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  • Contemporary Bar & Pub Tables

    link to asian walnut pub table Refined Rustic Pub Table - Asian Walnut Top - No Stainless Steel Trim
    Link to Contemporary Pub Table Refined Rustic Pub Table - Asian Walnut Top - Stainless Steel Trim

    Make ours a double!

    These are the words you’ll inevitably be shouting, once you’ve taken delivery of your first Refined Rustic pub table from us here at Woodland Creek Furniture! A stunning combination of clean lines, contemporary design accents and rich, luxurious solid wood,

    If you’ve been considering creating a stylish home bar area, we think these might just be the contemporary bar & pub tables that make your mind up for you. as it ticks every box imaginable! For a space that’s more chic wine bar in ambience than rough-and-ready sports bar, you have to focus on getting your furniture right and we don’t think there are many modern pub table designs out there, that also have a rustic element running through them, quite like ours.

     Sit up and take notice

    Sitting at 42” high and 36” square, you’ll get all the glamor of a high table, but without the need for teetering stools. These dimensions are ideal for easy conversations, as well as genial card games, should the mood strike. Moreover, let’s not forget the all-important aspect of minimizing the potential for smashed glassware, should an accident occur. This is how much consideration goes into every single design that we offer you. Furthermore, that’s before we even get to the gorgeous aesthetics!

    A chic pub table might sound like a simple idea. However, remember that we wanted this piece to be something that stops your guests in their tracks. We wanted to bring together a slew of stunning materials, design features and optional extras. These options would result in the perfect modern rustic bar table for any stylish home. Traditionally, custom modern bar furniture has always come with a suitably large price tag, but we wanted to bring together great value for you, with our unerring commitment to quality, while not skimping on your choices and we have managed it.

    Plenty of choice

    Link to a refined rustic bar table Refined Rustic Pub Table - Reclaimed Wood Top - No Stainless Steel Trim

    What should contemporary bar & pub tables include? A modern shape, unfussy details and maybe some eye-catching trim? You can have as much or as little of these as you like, thanks to our easy customization process.

    Your base will be a deliciously dark mahogany, trimmed with stainless steel. This is the ideal support for your choice of top, with Asian Walnut or reclaimed timber on offer. Before you wonder – yes, our reclaimed wood is genuine! We select only the best timber with a demonstrable history, as there simply isn’t any other way to get the beautiful weathering that age brings. If you like a sleeker aesthetic, the Asian Walnut will be ideal for you.

    Finally, will you opt for the stainless steel flash, running around the outside of the table top and adding just a little bling and contrast? The choice is entirely yours and we charge a nominal amount to add it for you.

    Whether you’re looking for a modern rustic or sleek contemporary finish. This pub table is able to adapt to your needs, without losing any of the original charm and elegance or our exacting design brief. One thing is certain though – one drink will never be enough on this fabulous piece of furniture!

  • Great Design Comes Full Circle

    link to the round coffee table Round Rustic Chic Coffee Table
    link to the rustic round coffee table Round Rustic Chic Coffee Table

    And now for something completely different! If we were to ask you to picture a reclaimed wood coffee table, what image would spring into your mind? Something gorgeous, of course, but is it rectangular or square? Yes it is, because that’s the norm! How about we break out of the mold for just a minute and introduce you to our ultimate modern rustic coffee table? A design so stunning, bold and surprisingly practical that you’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without it? Well here it is folks…the Round Rustic Chic Coffee Table!

    A beautiful Round Rustic Coffee Table!

    Just from a purely aesthetic standpoint, this organic round coffee table is sublime. Made from perfectly aligned segments that create a kaleidoscopic top design. This drum style coffee table ticks every box imaginable and what’s more, is made from genuine reclaimed timber, meaning that while the shape is infinitely modern, there is a swathe of USA heritage built in.

     The motivation for this design was a desire to flex our creativity and to extend our reach into the contemporary rustic living room furniture market. We didn’t want to stray into novelty design territory though, so we have kept the finish understated and elegant. We have even kept the extra storage so sleek that you wouldn’t know it’s there, unless you were told! So, let us reveal it to you now. While the surface area on the top of the table here is generous enough to handle all of your requirements, whichever of our four standard sizes you opt for.

    We have also included a large pull-out drawer. The full height of the table itself, this drawer is indistinguishable from the solid walls of the piece but opens up to offer a gargantuan amount of bonus storage, without any fussy handles or shelves. Just when you think that the gorgeous reclaimed wood and sectional top were the most fabulous parts of the design. The drawer comes from nowhere and makes this a must-have item for your living room!

    Made to Order!

    If you’re all but sold on this incredible item, but none of our sizes are quite right for your living room, get in touch. Our craftsmen build every item to order; and, we relish the chance to take one of our existing styles and perfect it, just for you. We have a long history of personalizing our creations, which is why our reviews are so spectacularly positive. ‘Good enough’ isn’t a standard we work to; so give us the chance to turn an ‘almost’ into a ‘spot on’.

    We ship this item free of charge, within the contiguous 48 states! It comes with a full year’s warranty, for your peace of mind. Whether you’re choosing a regular size or something more bespoke, we believe that your shopping experience should be as easy and transparent as possible. Which is why we make it as simple as a few clicks and then we take care of the rest.

    Designer furniture, built by talented artisans, that you’ll love for a lifetime really can be bought online, for a great price. Just you wait and see!

  • It's a Dealer’s Choice!

    The saying goes that you have to play the hand you’re dealt but if that hand were presented to you on our showstopping Rustic Game Table, we don’t think you’d mind one bit!

    Let’s get the elephant out of the room before we begin: we know that not everybody has a specific game room to house a beautiful table such as this. We also know that is an investment item and does not come with a throw away furniture price tag. These things having been said though. We know that more of you could welcome our redwood game table into your homes than you might think. Let us explain.

    link to the rustic game table

    Carving Out A Niche

    There’s something wonderfully appropriate about a wood furniture company ‘carving out a solid reputation’, don’t you think? When it comes to producing eye-catching designs that blur the line between function and beauty! We are happy to claim the niche as our own! Also, we think that this rustic card table is a truly representative example of why.

    You don’t need a game room, man cave or home bar space to justify a solid wood game table, as we think we’ve designed something special enough to be positioned in your main rooms. What’s more, you can customize the finished piece to make sure that it fits in with your existing décor to the rustic game table

    Let’s get back to carving for a moment. Take a look at the highly intricate juniper log base here. A masterclass in organic design, it is only possible to create something of this nature if you have the right people in your team. Here at Woodland Creek, we have the best! Artists with wood, every person in our workshop brings years of experience and vision to the table. If you’ll excuse the pun, and have a natural talent for letting the majesty of the wood speak for itself. And only one thing is good enough to top a carved log base: a live edge top.

    Attention to Detail with Our Rustic Game Table

    Attention to detail is the name of the game with our rustic game table in redwood and juniper, so as well as marrying striking base formations with an organic slab on top, we knew that you’d want to choose the color of felt that you have applied. After all, the deep red in our pictures might be incredible, but it won’t blend with everybody’s interior design scheme, which is why we give you the choice of 30 exquisite shades.  We’re not suggesting that a bolder hue might distract your opponents. However, we certainly don’t think it will hurt your chances of success!

    Given the intricate and specialist nature of our organic wood card table. We ask for at least 12-14 weeks to complete your build. This gives us time to source the perfect wood and allows the base to come into being naturally. We think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait though! Also, we offer free shipping within the USA, as a thank you for your patience.

    Beautiful, built for purpose and with no two ever being identical, why take a chance on a lesser game table when you could invest in the best and spread the cost with an easy financing package from Bread?

  • Designed To Help You Unwind

    Plenty of furniture claims to help you relax and unwind! However, we think we might have one of the few pieces guaranteed to make good on that promise! This piece of furniture is in the form of our Denver Copper Bar.

    Home bars can be notoriously difficult to get right. You want to strike the right balance between attractive liquor storage, authentic bar feel and something that can look handsome and not out of place in your home too. It’s a tough list of requirements to fulfill, but our reclaimed wood copper bar ticks every box.

    link to the copper bar

    A Copper Bar Look You’ll Love

    Just look at this old world copper bar! Seriously, this is definitely going to be a place where everybody knows your name! Because, you’ll never want to leave it and if it’s in your house, you don’t need to.

    We really took our time with this design. Not only did we want to account for all the necessities listed above. We also wanted to create something that would remain timeless forever, hold distinctive charm and exude undeniable character out into whichever room it is placed in. The result is a Spanish style copper bar that sees beautiful materials working harmoniously, not competing with each other, to garner your attention.

    Link to the denver copper bar

    Carefully Considered Details

    We were careful not to design a boxy piece of furniture with no special touches here! However it’s hard to pick a favorite design element! A strong contender has to be the ornate front hooks and footrest installation. Which adds in a touch of traditional bar aesthetics but also some practicality. It also naturally draws the eyes up and towards that gleaming countertop, but the real flair is found on the server’s side.

    Large storage cabinets, thoughtful small drawers for fiddly items such as cocktail stirrers and corkscrews and a large preparation surface. All complete with riveted details and glimmering metal accents make playing the host nothing short of a pleasure behind this recycled copper bar. We take our time finishing this piece, asking for up to 14 weeks from point of ordering. So that when it arrives, free of charge in the contiguous states, you simply have to place it and get the party started. You won’t need to finish or worry about the details here, as we’ll take care of everything. All you need to do is ensure that you have a few bottles of your favorite tipple ready to stock the cabinets with.

    A Beautiful fit for a Game Room

    Our solid wood copper bar has been designed to withstand regular use, so place in a man cave or even a game room, complete with a stylish pool table perhaps, and make the most of it. Built from strong American timber, it is ready to be the centerpiece in countless memories to come. If you need any more persuading, just imagine the first family Christmas spent making snowballs and bucks fizz. Talk about a jolly holiday!

    You can spread the cost of a stunning home bar with our partner, Bread. Making financing easy, transparent and penalty-free is in their DNA, just as making the furniture of your dreams is in ours.

  • A Pool Table to Rack 'Em Up!

    When we say rack ‘em up, we aren’t just talking about the balls on your potential new barnwood pool table! However, we are also talking about  your undeniable style points!

    link to the barnwood pool table

    A Barnwood Pool Table Treat For You And Your Home

    You work hard and you’ve taken the time to curate a stunning home for yourself, so what’s left to do? The answer is obvious…it’s time to create the ultimate games room, complete with outrageously decadent pool table. That guests will find impossible not to stare at! We want to give you fair warning though – this Barnwood Pool Table with Wildwood Accents is so exquisite that friends and family members might actually ask permission before playing a game with you!

    So what makes this such a special and elegant pool table? It starts with the fact that is has been handcrafted from amazing reclaimed wood. We don’t accept just any barn wood when we are searching for timber for our pieces!  Although, competitors might be satisfied with just 50 years of history in their material. We, however, are resolutely not. We demand a minimum of 100 years of American history and pride in every timber that we re-purpose! Also, we treat them all with the utmost respect, as can be seen in the details of this eye-catching investment.

    Boasting isn’t an attractive quality. However, we see nothing wrong in celebrating our good fortune to work with some of the finest craftsmen available! The results speaking for themselves. In comes our carefully sourced barn wood and our magicians work their magic, turning distressed timbers into intricately carved and revitalized statement items, such as this antique wood pool table. Just look at those legs, not to mention the main body of the table, which houses all of the internal mechanism. It’s a work of art! You wouldn’t believe how long it takes for us to complete one of these amazing tables.

    A Pool Table for your Dreams

    We need, on average, just 6-8 weeks, from the point of ordering, to build your table! Regardless of whether you choose a 7, 8 or 9ft version. Though opportunities to customize are limited here, to ensure proper functionality. We can extend you a near-impossible choice of 30 felt colors for your playing surface. So, whether you choose tournament green or feel like being more flamboyant with gold or orange! You can inject some all-important personality into your reclaimed wood pool table design.

    When assembling your new table, a professional technician will be needed. We are happy to take all of the hassle out of sourcing one in your area for you. Or, you are welcome to find your own. Just remember that assembly is not the moment to cut corners, as proper felt stretching and internal assembly will be essential for longevity.

    link to the barn wood pool table

    We know that this is a large investment, but it’s one that your home will thank you for and if we were betting people, we’d wager that you’ll look for some complementary reclaimed wood game room furniture in the future as well. If nothing else, we think a striking bar or entertainment center would be the perfect finishing touch.

  • Make Mine A Double!

    link to the copper bar with wine racks

    Is there anything more glamorous than a home bar? A hand-hammered copper bar with integrated wine racks inside, perhaps?

    We don’t like to think of ourselves as overly showy. After all, we love using the most natural material in the world to bring our artistic visions to life! However, every now and then, there’s the call for something that just throws all modesty out of the window! This is it! Our Hand Hammered Copper Bar with Wine Rack won’t be perfect for every home, but those that it would work in won’t be able to live without one.

    A serious statement piece with a Hand hammered Copper Bar!

    Stoic, sturdy and eye-catching, there’s no getting away from the fact that this is a reclaimed wood bar with a difference, however you decide to spec it. For most people, the allure of hand-hammered copper is too hard to resist, resulting in shimmering panels encasing the whole piece, with a matching top as well, all of which end up radiating a luxurious glow into the home. This can be toned down a hair. If you want to go for a more subtle look though, as the rear and side panels of the bar can be left as unfussy wood.

    We consider this to be a more unusual piece of furniture. Which is why we can’t give an estimation as to how long it will take to create for you. We’ll need to make sure that we’ve got plenty of recycled copper in stock. Also, that we have one of our best craftsmen on standby to focus all of their attention on it and that takes a bit of planning. What we can tell you though, is that you’ll qualify for free shipping, within the contiguous 48 states! Also, we will keep you updated every step of the way.

    Made for functionality

    What are we most proud of, in terms of our reclaimed wood bar? Surprisingly, it’s not the finished aesthetic of the piece, but the functionality. We think it takes extra attention to detail to make a beautiful thing useful as well! However, we excel in this area. What were once considered to be uninspiring pieces of furniture for the home. We have reinvented and given new character, making them as much static art pieces as functioning items. Similarly, what could just be a gorgeous thing to look at, we make eminently practical as well, which all of our heirloom copper furniture proves, not just this bar.

    Cabinets offer secure storage for glassware and bottles, while integrated wine racks and shelves use the space beautifully. Small drawers complete the look and make for ideal cocktail accessory storage. You’ll never lose a swizzle stick or corkscrew again!

    Bringing beauty and function together, our copper bar will make itself at home in any style of a room, from traditional lodge lounges through to modern living rooms. The only question is, do you buy enough wine to need one? Of course you do!

  • A Lucky Break For Pool Fans

    Link to reclaimed barn wood pool table Reclaimed barn wood pool table

    A game room might be the hub for fun in your home, but this Barnwood Pool Table with Trestle Base is serious about style! From the first glance, you’ll notice that it isn’t like any other pool table that you’ve seen before and when you start looking at all the intricate details and customization options…you’ll be blown away. Let’s find out a little more.

    A 100-year heritage

     As solid wood pool tables go, this one is extra special, because it has been entirely crafted from reclaimed timber. You won’t find any composite woods, veneers or new material here, with every strut, support and length being imbued with a century of American history. We don’t see age marks or blemishes; we see the character and a story. All of which helps to give your new reclaimed wood pool table a sense of belonging from the moment it arrives.

    Barnwood is hard to source material, which is why it commands a higher price than other materials, but we really think that it’s worth it. We are careful to choose lengths that will stand the test of time while looking great as well. In short, this is a pool table that you can pass down through countless generations of your family, turning it into an art piece and an heirloom, not just an indulgence for yourself. Though who doesn’t deserve a spot of luxury now and then?

    One size doesn’t fit all

     We know that one man’s games room is another’s man cave! Which is why we’ve designed this table to look perfect in three different sizes, each of which is built to the same exacting standards as the next. You might not realize, but it takes a master craftsman to be able to build a level and square pool table. Which is why nobody with less than a decade of experience touches ours. This isn’t the only aspect that needs an expert touch either.

    The stretching of the top felt is a niche skill, which means that you will need a qualified pool table technician to build yours for you. We are able to find and liaise with somebody in your area for you, for a flat fee, though we always want you to have the option of sourcing somebody yourself, so there is no pressure from us. We just want you to get the best service, especially when you will have deliberated over your felt color choice…

    How many colors are there to choose from? 30! From traditional green through to more unusual and glitzy shades. You can marry the old barnwood together with a contemporary felt color. Which will create a totally one-off antique pool table that will be a worthy focal point in any space.

    We understand that a barnwood pool table is an enormous investment and now, you can apply to finance your purchase through Bread, our transparent financing partner. Select your options and calculate how small your monthly repayments could be. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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