• Top Tips for Doing Rustic Modern Home Decor Right

    Top Tips for Doing Rustic Modern Home Decor Right

    By: Danielle Hegedus

    “Rustic Modern” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s one of the most beautiful, feng-shui friendly trends in the design world right now. Homeowners are really embracing the warmth of rustic design coupled with the streamlined Zen-look of more modern design.We love how this trend beautifully couples a wide array of natural building materials like metal, glass, stone, and wood—a hallmark of good feng shui! We also love how it encourages designers and homeowners to utilize recycled materials, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind look that is also environmentally sustainable. Creating a rustic modern look may be a delicate balance, but follow these simple guidelines and your home will be transformed in no time.

    Look for Furniture with Clean Lines for a Contemporary Feel

    One of the joys of rustic modern style is having a simple, clean, uncluttered space—no chaos allowed. When choosing furniture or decor to bring into your home, look for sleek, clean, functional pieces that come in simple geometric shapes. Avoid cluttering your furniture with knickknacks. You want to keep your space clear and open, which will also make cleaning a breeze. Keep your color palette neutral, to truly bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. We especially like this Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Center with its clean lines and reclaimed wood, perfectly complemented by stainless steel drawer pulls.

    Reclaimed Wood Entertainment

    Rustic Modern Home DecorIncorporate Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Materials Into Your Decor 

    Incorporating reclaimed or recycled materials into your home creates a rustic, eco-friendly feel while also providing your home with one-of-a-kind pieces that infuse a sense of history into the space. Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for structural elements of your home like floors, beaming, and doors, but it’s also gaining popularity in the furniture realm. We like the simple beauty of this Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed that definitely brings a Zen element to your bedroom, but without the stark, coldness often associated with a more minimalist design.

    Keep the commitment to using recycled materials top of mind when making choices about the rest of your rustic modern home decor, too. For instance, consider using bioglass or stone for your countertops to create a striking look that introduces more natural elements into your home, complementing the rustic decor. Additionally when you do add decor elements (remember not to go overboard, we don’t want to create clutter) to your home, consider highlighting simple antique pieces that don’t require additional manufacturing and production, making them eco-friendly and unique to your home.

    Urban Chic Bed

    Keep Decor Simple and Reminiscent of Natural Elements

    If you’re not using antique or upcycled decor to pull your rustic modern home design together, try adding pieces (in limited quantity) that bring earth tone colors like white, cream, and varying shades of brown, blue, grey, and green into your home. Utilizing earth tones creates a color palette that is soothing and calm. Beyond color, look for items that are made from natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and stone. This Natural Wood Vase is the perfect example of how to subtly introduce earth tones into your home using natural materials. If you’re not sure if a decor item passes the rustic modern home decor test, think about whether or not you could see it naturally occurring in nature. To that end, remember to avoid anything that is plastic or that has the appearance of being mass produced, as this will really throw off the rustic element of your design scheme.

    Wood Vase in Blue Wash

    Mix an Array of Natural Building Materials to Create a Modern, Industrial FeelThough rustic decor tends to favor wood, it’s important to introduce some other natural elements that provide contrasting texture in order to shift your design from what could easily become a country, log cabin feel to a more balanced rustic modern look. We love this Rustic Hammered Copper Mirror as it meets all of our guidelines. It has clean lines. It’s made from sustainable naturally-occurring copper. It even brings earth tones into your space, but because of the metal foundation, the color shines, creating a vibrant pop of color in your home.

    Rustic Metal Mirror

    We hope these simple guidelines will help you create the rustic modern home design that you are seeking. When executed successfully, rustic modern home decor design will give your home or cottage a clean, calm, nature-inspired feel that is truly unique. The look will also reflect your commitment to sustainability, too—making it a look-good, feel-good design choice!

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  • Free Form Rustic Furniture

    There are many styles of rustic furniture.  The most common and thought of is traditional log furniture made from natural logs – often hand peeled – sometimes with its bark left intact.  Log furniture can be described as the simplest or even the most primitive of the rustic furniture styles. There is Adirondack style rustic furniture.  The wealthy business people 20th century from New York built their summer lodges and camps up in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  Local craftsman were commissioned to build rustic furniture from domestic woods.  Natural birch bark was prevalent and used in many designs, and over time birch bark furniture became a look synonymous with Adirondack style rustic furniture.  Out west there was Mr. Thomas Molesworth with his distinct style and use of lodge pole pine.  Mr. Molesworth combined natural wood, leather and accented his furniture with half log pieces and silhouettes of cowboys, cowgirls, buffalo and other western motifs.  Then there is newcomer into the world of rustic furniture - barn wood furniture.  Furniture made from reclaimed wood planks & beams from Midwestern barns.  Barn wood has distinct texture. 100+ years of being subjected to the sun, rain and wind gives wood a distinct texture and warm patina.  Barnwood makes excellent rustic furniture.  There is a 21st century trend to build furniture from reclaimed wood and mix it with modern bases or use it in linear furniture designs.  This combination or style could be argued is a form of rustic furniture.  Yes, it is modern, but it is also rustic.  One style that is seldom discussed, but without doubt, is a distinct and prevalent category of rustic furniture is “free form rustic furniture.”  What is free form rustic furniture you might ask?

    Well, free form rustic furniture has been around almost as long as any of the styles. What makes it a distinct style?  Well, quite simply stated free form furniture has no right angles. No two pieces could ever be alike as it is primarily made with twisty branches or natural roots. Mr. Raymond W. Overholzer may be the earliest known free form rustic furniture builder.  In the 1920’s Mr. Overholzer lived near the Manistee National Forest in Michigan.  Mr. Overholzer often wandered through the forest.  He lamented the over logging and worried that pine would never again grow naturally in the forest so he began to collect pine roots and branches.  He started to fashion free from style furniture from his collection of organic, twisty woods and an artisan and distinct style was born.  Mr. Overholzer works can be viewed at the “Shrine of the Pines”, a log cabin gallery showcasing Mr. Overholzer’s furniture in Baldwin, Michigan.  If you are a person who likes rustic furniture or a rustic furniture builder, this is a place you must visit. Put it on the bucket list.  Mr. Overholzer made over 200 works in his lifetime.

    There are many talented free form furniture builders that deserve mentioning, but time does not allow mentioning all in this article.  One of the most famous was Matt Madsen.  Mr. Madsen started building free form rustic furniture in northern California in the fifties.  Mr. Madsen liked to use redwood roots, manzanita, and juniper and combine these with thick solid slabs of burl buckeye and redwood.  Matt moved and built furniture in many different areas of California, but he always stayed true to his distinct look.  Mr. Madsen was a prolific rustic furniture builder.  He often worked seven days a weeks.  He loved to push the boundaries of designs.  Mr. Madsen really became known for his incredible free form grandfather clocks and rockers, but anything he built quickly found a home.

    In 2001 Mr. Madsen moved to northern Michigan to be close to his wife’s family.  Mr. Madsen was in his seventies, but he still had the passion to design and build rustic furniture.  Being in Michigan it was inevitable that our paths would cross.  They eventually did and a friendship was formed.  Several months later Mr. Madsen asked if he could work out of our newly built workshop.  The answer may have taken less than a second to come out of my mouth, but it was resounding “yes”.  Woodland Creek would have one of the best free form rustic furniture builders of all time teaching and mentoring us.  We soaked up everything he offered.  We watched and listened like all young apprentices should. Matt taught us how the wood has to flow and appear as if Mother Nature intended it to be this way.  Not all the guys were able to learn the art of free form rustic furniture.  Some thought and built linear and building free form was not within their abilities.  We are very appreciative of everything Matt taught us. Matt’s wife passed away, and he desired to be near his family back in California so we shook hands and parted friends.  We had Matt with us for about two wonderful years.  Matt passed away about 18 months after moving.  We honor Matt everyday by carrying on with his unique style of free form rustic furniture. I think Matt would be proud to see some of the new designs the men he taught have introduced over the past ten years.  Matt loved to push the boundary of rustic furniture design and so do we.

    On behalf of all the woodworkers of Woodland Creek Furniture, I would like to invite you to visit our workshop and see the guys carrying on the free form style of Matt Madsen.  We give tours of our workshop seven days a week.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Customer Reviews Woodland Creek Furniture

    Customer Reviews Woodland Creek , A Rustic Furniture Retailer, Receives National Award For Positive Customer Reviews

    February 4, 2014 – Woodland Creek Furniture of Traverse City, Michigan has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” by Houzz, the leading national online platform for home design.

    The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction & Reviews and Furniture/Home Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013.

    Users of Houzz, known as “Houzzers” saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal ideabooks via the Houzz site. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2014” badge on their profiles, showing the Houzz community their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

    We’re delighted to recognize Woodland Creek Furniture among our “Best Of” professionals for customer satisfaction as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

    You can follow Woodland Creek Furniture on Houzz at: http://www.houzz.com/pro/woodlandcreek/

    Woodland Creek manufactures and retails handcrafted rustic furniture made from reclaimed barn wood & solid natural woods made to customers’ specifications. Last year, Woodland Creek shipped over 2,000 custom made pieces of rustic furniture to homes throughout the U.S. and Canada via their web site. Woodland Creek was chosen by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

    Local Traverse City residents George & Suzann Grazul could not find the perfect entertainment center for their new home after visiting most of the larger furniture stores. They stopped into Woodland Creek and found a design they “almost” agreed upon. “It was close, but not perfect. We then found out it could be customized. We explained our needs and the salesperson told us it could be done” states Mr. Grazul. Woodland Creek furnished a CAD drawing and the piece was built and delivered within the promised time frame. “We love our entertainment center, and we would recommend Woodland Creek Furniture to our friends.”

    Many (not all) of Woodland Creek’s rustic furniture designs are actually made in their northern Michigan workshop by Michiganders. Other designs come from select smaller specialty manufactures around the U.S., and they also direct import from overseas companies that demonstrate sustainable furniture building practices. Woodland Creek has defied the odds and actually grown while many U.S. furniture manufactures have been forced to close due to economic pressures created by mass produced, cheaper imported furniture. “We are bringing jobs home one by one” says President, Robert Evina. Most of the furniture sold by the big box stores is made in China. Each time we take an order from a big box store, we create work for our employees. Evina doesn’t want customers to consider Woodland Creek just because it is made in Michigan. Rather, “we can compete with our unique designs, handcrafted quality, fair pricing and custom options. The fact that it is made in Michigan or the USA is just a bonus” says Evina.

    Woodland Creek is located at 4290 US 31 North across from East Bay. Woodland Creek has a web site with over 1,250 rustic & soft modern furniture designs. All designs can be customized both in size and color. Woodland Creek operates a sister brand store under the name Woodland Creek Modern, located right next to our Woodland Creek Rustic store in Traverse City, MI. All of Woodland Creek Moderns furniture designs are also customizable. Woodland Creek Modern showcases traditional, eclectic and soft modern furniture designs. Both stores are open seven days a week from 10:00 to 5:00. 231.938.8025. www.woodlandcreekfurniture.com & www.woodlandcreekmodern.com

  • Handcrafted Furniture by Woodland Creek

    Handcrafted furniture is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Why in the age of low priced mass produced furniture would someone pay more for handcrafted furniture? I have a simple theory as to why. First, the world is truly becoming more and more mass produced. Mega factories now employ tens of thousands of people at a time. Just about everything you see on your local retail stores’ shelves is made in huge quantities and usually with resins or plastics (manmade chemicals) and as cheaply as possible. Our kids toys, our kitchen utensils, our lawn equipment – I could go on and on. Very little is high quality or handmade anymore. Furniture is some of the lowest quality products in the marketplace. The large furniture retailers must maintain super high profit margins so they can have their fake 50% off sales every other week. 99% of their furniture is made in mega factories overseas with low wage workers and the least expensive materials. They do not make one or two pieces of furniture at a time – rather they order hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of the same design. It is mass production on steroids.

    I will share a true story with you. My wife and I purchased a home less than two years ago. The vast majority of the furniture used to fill this home came from either Woodland Creek Furniture or Woodland Creek Modern. My wife needed a desk made, and we have been pretty busy with orders and under pressure to make promised delivery dates so I told her it would be about eight weeks before we could make one for her. That was not good enough for her. She had to have one immediately so off she goes to IKEA in another town. She returns with a knock down (you must put together) office desk. She proceeds to put it together and set up her office. I will admit that it looked good. She tells me the price, and I am dumbfounded that something can be made and sold this inexpensive. I pick my battles so I let the conversation I wanted to have go about the quality, durability and longevity and opted to let time expose the facts and demonstrate my point (and win the argument that was sure to follow). Sure enough it has not even been two years. It has been 23 months, and it surly started sooner, but I rarely go into her office to take notice of the problem. I needed something from her office at which time I notice the laminate is wearing through and you can see the particle board (pressed saw dust bound by glue to make wood) underneath. At first I thought I was seeing things so I went and put on my cheaters. Sure enough there it was – the laminate was paper thin and wearing through. Now, my wife only uses her office maybe once or twice a week. The kids will occasionally watch a video before being told to leave her office and go find an iPad. What I am trying to say is “the office does not get used on a regular basis.” The bottom line is – the furniture is low quality junk and not meant to last. It maybe would have lasted one year with normal use before showing serious signs of wear. You figure your time of purchasing the furniture, assembly – only to repeat every few years, and it is not as inexpensive as it seems. You truly get what you pay for.

    I am quite proud that Woodland Creeks handcrafts quality furniture made from solid woods in unique designs ranging from rustic to soft modern. Woodland Creek has been crafting quality furniture for fourteen years now, and I know that the vast majority of our furniture will be around for many, many years – decades and in some cases even centuries. The only way it will not be is if it is abused or burned. Real, solid wood furniture can be refinished and look brand new for another decade or two. I saw one of our copper vanities at a customer’s home not too long ago. The vanity was purchased from one of our stores some eight years ago, and I honestly can say it looked as good as the day it was delivered. Our barnwood furniture is being used in high traffic commercial businesses, and the reports back are “it is indestructible”. It is so easy to touch up. If you ever get a scratch in it, you can touch up it up with a tinted wax in minutes. You would be hard pressed to tell if the fresh blemish was done a hundred years ago by the farmer erecting the barn or minutes ago by your young son being too aggressive with one of his toys. Barnwood furniture is the type of furniture that only gets better looking over time. Woodland Creek’s live edge dining tables are made from 2” to 3” solid slabs of natural wood. Unless you let your kids play with hammers or matches at the table, these tables will outlive us. Sure, maybe in 6-10 years (depending on use and how many little kids or grandchildren you have) you will want to have the top refinished, but rest assured in less time than it take to run to IKEA to buy and assemble one of their tables, you can have this top refinished and back in your home for many more years of use.

    Woodland Creek presently has 1445 furniture designs on its web site. Every one of these designs can be made in custom sizes – this means any length, width or height needed. Most designs have endless finish options. You can specify no sheen (shine), soft sheen or high sheen. We enjoy designing and crafting custom layouts to fit your home. I think you will find that handcrafted furniture by Woodland Creek priced very reasonable when you factor in the uniqueness, solid wood and American quality that comes with each piece of furniture. We give tours of our workshop seven days a week so please consider this an invitation to come see our unique woods and the men and women that make Woodland Creek Furniture the company it is. We take pride in the furniture and service we provide. We would be honored to handcraft a quality piece of furniture for your home.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.

    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Unfinished Furniture - Pros & Cons

    There is definitely a trend toward using reclaimed wood in all types of furniture designs. You are seeing salvaged wood used in modern designs, rustic designs, transitional designs, Tuscan designs, eclectic designs – the list goes on and on. But a new trend seems to be emerging – a trend whereby the wood used in these furniture designs has “no” finish or stated another way “unfinished”. It is raw wood without a traditional lacquer, oil, varnish or polyurethane finish to protect and seal the wood. The wood utilized is usually old and naturally distressed or made to look aged through distressing and antiquing techniques. The wood has an antique weathered feel to it. Here’s the million dollar question, “does it make sense to use raw, unfinished wood either old or new in furniture designs where it will get used in a home with normal everyday use?”


    The verdict is still out as this is a fairly new phenomenon, but there are many things to consider. First, the cons. As a person that has been in the furniture business for fourteen years now the first thing that came to mind when I realized the popularity of this new trend is “what happens when you spill a cup of coffee or a glass of wine?” I walked into a national retailer’s store (one that sells this type of unfinished, raw furniture) in Troy, Michigan last year and posed this question to the salesperson. To use a northern Michigan metaphor “she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.” For our customers around the country not familiar with white tail deer - when it’s nighttime and a deer is in the road and sees oncoming headlights, it becomes transfixed and unable to move; thus, causing the thousands of annual car crashes between automobiles and deer. This poor salesperson paused for several very uncomfortable seconds (seemed longer) and then politely (but nervously) explained that you could sand out the stain with sandpaper. I could tell she was told to say this, and I did not want to challenge her nor did I want to continue her pain as we both knew this was not the truth. I let her off the hook, smiled, thanked her and left.

    As my friend I were leaving the store I asked what he thought of her answer, and he said “boy, she was reluctant to say that” I agreed. For the sake of argument let’s say you could sand out the stain (which is not possible as it would penetrate too deep into the wood), the surrounding wood would still have a different tone to the area just sanded. Why? Even though the wood does not have a finish over it - it still oxidizes and even small amounts of UV light will slightly change the wood’s natural tones. Any first year woodworker can tell you that even when you sand freshly cut wood in one spot it will show “lighter” than the remaining non-sanded board. This spot would stand out like (feel free to insert any obvious comparison here).

    My mind then went to the natural oils in our skin. Every person on this earth has natural oils no matter how many times a day you wash your hands. The oils are always there giving our skin much needed elasticity and softness. I theorized that after several months of everyday use those areas where people rest their hands or elbows would create dark, blotchy areas. This theory was confirmed when I dropped off a custom made wreath to a client’s home in a suburb of Detroit this past fall. They had purchased one of the tables from the same nation retailer I referenced above and sure enough it had the stains & blotchy areas where people sat. I did not want to embarrass the customer so I did not point them out. We were both standing by the table and the customer stated (warning - here comes the shameless self-promotion) “she wished that she had found our store first as you guys offer many nice furniture designs and many wonderful finish color options.” She then asked “maybe we can discuss you refinishing the table at some time in the future as it has some stains.” I stated “we would love to help” and on my way I went.

    Over the past several years we have received many online requests as to “how to repair” this type of furniture from people who had accidently spilled something on their unprotected wood table. I gave my opinion, and it was usually met with frustration and anger at themselves for not researching the product better.

    What are the pros of using furniture made from unfinished raw wood in your home? This answer is simple “it looks cool, chic, unique & paradoxical”. The weathered texture combined with distressing (sometimes natural and sometimes man enhanced), blemishes, nicks, scratches, natural knots give the wood great character, and this character translates into warmth and rustic chic charm. Also, the wood appears to have either a bleached appearance or a silver driftwood patina. The wood with these muted tones combined with the aforementioned characteristics used in Tuscan, Mediterranean, modern, rustic, country, eclectic, or traditional furniture designs seems counterintuitive, but this is exactly what makes it so unique, eclectic & chic. It is refined, yet it appears old or antique. It is sophisticated yet rustic. It is modern yet worn. I could go on and on with different oxymorons, but I think you get the point.

    So how do you get this unique, raw, driftwood look, but also get the functionality of using it in your home as everyday furniture - without having to worry that one spill of juice, tea or wine will ruin this unique look? Until now there was no good answer. I am happy to write that the expert finishers at Woodland Creek Furniture have perfected several new finishes that mimic the color tones of raw, unfinished, unprotected wood – but instead the furniture has a finish that will repel liquids. Let’s be clear “it looks unprotected, it looks raw, it looks weathered, it looks natural; it looks old; it looks distressed; it looks like it does not have a protective clear coating – yet is does have a special finish that protects the wood from oils and stains. For all our competitors out there who plan to call and ask probing questions to try and figure what we are doing - “Sorry Charlie” – we are not giving it up. We have spent months and months experimenting with techniques to give this look to our furniture and customers, and this proprietary information is staying in-house.

    Be aware that we are custom furniture builders and most of the 1,350 unique furniture designs shown on our web site can be made with one of these new finishes (even though they may not be shown in one of these finishes).

    In closing I would like to thank you for reading this article and invite you to see over 1,350 unique, customizable furniture designs available through Woodland Creek Furniture. We are a small family business with the simple goal of offering the highest quality, handmade furniture available in the market today. If you do not see a design that you had in mind, be sure to discuss your idea with us as we welcome custom made furniture projects. We will work hard to make you a lifelong customer.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • Woodland Creek Brings Its Unique Handcrafted Furniture to the HD Expo For the First Time

    Las Vegas, NV - Woodland Creek Furniture will exhibit for the first time at this year’s Hospitality Design Expo on May 14th-16th. 

    Woodland Creek specializes in unique rustic, industrial, & concrete furniture. Woodland Creek Furniture has been crafting unique furniture for 15 years – operations began in 1999 at their northern Michigan workshop located in Kalkaska, MI.

    About Rustic Furniture

    Woodland Creek’s unique rustic furniture designs are made from exotic natural woods such as hickory, juniper, redwood, aspen, teak or mahogany.  Woodland Creek Furniture specializes in using reclaimed, sustainable, renewable, live edge & exotic woods.  Woodland Creek’s furniture designs are perfect for tropical, cabana, cabin, lodge, ranch, southwestern, and rustic decors. A complete line of rustic furniture designs are available in custom sizes and finishes.  Custom design requests are welcome.  Most rustic furniture designs are proudly made in the USA.

    About Concrete Furniture

    Woodland Creek’s concrete furniture is made with a proprietary multi-layer concrete coating.  Woodland Creek’s concrete tables have all beauty, strength & durability of solid concrete, but at 1/3 the weight of real stone or concrete. Woodland Creek’s expert finishers create textured finishes with layered colors giving the concrete the aesthetics of granite, stucco, stone, copper or cement.  All furniture designs are available in a wide range of colors and textures and can be used indoors or outdoors.  Woodland Creek’s concrete furniture designs are perfect for the food service & hospitality industries as all coatings are FDA compliant. A complete line of concrete furniture designs are available. Custom design requests are welcome.  Woodland Creek’s concrete furniture designs are proudly made in America.

    For more information, please visit: www.woodlandcreekfurniture.com

    Contact To learn more about Woodland Creek’s furniture, please contact:
    Hospitality Sales
    4290 US 31 North Traverse City, MI  49686
    Office: (231) 668.9125
    Fax: (231) 938-8045
    Email: info@woodlandcreekfurniture.com

  • Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Barn Wood Table

    “Imagination and great execution creates the finest barn wood tables in the industry.” 


    All of our barn wood furniture comes from 100 + year old barns from Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.  They are all American Made! Working with aged retrieved barn wood takes special techniques designed to allow it to maintain its antique character yet preserves it for generations to come.  Keep in mind that a “Barn wood” Table is made from authentic barn wood not miscellaneous reclaimed wood from inner city buildings or pallets. Our barnwood tables and other furniture are the same barns built over 100 years ago that gave shelter to animals or tools for the thousands of hard working farmers that helped build our great nation.  Barnwood’s character reflects the character of the men, women and children that worked these farms.  Reclaimed wood coming from inner city buildings and pallets are noteworthy, but lack the story, character and warm rustic charm of barnwood naturally weathered by Midwestern seasonal vicissitudes.

    “Here are some questions to ask before purchasing a barn wood table.”                                                                              

    Can the table be made to our custom size? At Woodland Creek your barnwood table can be made to your specifications.  Length of most rectangular barn wood tables can be up to 120” and more.  We one made a barnwood table to be used as a conference table that was 24’ long.  That’s 288 inches. Width can vary between 38” and 48” with wider widths available on certain models.  Standard height is 30”-31“, but higher tables can easily be made for all our barnwood table designs.  Custom barnwood dining tables are our specialty.

    How is the barnwood tabletop made?  Woodland Creek’s barn wood table tops have a super structure underneath that allows the top to float in its tongue and groove. This allows our tops to expand and contract with humidity.  Many other barn wood table tops are glued together.  This does make a solid top. But Mother Nature and/or your home’s humidity levels can play games with a glued barnwood top.  Humidity will cause the wood to swell.  Swelling is not usually the problem.  The problems begin when the humidity drops in the dead of winter. The wood shrinks…if it is glued together, something must give.  A glued top could crack.  The dryer the air the more cracks appear.  Woodland Creek’s barn wood tables have an engineered tongue & groove top and will not crack.  They are made to last many lifetimes.  In fact, Woodland Creek has sold several thousand barnwood tables over the past ten years, and we have not had a table top cracking issue since we implemented the tongue & groove style tops.  Beauty & function – the best of both worlds!


    Woodland Creek will soon be offering a live edge reclaimed barnwood top.  We have found barns that used natural white oak logs in their structure.  These logs with the natural edge are being cut into planks.  We do plan to glue these tops and offer them on all the barnwood bases shown on our web site.  We anticipate only minor checking and hairline cracks. These will only add character to the tops copious character.  We plan to be very upfront with our customers about the possibility of minor cracks.  We will only offer these to our customers that appreciate the potential for additional rustic charm – or stated another way – customer that like a very rustic table and are not afraid of additional cracks.  Photos of these gorgeous live edge barn wood table tops coming soon!

    What kind of wood are the barnwood tables made of? 

    Most of the barn wood is red, white or yellow pine with some oak and silver maple. Many of the barns were built with whatever wood was readily available.  The woodlots close to the barn were used in construction.


    One wood that we never use in our barn tables or furniture is Douglas fir.  Douglas fir is very difficult to sand.  The more you sand it the rougher it becomes.  It remains rough with lots of splinters.  We value our customers, and we do not want you to get splinters (we cannot guarantee you will ever get one, but we try darn hard to provide a splinter free barnwood dining table).  Our barn wood dining tables are built to provide the perfect ambiance for good memories with friends and family while sharing a meal (they also double as an excellent place to host family games).

    “Our barn wood tables are considered heirloom quality furniture.”                                                                                


    Hand Crafted techniques?  Woodland Creek’s tables are all made by hand.  Yes, it takes a little bit longer to build a table by hand, but the extra time creates a table that will be solid as a rock in the year 2215.  Our craftsmen even us special superlative fasteners that will never loosen.  This little detail is just one small detail that sets the quality of our barnwood dining tables apart.  There are dozens of little details that make up a quality piece of furniture.  It took 15 years to learn what makes the best quality barnwood furniture.  Barnwood furniture has become popular and main stream.  You can find many small woodworkers offering them, but they simply do not have the experience to expertise to offer our level of quality.  That is why we are contacted so often by people to ask how to repair one they bought somewhere else that is having problems.  Also most of our barnwood tables can be made expandable for more versatility.


    How are the tables finished?  Woodland Creek’s tabletops are finished with a five step sanding process that bring out the natural century old character.  It has taken over a decade of trial and error to create our final beautiful finish. The table is then simple coated with old time lacquer that brings out all the deep variegated honey colors of the wood.  This deep patina color is produced by over 100 years of outdoor aging. I wish I could share more with you about our finish process, but why help the competition who are just now figuring out that barnwood furniture is popular. Let’s let them spend the next ten years of trial and error figuring out how to properly finish a barnwood table.  Just rest assured we are already there and our finishes are the best in the barnwood industry.


    Some customers prefer color to be added to match various décor.  We offer 12 colors from dark to light that can be applied:  Ebony to Dove Gray.   Special colors can be created to match any variation or home decor.

    Do the different designs of your barn wood furniture match?  All the barn wood product lines will mix and match with each other.  Our barn wood furniture designs has a distinct “sophisticated rustic” charm.  The design, the scale, the attention to detail, the finish all combine to form an elegant rustic charm.  You can close your eyes and touch the barn wood tables…you will feel the difference. Our barn wood is soft and warm. I invites you touch. It demands to be touched. To this day I cannot stop near a piece of barnwood furniture and not run my hands over it.

    “The “Antiques Roadshow” of 2215 will feature our barn wood furniture.”


    Why are your prices higher, compared to the big furniture chains? Our barnwood tables are hand made to your specifications. One at a time.  Furniture chain stores can only make standard size tables at a mass produced level. I’ve never seen a real barn wood table product from them.  Our barn wood price points are the lowest in the industry…check prices on comparable tables (also take into consideration design & quality when comparing).    Many barnwood tables sell for 7-9 thousand dollars. Not ours – just fair Midwestern pricing – we are looking for you to be a customer for life.  We want you to think of us when you’re ready to update the rest of your home.  Woodland Creek Furniture offers barnwood kitchen cabinets, vanities, sofa tables, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, sideboards, bedroom furniture, and just about anything else that can be built out of wood.

    Do you deliver?  Our warehouse is in Kalkaska, MI.  Yes, we deliver all across the United States and most of Canada. We have shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, Western Europe, and even Dubai! Due to the volume that we ship we have some of the lowest shipping rates in the country. We offer two services.  Common Carrier or White Glove.  Contact our company for more details.

    “Our barn wood furniture will be passed down for generations.”

    Take a drive to Woodland Creek in Kalkaska or Traverse City and see what dedicated woodcraft has to offer.  Our barn wood is 100 years old before we start and will remain steadfast for centuries in the future. Stop buy and design the dining table of your future. I promise you will see a showroom unlike any other.  Our flagship Traverse City store is a combined 28,000 square feet.


    We have clients fly and ride in from around the country all the time.  We have never had one disappointed.  If you have the time, we would love to take you a short twenty minute drive and see our workshop and meet the men and women that work for Woodland Creek.  You will see beautiful exotic woods from all over the world.  While there our original roadside store in next to the workshop.  You will meet the matriarch of Woodland Creek – Patricia Evina.  At 73 she loves meeting new people and talking about our unique products.  Be prepared for a little “mom” bragging about her sons.  All three of us are involved in Woodland Creek – two are furniture builders – so mom can go on from time to time. Let’s chalk that up to the charm of Woodland Creek.  We look forward to meeting and serving your family.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek

  • Rustic Modern Furniture Design

    “It’s a fusion of rustic masculinity and modern femininity creating a new décor.”

    Rustic modern furniture design embraces multiple time periods. Ancient stone slabs married to modern chrome legs, reclaimed hardwood matted to black modern wrought iron supports creates the yin yang in this design.

    “Masculine and feminine aspects exist in all beings.”

    At Woodland Creek we love to mix the masculine with the feminine to creating forms that touch your emotional senses. Close your eyes and run your hand across our rustic modern tables. What will you feel? Coarse aged hardwood joined with polished black forged metal. Time worn gray barn wood joined to ebony lacquer create a timeless mix.

    Gray Wash Coffee Table
    A dining room done in Rustic Modern furniture creates interest by matching reclaimed hardwood with the clean intention of modern stainless steel. Aged hardwood supported by sculptured metal are trademarks of this diversified design scheme.


    Coffee tables and entertainment centers with sofas and end tables mix the old and new. Rustic Modern furniture holds on to the past while embracing the modern. The black and gray or gray and rustic browns create a time frame of hundreds of years. Rustic Modern furniture allows great versatility to add new pieces of décor without worrying much about whether it will match. Of course it will as it typifies transitional furniture.

    Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Center

    A rustic modern bed allows you to mix rustic night stands on either side with a modern dresser and a rustic modern chest of drawers. Mix…match…enjoy. Furniture design is all about you. What do you like? What gives you the sense of calm, contentment, peace in your home?

    Rustic and modern materials in Rustic Modern furniture generate a balance in room décor. The rough wood generates feelings of rustic rural Idyllic calm. The modern materials of chrome, black lacquer, and glass focuses on urban, contemporary and metropolitan. A mixture that creates curiosity from both aspects. Rustic Modern furniture designs are like the fascination that exists between the men of the country and the women of the city. New, different exciting, mysterious. Masculine and feminine wound together in rustic modern furniture design.


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