Know More about Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The main reason behind the popularity of reclaimed wood furniture is due to its sustainability, history, aesthetics, and price. According to the United Nations Environment Program, there are presently twelve special trees on the endangered list. The majority of these are common choices to make musical instruments, cabinets, furniture, and many more products; that are used by humans. Around 40 million acres of the Earth’s forests are chopped down every year for this purpose.

Becoming Eco-Friendly With Reclaimed Wood Furniture!

As well as reducing energy consumption, going paperless and recycling as forms of going eco-friendly; another way is to furnish your home using reclaimed wood furniture. Instead of going to waste, we gather old wood from decommissioned buildings and homes. These are then refurbished, harvested, and given a second life in the form of a dresser or coffee table.

Environmental Benefits

Further than the protection of virgin trees, using reclaimed wood can have extra environmental benefits. As well as using natural oil finishes, many builders also use paints and non-toxic glue. The main goal behind it is to create a beautiful product! One that is high quality and at the same time affecting the environment as little as possible. Reclaimed wood furniture provides a touch that is both stylish and rustic. In some cases, it may be difficult to determine whether a piece of furniture is not brand new. However, evidence such as saw blade marks or old nail holes are intentionally retained; in order to provide a well-worn appeal and antique touch.

The History Behind It

The furniture is also surrounded by a sense of secrecy; as you do not know what it may have been used for in the past. For example, your nightstand may have come from a historic school house or from a turn of the century barn. Alternatively, it could even be taken from a neighbor’s unused sundeck. Whichever way, it still has a historical story behind it.

The Price of Reclaimed Wood Furniture!

The one thing that is very attractive to buyers of the furniture is its low cost. Even though handcrafted furniture tends to be expensive, materials that are reclaimed are usually cheaper than brand new ones. Wood that is reclaimed is usually cut and treated, which, as a result, reduces expenses.

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