Make Your Holidays Special

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Make Your Holidays Special

Getting together with friends and family for the holidays is the best feeling in the world, but how can you make it just that little bit extra special? With a few decorating and entertainment ideas with wood furniture; that will make you the host with the most! Here’s 10 to get you started: [caption id="attachment_15443" align="alignleft" width="300"]Link to an asian walnut coffee table Asian Walnut Coffee Table[/caption]

1. Dish out personalized crackers

Fun, silly and so simple to create, personalized crackers really get the party started. You can either simply add people’s names to the outside, or you can open them up and switch gifts around to ensure happy recipients. 

2. Invest in a new dining table

This might sound a little extravagant, but if you are expecting a big gathering and you want to take some amazing pictures! Maybe a tired old dining table isn’t really what you want as a backdrop. Maybe its time to pick up some new gorgeous wood furniture! Order a new table soon though to ensure pre-holidays delivery!

3. Make embroidered napkins

Such a fun activity to do with older children, making embroidered napkins with fun designs or names on them is relaxing and so crafty. Good for the environment too, as you’ll waste less paper alternatives. Martha Stewart herself would be proud!

4. Choose festive mood lighting

A rustic piece of wood furniture!

Turn off the main bright light and get out the candles for some softer and cozier lighting. As you get a little more full with food and a touch sleepy, the softer lighting will feel far more comforting than a harsh glare from overhead!.

5. Put out comfortable chairs

Forget the old days of having four matching chairs then a bunch of random stools, lawn chairs and boxes for extra guests. Now, you need to be prepared with a full contingent of comfortable, stylish and supportive chairs for everyone. No excuses!

6. Have options for the veggies

There’s no getting away from the fact that vegetarians and vegans are on the rise so be prepared ahead of meal times by having plenty of non-meat options to choose from. You’ll make everybody feel truly welcome and ensure that everyone gets a satisfying feed as well.

7. Play table games

Even if you just have a deck or two of cards ready to go, some table-top games are always a fun way to keep the atmosphere jovial and fun between courses or before food is served. Just don;t be tempted to get Twister out after a big meal!

8. Have a seconds bell

A bit of fun for diners and a big compliment for the chef, why not place a cheeky bell on the table that anybody wanting seconds can ring? We don’t thank our diligent cooks enough at this time of year but this is a good way to show them we care.

9. Include your furry friends

The holidays are for family and that means your pets too! We’re not suggesting you let them sit at the table with you, though that would be really good fun, but pop a beautiful wood furniture dog bed underneath so they can hoover up any spills and get a little treat at the same time. 

10. Cherish the time

Lastly, make sure you cherish every experience. We are all so much more grateful for holiday get-togethers now that we were forced to miss some during the pandemic and it would be remiss not to just revel in each other's company and the joy that this time of year brings. Happy holidays from everyone at Woodland Creek Furniture!
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