The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
2021-10-04 17:50:00 18 view(s)

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Ever look around your home or one particular room in it and think that something just isn't quite right? The lighting’s perfect and you love your sofa, but there’s just something ...missing? Well wonder what it is no more, as we think we’ve created the ultimate final piece of any interior design puzzle with our Urban Organic Chic Teak Side Table. Hey! That rhymes!

Link to the Organic Chic Side TableUndull your Room with some Organic Chic Side Table Flair!

We found ourselves bemoaning how dull small side tables can be. Just because they are small, it seemed as though it had become the fashion to not bother putting any effort or creativity into their designs. However, We decided to buck the norm and do our own thing! And we liked the result so much that we created an entire line of furniture based on the same idea. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate the rest of the collection. Back to this delightful side table though. What’s perhaps most impressive is the way that we’ve managed to combine rustic teak wood roots pieces with contemporary glass and iron, culminating in a timeless aesthetic. Don’t believe us? Imagine this table in an ultra contemporary setting. It works doesn’t it? Now do the same but in a more traditionally rustic home. It still looks great and we think it’s all because the glitzier elements have been kept understated. 

A Fanciful Design

When using a metal framework base, there can be a temptation to make something really eye-catching and over the top. However, we think less is more; especially if you can make a perfect cage base and use a stark black finish. The minimalist nature of a design like this is the perfect basis for a more unusual and dramatic top. Which is where those non-uniform teak root slices come into play. Thick slabs have been used to create the decadent jigsaw-like focal point here, before being topped with crystal-clear glass. It’s amazing how impactful three materials can be when they come together; but wood, metal and glass have become one in this side table, all locking together as though they came from nature in situ. But of course, even the most stunning designs have their pitfalls and here, it’s the non-repeatable element. If you are the kind of person that needs your side tables to match completely. This is not the item for you. If however, you relish the thought of being the only person in the world with your exact table. Then let’s talk about logistics. As a small item, we cannot ship free of charge, but if you buy a large furniture piece or more small ones; Then, we can ship everything together and give you the benefit of cost-free curbside delivery. At $150, the small freight fee does make it worth looking at the rest of our catalog to see if there’s anything your home needs, but rest assured that regardless of how many items we send to you, they will all arrive in perfect condition, ready to display and use.