Tuscan End Table with unlimited potential

Tuscan End Table with unlimited potential
2021-07-09 14:17:00 21 view(s)

Tuscan End Table with unlimited potential

They say that great things come in small packages and we’re going to prove it to you today by introducing you to our modest but marvelous Modern Tuscan End Table. Though it might be little in stature; it packs a big punch in terms of useful extra surface space! Furthermore, you can easily move it to wherever you need it. It also serves a multitude of functions.

The best end table for Tuscan style and practicality!

Who hasn’t sat in the sitting room or den; and, wish that they had a little table for remote controls, magazines or drinks? What about when a friendly game of cards seems like a fun idea? A small end table that you can move about is ideal; as not everyone wants to up and transplant to the dining room! Standing at  just 25” tall and 22” square, the end table is particularly excellent as a lamp stand, letting you add a little soft glow wherever needed. The only problem with small furniture is that it has to be perfect in design. Furthermore, it has to be expertly executed and able to hold its own against larger, potentially more dramatic and eye-catching pieces. Well, we have no fears on that front here, as despite the small size; our Tuscan end table easily captures hearts and imaginations. We like to think it’s because the Asian walnut the we use in construction! Asian walnut being so undeniably beautiful and is only further exaggerated by the solid black base! When we came up with the design, we knew we wanted something simple, and timeless! However, we still wanted it to look contemporary enough to look at home in any number of houses, cabins or cottages. We also knew that we wanted to really showcase the rich color of the walnut! Which is why the dark contrasting base was decided upon. Other than some understated shaping, we’ve left the entire look very simple and unfussy; to give us the modern edge we were looking for, while not straying too far from our rustic roots. The result, we think, would look great anywhere and add to a wider scheme, not detract from it.

Fine by it self but better with another!

Link to the Tuscan End Table

Being small, there is a freight charge when ordered alone; however, if you order with another small piece or alongside a larger item, everything ships for free, saving you $150. This isn’t us trying to pressure you into making more purchases! We are just simply highlighting that if there’s anything else you’ve been considering investing in; it might be prudent to make a multiple order! This is to access those all-important free shipping services. And don’t worry about payment options either. We are always careful who we work alongside and with Bread, we’ve found a trusted and transparent financing company that actually wants to help you afford those bigger furniture purchases. With an easy application process and no penalties for paying early; you can be in control of your interior budget, while enjoying some serious changes as well. If there’s a space in your den and you simply don’t know how to fill it, or you’re fed up with having to get up and walk over to a coffee table, now’s the time to treat yourself.