Custom Made Rustic Furniture

Ready to add some rustic warmth to your home?

Woodland Creek Furniture is the store that can help. But Woodland Creek is not your typical furniture store and, in fact, could be one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets. Within your first five steps into their unique stores in Traverse City and Kalkaska, I think you’ll agree that the designs are fresh, the energy is upbeat and the staff rarely says “no.” Just about every rustic furniture design you see can be reimagined in any size or color and for any layout — making custom made furniture a snap!  Try asking for a piece of rustic furniture to be made a custom size or color at the big box furniture stores. That will earn you a “have-you-lost-your mind” stare. Not at Woodland Creek, which loves doing custom.  That’s because many of Woodland Creek’s furniture designs are made right here, in its own northern Michigan workshop. Handpicked craftsmen make other designs that are available exclusively at Woodland Creek.  Custom furniture does not mean “expensive” either.  Since you are dealing factory-direct, you will get factory pricing along with your access to nearly unlimited options in woods, textures and colors.  Each of Woodland Creek’s more than 1,500 rustic furniture designs can be custom made to your specifications.


With Woodland Creek, you can expect a progressive twist to old standards of traditional rustic design.   Woodland Creek is pairing reclaimed barn wood, live edge barnwood, and live edge hardwoods with different bark textures, weathered metal panels, gray washed inserts, chipped edge glass, salvaged birch bark, burl wood panels and other unique looking textures.  The combination is unique custom made rustic furniture for your home, office, lodge, ranch, mountain, cabin or camp décor.  Starting in summer of 2015 customers ordering custom made rustic furniture will be able to watch live time as their furniture is handcrafted by some of the finest rustic furniture builders in the country.  Watch as raw wood and varying rustic mediums are transformed into functional works of art.

Woodland Creek keeps up with all the new trends in furniture, displaying what’s particularly in vogue at its showrooms in Las Vegas and Denver. Top interior designers around the country have Woodland Creek build custom made rustic furniture for them. These guys and gals are on top of what’s hot!  Working with reclaimed woods before that became cool, Woodland Creek offers furniture and other items supporting today’s popular “refined rustic, soft modern and elegant casual lifestyle.” The style niche is focused on pairing reclaimed woods, live edge slabs and organic shapes with modern, linear furniture design, including polished and brushed stainless steel and beveled or chipped glass.  “Major furniture shows and the DIY shows on television are showing the mixture of rustic with modern, rustic with Tuscan, rustic with Cottage,” said Gina Evina,, the Traverse City store’s friendly interior designer.


“Customers are mixing ‘soft modern’ or ‘refined rustic’ in all types of decors, including traditional. It is becoming mainstream.” If people don’t see exactly what they want in the store or on the company website, Evina advises them on mixing and matching the various bases, tops, woods, metals, glasses and finishes to suit their personal style. A base preferred on one table can be paired with a different top from another piece, for a customized new piece. By contrast, import furniture makers typically offer one size and one color for a particular product.  Should customers have another idea entirely for a piece of furniture, Evina’s motto is simply “Let’s design it together.” Personal service is one key to Woodland Creek’s success.

Woodland Creek has designers on staff that make house calls to help with the design process.  Several gorgeous dining room tables on display Woodland Creek are made from planks of genuine Michigan hardwood, which are much thicker than mass-produced tables. Woodland Creek’s dining and coffee tables, headboards and footboards include the variations most people appreciate about real wood, including natural grain and occasional knots.  Complementing the Woodland Creek custom made rustic furniture are unique accessories, including special light fixtures.  A chandelier dangled over one long rustic table in the showroom made a dramatic statement, its 10 or more mixed media-enclosed filament lights hanging from raw cords off a large ceiling medallion. You must see it!  The cost of Woodland Creek’s custom made rustic furniture are “always a pleasant surprise for customers,” said Evina. “Customers tell us all the time that they were expecting much higher prices.”


Woodland Creek’s handcrafted, solid hardwood and Made-in-Michigan dining tables start at $1,795 — about half of what name brand manufacturers would charge, according to Evina.  Woodland Creek pieces attract customers worldwide, and Evina expects continued market growth for the company this year because: “We are surrounded by some of the finest hardwoods in America, we handcraft each piece of furniture with Old World techniques and everything we make or that we offer from other American craftsmen can be customized.  Oh, and our designs make people stop in the tracks and say, ‘Wow!’”

Showroom visitors are welcome “to open the drawers, shake the footboards and lean on the table tops,” Evina said. “In that way, they’ll “see and understand the difference between our quality custom made rustic furniture and mass-produced furniture.”

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