Log Dining Table to Compliment Your Dinner

Meals have long been an important ritual for humans. For thousands of years, we’ve gathered around during meal time; before, during, or after a long, hard day’s work to share our stories, our laughs, our tears, and our aspirations. The importance of the meal is even more important in the modern age; where everyone is always so busy and engulfed in their daily routines or technology. It is a carefree time to let yourself get informed. Informed about what is going on in the world of those closest to you. In our household, the meal is the time of day when we all converge, debrief, and remind one another that we are a stable family unit. What better way to complement that experience than having a rustic log dining table that will host as many compliments as it does meals.

A Variety of Log Dining Tables! A picture of a log dining table

Woodland Creek Furniture proudly present a huge lineup of handcrafted, rustic dining tables, all of which can be seen in our extensive Traverse City and Kalkaska, Michigan showrooms, or on our website. Here is a list of some of the many options of rustic dining tables available to you:

  • Barnwood Dining Table
  • Log Dining Table
  • Restoration Farm Table
  • Rustic Farmhouse Barnwood Dining Table
  • Juniper Dining Table with Redwood Top & Inlaid Glass
  • Traditional Hickory Log Dining Table
  • Barnwood Dining Table with Timber Frame Design
  • Rustic Live Edge Trestle Dining Table
  • Black Walnut Dining Table in Farm Style

Are these options starting to sound enticing? Well, wait until you get a chance to see what they look like on our website. Then, wait until you get a chance to see them and feel them in person at one of our showrooms. Finally, bask in the nostalgia and Americana feel of bringing one of them home to your gathering spot, where you and your family can sit around their new rustic log dining table, and talk about all of the new memories they are making.

Woodland Creek Furniture specializes in an assortment of finely crafted furniture pieces. Rustic dining tables are just the tip of the artisanal iceberg that awaits you to explore and appreciate.

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