Stylish Touches Beneath the Surface

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Stylish Touches Beneath the Surface

Imagine that your home is a perfectly curated blend of modern design features with classically beautiful wood added in for balance and warmth. Now try to find handcrafted combination furniture pieces that marry the two worlds together, within a designated budget. What would once have been an impossible task is now as simple as entering the Woodland Creek Furniture website. Let us show you with this contemporary rustic dining table!

Two Worlds Collide with Our Contemporary Rustic Dining Table

Designing a contemporary dining table that can join eye-catching metal shapes with natural wooden elements might sound easy on paper! However, in reality, it takes an expert hand and a keen eye for furniture trends to get it right. The wood needs to be the star of the show, but without being so flashy as to turn the finished article into a garish installation. While the metal needs to bring just enough modern flair without taking over. It’s a tough balancing act. We pondered over these issues and finally, our Contemporary Rustic Plank Dining Table was born, complete with various iterations to guarantee seamless integration into any home. We think you’ll love the finished design of this striking yet understated modern dining table! So, let’s talk about some of the details. link to the contemporary rustic dining table

Carefully considered touches

Say the words ‘stainless steel dining table’ and you’ll probably start picturing something cold, uninviting and stark, but with the addition of a live edge wooden top, a metal table base can be an incredible design feature. You can even choose your finish when you buy from us! As we can mount your top onto a brushed, polished or even black metal base. There really is no compromise needed in terms of your wider interior design to the rustic dining table When it comes to the top, you have a wealth of options to choose from. With five wood varieties on offer, your finished live edge planked slab will create an effortlessly soft rustic dining table! One that exudes tactile charm and timeless elegance. You can also upgrade your top to a bookmatched black walnut finish, guaranteeing a perfect symmetry and strong grain detailing. Perfect for any setting, from urban lofts through to cabin retreats. This is a hybrid design that truly can please all of the people, all of the time.  

Made especially for you

We are blessed to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry! As such as, no two pieces of furniture are ever the same and nor are they pre-made and ready to ship. Why? Because we want to offer you the chance to really customize your purchase. We offer a number of ‘standard’ sizes but can make your dream live edge dining table to any specifications. By retaining this level of flexibility, we are able to give you the exact table that you want, compromise-free. You can choose your wood, choose your base finish and tell us what size you need! We can make it happen for you. Made in the USA and with free shipping included! We want you to enjoy the VIP experience of ordering a piece of domestically produced designer furniture that will last you a lifetime and catch everybody’s eye. link to the contemporary dining table
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