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Copper and Coffee Together At Last!

2020-04-30 18:52:47 10 view(s)

Copper and Coffee Together At Last!

The right coffee table can finish a room with an extra dose of elegance and practicality like no other item of furniture, which must be why it’s so hard to find the right one, especially when your taste runs a little more exotic and eye-catching. Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we love creating designs that delight and surprise and when we conceptualized our Copperhead Coffee table with Copper Top, we knew we had struck gold. Well, copper actually, but you get the idea!

It’s all in the glorious copper coffee table details

An antique wood coffee table is an incredible center piece in any cozy space, but the details have to be just right, otherwise it will look out of place. From the right level of aging to solid construction and maybe some piquant accents! You want your table to both stand alone as a piece of art and meld with the rest of your interior design scheme. We took all of these elements into consideration and created the ultimate copper inlaid coffee table that brightens any space. It all starts with our master craftsmen individually selecting the best barnwood timber, ensuring that each one has the most weathered texture and character. We only use genuine reclaimed wood with at least a century of history coursing through its grain. Furthermore, this design calls for heritage patina. With the solid and sturdy body of the barnwood coffee table completed, the artistry can really take hold. Our team of artisans take pride in doing things the proper way. Some might call this old fashioned. However, we prefer to think of it as a nod to the skills and attention to detail that can so often be lacking in modern furniture. Of course, we could apply the copper sheet accents here by machine. However, you would miss out on the joy of a finished article that has been brought to life by unlimitable hands. Plus, only a hand hammered copper inlay can truly capture the texture of the timber that it adorns. Sometimes, you just have to take the more time-consuming route, for the perfect end result. link to a copper coffee table

Keeping things simple

If you love the size and style of our copper canyon coffee table but inlaid metal isn’t quite your scene. We offer an option with a solid wood top instead and ordering this configuration couldn’t be simpler. We have included a dropdown menu on the product page. This allows you to choose between a wood or copper inlay finish. So simply click your choice, add to cart, and check out as normal. This is a great option for any of you looking for a reclaimed wood coffee table, without any extra detailing. Designed, crafted and shipped for free within the USA. We firmly believe that our antique coffee table will be passed down through multiple generations of your family, becoming interwoven with your history. As well, as the many years of heritage that the wood itself has already seen. What a beautiful way to honor the material!