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There is no double that live edge tables are popular. Woodland Creek Furniture is receiving more and more requests for custom made live edge dining tables made in all sizes. We recently had a request for an eighteen foot conference table; which, we are working on finding the right slab right now. Why the sudden popularity in live edge tables? After you see one in person you will immediately understand why. A large, natural live edge slab has a warmth and presence that just draws you in. You cannot help but want to rub your hand over it just to confirm it is real.

This was never in doubt as it is impossible to replicate the look; but, because they are rarely seen you just have to touch it to make the experience “real".  You will find yourself running a finger over the unique grain pattern that it nature’s artwork. At Woodland Creek Furniture we encourage “touching” and “rubbing” of our live edge tables. If you didn’t, we may well be offended (smile). Rubbing and touching is the highest compliment. Much like the Italians encourage a good belch after a meal to compliment the chef; we at Woodland Creek consider a light rub down the highest form of flattery.

Woodland Creeks Quality Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables by Woodland Creek Furniture are some of the highest quality in the marketplace. Woodland Creek Furniture is located in northern Michigan surrounded by some of the finest hardwoods found on this wonderful planet. We have black walnut, maple, ash, elm, cherry to name just a few indigenous species. Trees are a wonderful natural resource and if managed properly will be around until the end of time. Woodland Creek Furniture practices sustainable furniture crafting.

The vast majority of wood used in our live edge tables come from Mother Nature herself! This means that a good storm here and there by Mother Nature downs enough trees to supply us with wood for the year. We also get logs from various tree services that are hired to remove them; because, a piece of land is being cleared for construction. Or, because one has grown too large and threatens a nearby residence. We are careful to use every part of the tree down to the scraps. Woodland Creek Furniture’s original retail store and workshop are heated by two outdoor wood boilers; so, we burn the scraps to heat our buildings – nothing goes to waste.

Variety of Styles

Live edge tables come in many different styles. You can pair a live edge table top with a modern stainless steel base and the resulting table will add character to any Manhattan apartment or mountain modern home in the Rockies. Take a live edge table top and use a traditional farm base; and, it will fit nicely into a country or farm home décor.

Woodland Creek offers a large variety of hand forged metal bases giving certain designs an industrial style. We have organic, natural log bases; which, when matched with a live edge table top will add warmth and character to any log home. Live edge tables may be the most transitional furniture design available. The type of chair also steers the style. We have seen our customers use modern leather chairs to rustic log chairs around our live edge tables. The design opportunities are endless.

Woodland Creek Furniture strives to offer the highest quality live edge tables at the fairest prices. Our wood is kiln dried slowly. This is important because larger operations rush the wood drying process and this causes degradation of the wood. It also increases the chances of the wood cracking or splitting; after being in your home for a period of time. Like all things – when you take your time and do it right – the end product is much higher quality. Woodland Creek believes in the “take it slow and do it right philosophy.”

Our Offered Styles of Live Edge Tables

Woodland Creek Furniture offers three types of live edge table tops.

Firstly, we offer Plank Style Live Edge Slabs. Solid slabs of wood are laminated, glued together, with the outer edge planks providing the live edge. Each piece of wood is carefully picked for its grain pattern and color. Our guys hand pick the planks so that the grain patterns blend into a slab of natural art. I personally feel the plank style tables have the most character and are the best value (personal choice).

Secondly, we offer Book Matched Live Edge Slabs. The term book-matched means that two sequential cuts of a log are paired together. Each slab receives a straight edge and when flipped the boards are almost identical; creating the appearance of mirror grain pattern.

Lastly, we offer Solid One Piece Live Edge Slabs. This is a table top made from one piece of solid wood. The size of the tree dictates the size of the slab. There are still some big ones out there, and Woodland Creek gets them all the time. Be sure to check back in a few months; and, see the giant slabs of burl wood we have coming in. The largest we have coming is seventeen feet long by five feet wide. One solid piece of wood with the most incredible grain pattern found in any species. We will have hundreds of one pieces slabs in just about any size you may need.

A Wow Factor for Years to Come!

All three styles of live edge slabs are beautiful, and there are no bad choices. It comes down to a personal choice – the style that makes you go “wow” and fits your budget. We invite you to visit our workshop! You can hunt with us through the hundreds of live edge slabs we have in stock. If you live out of state, rest assured we craft and ship hundreds of live edge tables every year! We can craft and deliver a beautiful live edge table to you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Call or email us today to discuss your project.

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Rob Evina
Woodland Creek Furniture

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