gem from underneath. Most sellers who are selling these do not usually know their true worth, which means with a little bit of negotiation you can always get an awesome price.

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