Dining table with a Run Deep Style

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Dining table with a Run Deep Style

Every meal, no matter how simple, can be an event when you have the river runs dining table! That commands attention and invokes envy from your diners. It’s no secret that here at Woodland Creek, we only work with the best artisans. Those special individuals that have not only a talent for working with solid wood; but, also an eye for incredible design touches and the creativity to pull off audacious ideas. Why? Because it’s by unleashing and supporting their artistic ideals that we create a line of signature creations, such as this, our ‘A River Runs Through It’ dining table At first glance, you might think it’s a striking, beautiful and unusual table! However there’s more, because every single piece that we make is 100% unique. Yes, they come from the same idea, but no two pieces of material can be identical. Which makes each variation totally bespoke and the only one in the entire world like it. That being said; you can add your own stamp even further; by selecting either a round or rectangular top and also choosing your own roo, pedestal or forged metal base option. For the most rustic and unique look, we highly recommend a root section base, as this amplifies the organic vibe.A RIver Runs Through it DIning Table

Only the best for your River Runs Dining Table

When we know what size, shape and base you want for your new forever furniture purchase. It’s time to sit back and let us do what we do best! Create the finest dining table that you ever dreamed of owning. Our team is not only expert but also inspired! Which is why they have access to only the very best woods in our collections; while having total autonomy to choose the perfect piece for your design. And here is where the real artistry comes in. We lay the pieces for your table out like a jigsaw; moving, tessellating and shifting until they are in the right positions to perfectly mimic a natural cavern, with wild water running through it. You can sense the majesty, the power of nature and the inspiration given by Mother Nature herself. From here, rocks selected from the Great Lakes region (both for authenticity and sustainability purposes) are gently placed in the ‘ravines’ of your table top, to mimic the flow of water, but how does this piece of art become a functional dining table? With the addition of a protective and practical layer of thick glass. You get to admire the craftsmanship at every mealtime, safe in the knowledge that no harm can come to it. 

A table that steals the showA picture of the RIver Runs Through it Dining Table

Supplied with a full year’s warranty and delivered via a free-of-charge freight service, within the contiguous 48 states! We have kept everything as simple as possible; however, you do need to be aware of one thing: this table will absolutely draw all eyes to it. You may need to prepare yourself for even the most spectacular of Thanksgiving dinners; to be overshadowed by your choice of table! However, then you’d only have yourself to blame, for having such amazingly good taste. But on a serious note, do consider this when thinking about dining chairs to match and maybe consider something a little simple and understated.
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