Rustic Log Furniture For a Unique Touch

Perfect Symmetry in Rustic Log Furniture!

We totally understand the appeal of symmetry. In nature, symmetry can be found in all shapes and sizes! From the symmetry of our bodies to the seemingly symmetrical leaves of a birch tree leaf; there is no denying that there is a special sort of magic to these natural designs. However, as beautiful as symmetry may be! There is also a lot to be said about the naturally asymmetrical quality of individual natural bodies as well. Mountains, crashing waves, meadows, landforms, clouds, and even fallen tree branches can shine as their imperfect twists, turns, and features stick out; in asymmetrical contrast with themselves. Something about the natural disarrangement of things makes them feel like they have a unique place in the limelight! It will be ready to be recognized as yet another beautiful mark on the world. At Woodland Creek Furniture, we pride ourselves on our collection of rustic log furniture pieces. A quick overview of these items on our web page will give you an idea of what we are talking about. We take logs that have fallen, and we help them back up, rearranging them into truly unique, asymmetrically elegant pieces of log furniture that will add a complex yet naturally stunning look and feel to any room, whether it is for your family’s summer cabin or the rustic home decor of your private residence. Not only can you depend on having a piece of furniture that is unique; however, you can also depend on the quality craftsmanship that we have built our entire business upon.

A Vast Collection!

Our vast log furniture collection includes; bed frames, burl wood coffee tables, hickory log dining chairs and log dining tables, floor lamps, rustic entertainment centers, and much more. Stop by one of our two massive showrooms in Kalkaska or Traverse City! Visiting our show room allows you get a good look and feel for the log furniture items! Items that we have ready for you to take home! Furniture you can make a part of your rustic interior design! Our friendly and professional customer service team will help you navigate through your options and decide what will be the best addition to your home!
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