A Farm Table Would Look Wonderful in your Kitchen

Farm tables were originally constructed to fulfill the most basic of needs. They are a sturdy piece of furniture serving several purposes – a place for the family to gather, eat and sometimes work. Its place is firmly planted in American history. If we scan all the important events that made America what it is today we will find a farm table as one of the participants.

I know what you are thinking; it’s just a table. Yes, it is but, the humble Farm table was there when the pilgrims sat down with the Native Americans for the fist Thanksgiving. It was on them the Declaration of Independence, Louisiana Purchase and the Emancipation Proclamation were penned and signed.

Every image we have of Abe Lincoln as a boy involves a kerosene lamp and a farm table. These tables saw civil war soldiers gathering around for planning battles and after the war was over, drinking in celebration. And with the exception of a bed the farm table was the first piece of furniture to grace the homes of settlers of the Wild West and Oregon Trail. Now, sociologists tell us when families sit down at the dinner table together the family unit is strengthened.

Perhaps I have woven too much history and romance into a simple table but, these tables have stood the test of time and now deserve an honored place in your home. The kitchen is a gathering place for most families and how wonderful would it be to have a piece of rustic furniture like a farm table in your kitchen?

Some would say that their kitchen or home is too modern for a table of that design. Our farm tables can be constructed to fit nearly any décor. They can be modernized with color, shape and the chairs you choose. The next time you are at a home show and they show a comfortable country kitchen or a kitchen with southern charm, a farm table will be there. Look in any of the kitchen design magazines, it doesn't matter if it’s a contemporary, early American or farm house design you will see how comfortably a farm table fits. Wouldn't a farm table look wonderful in your kitchen?

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