Home Styling with Antique Barnwood Furniture

Antique barnwood furniture is one of the most popular rustic furniture products we offer, which comes as no surprise considering its unique blend of rustic and elegant characteristics. Aside from looking amazing, our reclaimed barnwood has more features to it than meets the eye.

We source all of our barnwood from barns in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. All of the reclaimed barn wood we use in our furniture is at least 100 years old, which says a lot about the quality of the wood to begin with. Wood that was harvested from that time is just not the same as the quality of the wood you will find in new pieces of furniture, or our competitors’ barnwood furniture.  The wood’s age is important as only the slow process of weathering gives it the desired antique patina.  Many of our competitors are taking fresh wood or 30-50 year old barn wood and trying to enhance it through distressing and burning techniques.  It simply does not and will not have the same look or feel as naturally aged barnwood subjected to four season of slow weathering over ten decades.

Our reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly and good for the environment as we are saving trees and our landfills.

Our barnwood furniture might be the easiest furniture to maintain.  The more use it gets the better it looks. Should you ever get a fresh scratch or gouge, you can use a special tinted wax and in just minutes watch it disappear.  You will not be able to tell what a farmer did 80-100 years ago versus what your kids did yesterday.  Scratches only make the furniture look better. 

With this higher level of quality, you also get the added benefit of a strong history behind your antique barnwood furniture.  America’s farmland history has an admirable tale full of heroes, innovators, and hard workers. The American farmer has always been the back bone of the United States. While the nation was coming of age and finding its way, the agricultural industry found in it a group of determined individuals who had the discipline and craftiness to work the land and produce the food that would feed the entire nation. The blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors are in each reclaimed beam, timber and plank.  Our barn wood furniture pays tribute to this Americana. 

Woodland Creek Furniture welcomes the opportunity to handcraft a piece of unique barnwood furniture for you and your family. All of our designs can be custom made to fit your home, office, cottage or ranch. Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

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