Embrace Rustic Cabin Furniture

A piece of Rustic Cabin Furniture

If you are after some tips for decorating your cabin, then you are at the right place. However, it is not necessary for you to own a log cabin for this. Read on and discover the different ways you can replenish, redecorate, and refurnish existing furniture into rustic cabin furniture.

Paint and Materials on Rustic Cabin Furniture

Applying a paint finish to any surface can help to achieve a rustic look which can include kitchen cabinets, dining room chairs, occasional or dining tables, as well as cabin flooring. The materials can easily be purchased online for the project as well as from local hardware stores.

Where to Start

First, lightly sand the surface; so, that any treatment or surface finish is removed. Next, wipe it with a damp cloth and if the surface is not wood, you will need to prime the surface using a paint primer. If it is wood, then you can skip the priming. What you are after is a rough and rustic look, which goes to the next step of dry brushing the primer using a wide paintbrush. Add texture and streaks to your cabin furniture and allow this to dry.

What Comes Next?

For this step, it is important to test a few samples of treatments and paints. The process is both fun and rewarding, and if you are making your rustic cabin furniture yourself, then it is something to be proud of.

Achieve the Look of Rustic Cabin Furniture!

Start with rich and dark browns as the base. This way is both true and easy to achieving the rustic look. This color will be peaking through and is not the finish. The next coat is the finish color. For a rustic look, you may want to try muted or dark, reds, mustard, or greens. Next comes the antiquing. This changes both the hue and color of the top coat. Allow the top and base coats to dry before you proceed.

Using a fine piece of sandpaper, discover the areas where normal wear and tear may have occurred. Lightly sand these. To enhance the look, you may also rub in painter’s glaze, and dark pine wood stain. Regardless of the type of wood, the techniques above work on all. Once you have covered the small pieces, it is time to move on to a larger project for your cabin décor.

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