Home interior design genres forever in style

There’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at a little experimental home design now and then; but for timeless elegance that only ever needs a slight refresh. There are a few interior design genres to know about.

Fusions, hybrids and just plain out-there interior design ideas are fun. They always look stylish splashed across editorial pages of glossy home magazines; but in the real world, ageless genres are what we need. Sure, we can punctuate our homes with accessories and finishing touches that add excitement and allure. However, when it comes to the basics, such as wall colors, furniture and overall ambience. The following are worth acquainting yourself with:

Rustic Interior Design Genrea Rustic Dining Table

The more wood the better for a rustic home and if it can be reclaimed? So much the better! Rustic homes are characterized by a warm and welcoming feeling! A feeling that seems to come from the warmth of solid wood furniture; not to mention the nostalgia that it also evokes. A well loved dining table, a log-frame master bed or even just a beautiful hallway sideboard. These key pieces, when balanced with neutral wall colors and plenty of soft furnishings. Come together to create the cozy cabin vibe that makes rustic interior design so steadfast and eternally popular. 


The great thing about minimalism is that the principle of ‘less is more’ can extend to mean; that what you do buy should be of exceptional quality as well. Though you might think that white everything is essential. That is a myth and instead, minimalist homes showcase clean lines, unfussy color schemes and eye-catching one-off furniture pieces. Pieces that serve a function as well as having aesthetic value. Neutral colors are key, with natural light taken advantage of wherever possible and furniture can be crafted from exotic woods. 


Laid-back, comfortable and with no discernable color scheme. Bohemian interior design places more importance on the symbolism and connection owners feel to the pieces around them. This is why furniture, soft goods and accessories tend to be mismatched. The resulting patchwork of belongings come together to work in a fluid and deeply personal way, with homes that align with this genre; being a perfect representation of the people that live in them. We always picture gorgeous upholstered ottomans and hanging chairs filled with unusual throws when we think of bohemian houses. Gorgeous!

Contemporary Interior Design Genre a contemporary sideboard design

This is a tricky one as it changes according to the time. What is contemporary now will be a vintage piece in ten years; so, to create a contemporary home requires allegiance to certain style markers that will evolve and change constantly. One-color walls, a lack of moldings and wooden flooring can all be good indicators of a contemporary home; with things like sofa styles and soft furnishings changing as trends fall out of favor. 


For lovers of monochrome, metal and functional furniture, industrial chic is the home interior design genre of choice. Working best in spaces that are open and airy, the style takes cues from New York loft conversions and prizes commercial building techniques over perfect finishes. You’ll find open metal staircases, black metal, usually some bare brick walls and the odd piece of vintage furniture. Shabby leather Chesterfield sofas and solid wood architect planner chests are amongst the prized finds for this look.


However you decide to decorate your home, just remember that nothing is irreversible. Paint the walls, swap out your sofas and think about your flooring; however, stay true to yourself and your own style, because fashion is fickle!

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