Dining Table

  • Something old, something new

    Mixing old and new styles together is a delicate balancing act! One that requires both respect for the materials used and an eye for lasting style. We don’t want to brag; but, we have both in abundance! Which is how today’s fabulous dining table came into existence! Let's take a look at the Contemporary Rustic Plank Table!

    A Contemporary Rustic Plank table that needs a closer lookLink to the Contemporary Rustic Plank Dining Table

    We love creating furniture that makes you stop and take a second look and that's exactly what our contemporary rustic plank table does. At first glance, it could look like a simple and modern dining option. However, look again and you’ll find high-quality timber, beautiful live edges and all manner of other personalization choices.

    Don't be fooled by the relative simplicity of a solid wood table top with a fresh metal base. This is a dining table with a difference, so let’s take a closer look!

    A sweeping solid wood table top

    Given how timeless this design is we wanted to offer it in a vast array of sizes! Which is why you’ll find dimensions ranging from 5-10ft in length, increasing incrementally by 1ft; however, the number of sizes isn’t the really impressive part; we saved that for how many timber varieties you can choose between for your dining surface! With 9 to consider, ranging from simple smooth oak through to decadent bookmatched black walnut, we know we have the perfect choice for your home and we’ll finish the edge how you like as well. Are you a traditional chamfer person? Perhaps you prefer a modern flat edge? No…you’re a live edge kind of customer aren’t you? Either way, we can make your table look exactly as you want it to; complete with a finish of your choosing.

    We don't buy into the idea that wood is too beautiful to stain. You’re our customer and what you want comes first; so, once you’ve chosen your timber, you will be presented with a list of finish options that will complement and work with your top. Choose with confidence and we will do the rest!

    Don’t forget your table base!

    Usually so easy to forget about, your dining table base gets the luxe treatment with this design. The modern T base shape lends itself so well to some bling and helps to balance the huge expanse of natural wood on the top too. The only question is, what color do you want that base?  We can give you polished stainless steel, brushed gold or stoic black, all of which would look equally as beautiful in a rustic or contemporary home.

    You know that you’ll be enjoying free shipping, depending on your location, so maybe now’s the time to put that freightsaving to good use by choosing some coordinated dining chairs as well? What a treat to take delivery of a whole new dining suite for your home in one hit!

  • Jump for juniper joy

    Juniper is a fantastic timber for woodworking because of its inherently knotty and unusual formations. These gorgeous naturally occurring twists and turns make for some of the most unusual; but, eye-catching pieces of furniture around and today we are going to introduce you to one of our favorites! Join us as we show you are Rustic Juniper log Dining Table! 

    A Rustic Juniper dining table to invest in

    Just take a look at our rustic juniper log dining table. Pale and creamy with interwoven swirls of coffee-like brown; it’s a work of art and we can say that, because we are the artists! The great thing about our more unusual dining table designs is that although they look more magical than most, they still have perfect functionality built-in. You won’t find a wobbly leg, uneven top or splintering edge anywhere! However, let’s get back to the aesthetics because that’s what you’re really interested in. And today, we are going to give you a tour from the ground up.Link to the Rustic Juniper Log Dining Table

    Our signature twisted table bases

    We couldn’t be happier to be known for our ability to craft such incredible table bases; not least because 99% of manufacturers can only work with perfectly straight lines! Well we err on the side of whimsy and embrace the shapes and styles that mother nature has taken the time to cultivate, which is how you can access a dining table with a truly unique and one-off design.

    We finish your base with a protective clear coat, because you wouldn't want to hide any of that tonal gorgeousness, would you? Or maybe you’d like to experiment and try something different? Ask for our advice and we will ensure a great blend.

    A simple Rustic Juniper table top

    With such a striking base in place, we decided to keep ourselves in check when it came to the top with a simple round design. We do give you a host of options though. We give you 6 standard top diameters to choose from; though of course, a custom size is only ever a call or email away. With your size selected, there are 7 wood varieties to select from as well. If you’re wondering why we don’t use juniper for the top as well. It’s simply a case of us choosing easier-to-work-with options. Options that have excellent longevity and can stand up to daily use for decades to come. We never sacrifice function for fashion.

    Next, you need to choose a finish. If you’ve chosen a particularly stunning wood, such as cherry or black walnut, how about a simple natural clear finish to elevate the look? For more neutral timbers, we have a selection of stains that will work beautifully with the juniper and create a vibrant end piece. The final decision we ask you to make is if you’d like a live, flat pr chamfered edge. We can create manufactured live edges on timber that doesn’t naturally lend itself to one, so don’t worry about that.

    The perfect shipment

    With all your selections made, you get to sit back and just wait for us to deliver your new forever dining table; free within mainland US states and enjoy the full year’s warranty that comes as standard too. We offer these for peace of mind; because, the only thing that should get twisted is your juniper dining table base!

  • Modern style that speaks for itself

    Our hearts always tend to lean towards rustic designs; but that‘s only because solid wood lends itself to more traditional aesthetics so beautifully. That’s not to say that we don’t get exceptionally excited about certain contemporary creations though; and today, we want to introduce you to one of the most daring and unforgettable pieces that we’ve ever dreamt up, Our Contemporary Stainless Steel Base Dining Table.

    Forget what you think you might know about modern dining tables, because we’ve brought together our love for solid wood with artistry of such a high standard that we are still blown away each and every time we look at one of these pieces. We don’t even know where to start with the description. OK, let’s go from top to bottom and look at all your available options.

    Table top styles to die forLink to the Contemporary Steel Base Dining Table

    This is designed to be an impressive piece of furniture and our standard size options reflect that. Ranging from 7-10ftin 1ft increments, you’ll love the generous proportions! However, you might feel a little overwhelmed trying to choose from 8 incredible wood varieties. Each beautiful and striking in their own ways; you’ll need to think about your wider design scheme and wood choices elsewhere in your home. Don’t worry though, we are always on hand to offer some objective advice. Once you’ve chosen a top material, we can get to work shaping it exactly as you like. Chamfer, flat and live edges are no problem for us and once we’ve added your style choice…it’s time for STAIN. 

    Now, it’s not mandatory to stain your wood, so of course there is a natural clear option. We see all you Asian Walnut fans breathing a sigh of relief! However, if you do want to up the personalization a little more. Why not select a dramatic hue from our range of 9 beautiful finishes?

    And now, the part you’ve been waiting for: the incredible base.

    A Contemporary Stainless Steel Table base with a difference

    We’ve made some eye-catching dining table designs in our time. We’ve pushed the limits of what rustic furniture can be and we’ve embraced contemporary flair as well; and this base is a culmination of those experiences. 

    The dramatic sculpted arch with intersected v design will leave you breathless. Stylish, sturdy and such a break from the norm of wooden pedestals or simple legs; it takes your dining table from nice to out of this world. But we don't stop here. Naturally, you’ll want the opportunity to put your stamp on things even more! Which is why we offer two versions: polished stainless steel or gold brushed stainless steel.

    Naturally, you can customize your final piece as much as you like. Just get in touch to find out how we can use this design as a template for your perfect dining table and if you live in the contiguous 48 states, then shipping is on us. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting domestic craftsmanship.

  • Down on the Farm

    If we asked you to picture a rustic farm dining table; we like to think we know what would spring to mind. Probably something with a trestle base and a thick, solid top. Are we right? Well, what if we told you to put a contemporary twist on that? Hmmmm. A bit more tricky...unless you’re our team of expert designers! Let us show you our wonderful design in our Natural Farm Table!

    A Simple yet Elegant Natural Farm Table!

    We’ve taken the traditional farmhouse table and turned it into a modern masterpiece in the form of our Natural Farm Table. Simple, elegant and still an undeniable statement for your home! This pared back beauty gives you all the benefits of a strong and family-sized design but with nothing extraneous. Honestly, we are so in love with the understated finish here that even if this wasn’t our design; we’d be singing its praises.

    We kept the true rectangle top that farmhouse tables are known for, adding nothing in the way of creative shaping, as we wanted this to definitely represent an evolution of an existing favorite. With a gorgeous slab in place, the grain of whichever wood you select is on full display; and not even the base can detract from that, which a big trestle traditionally does. Here, you’ll find your top being supported by a quiet but stoic pair of legs; but there’s work to be done!


    Link to the Natural Farm Table Options For all you May Need!

    It’s not as simple as clicking and buying this time, as we want your input. Only you know what color wood will work best in your home and maybe you have some bold design preferences you want to try out. Either way, it’s time to get your artist’s hat on to decide the following:

    Size - We offer six sizes, ranging from five to ten feet in length. Custom isn’t a problem, but these are our standard offerings, designed to work in the majority of homes.

    Table top wood - Seven varieties. We don’t envy you having to choose between black walnut, blasted oak and all the rest, but just know that whatever you go with will look incredible, or we wouldn’t have made it a possibility!

    Edge style - Love the table but really wishing it had a live edge? Oh go on then! We can finish your top with a straight, chamfer or live edge, at no extra cost.

    Top finish - Depending on which wood variety you select, you’ll have up to 10 different stains and finishes to choose from. If you like natural, that’s no problem, we’ll use a protective clear coat to ensure the longevity of your table. But nothing is out of bounds, with a range of hues and colors to choose from.

    Leg finish - Silver, black, brown or polished stainless steel. Which will look best with your top and the rest of your dining room? We can supply any and all. Please be aware that polished stainless steel legs currently have a lead time of up to 18 weeks.

    Easy Payment to Ease Your Mind

    When you’ve made all your choices, you can think about how you’d like to pay. We can take full payment at the time of ordering, or you can apply for a no-nonsense financing plan through our trusted partner, Bread. The choice is yours and won’t affect your delivery slot, which as an extra thank you, we will cover the cost of. Can’t say fairer than that!

  • Design wheels keep on turning

    Truly great design never stops or stands still, it simply evolves and keeps offering new inspiration or incarnations. We know this and as such, have created a dining table that can be customized to an enormous degree; while never losing the original charm or concept. If you’re ready to be bowled over, let’s see how metal and wood can come together in stunning harmony. It is time to get a feel of our twisted hardwood dining table!

    A simple yet elegant twisted hardwood dining table!

    Round dining tables always look a little bit extra special, don’t they? Is it because they feel that much more sociable, or unusual? We’re not sure for the exact reason; but, we always stand back and remember how much we love them, when we finish a new design. Here, with our Modern Twisted Spoke Hardwood Dining Table, we wanted to keep the top simple, unfussy and striking, so that it could hold its own against a statement base and we think that we’ve accomplished it, however you decide to tweak your composition. So, let’s talk about your options.


    We offer four stock sizes ranging from 48” to 66” in diameter. Need something that doesn’t quite meet our standard dimensions? Not a problem! Custom work is an absolute pleasure and if we’re selecting your favorite woods, stains and base finishes. We may as well talk fully bespoke.

    Top material Link to the Twisted Hardwood DIning table

    We hope you’re not too indecisive, as there are seven gorgeous woody types to choose from. Pale maple through to black walnut; the color hues and grain textures vary hugely, so take your time when researching how they all look. We want you to pick something really suited to your home.

    Top edge style

    Are you a flat edge or chamfered kind of person? Whichever you are, just let us know and we can make sure your table meets your exacting standards.

    Top finish 

    You’ve chosen a wood you love, but it would be perfect if it could come in a distressed gray. Ok then! We have 10 incredible stain shades to choose from which let you express your artistic side. You don't need to be making your table to be deeply involved in teh finished design.


    Possibly the hardest decision, despite there only being two options. Will you choose a polished stainless steel twisted spoke circular base; or does the brushed gold stainless steel take your fancy more? We can picture endless combinations for both; but a cooler top, with the polished base would be undeniably chic and contemporary! While a rich dark top and a golden base might feel a little more old school.

    Intricacy where you need it most!

    The intricate lacing of the base spokes creates dynamic movement and a worthy focal point; while the top remains stoic and practical. Together they form the ultimate hybrid of style and function. Though we are normally the first to say that dining chairs can be attention-grabbers too! It’s safe to say that nothing will stand much of a chance when positioned next to this bombshell. But, as shipping is free for a large item, you could take a look at our chairs to see if anything might be complementary. We’d love to help you take advantage of fee-free delivery; especially if you are treating your dining room to a much-needed overhaul

  • A rustic style with a contemporary twist

    Can rustic and modern designs really come together and look ‘right’? It’s a fair question and we thought we’d answer it in the only way we know how; by creating the ultimate hybrid dining table that everybody will love. Let us show you our rustic contemporary dining table!Link to the rustic contemporary dining table

    Creativity in our Rustic Contemporary Dining Table Design!


    Our Contemporary Rustic Dining Table allowed us to get a little creative and to think about how we could combine some of our favorite elements together, all while showcasing spectacular craftsmanship and skill. We also wanted to include the ability to customize more than normal! So let’s have a closer look at what makes this such a special design; and, how you can make it your own.

    First off, we need to talk about the top. The rustic centerpiece, it’s a slab made from your choice of seven, yes seven, wood varieties! The grain and vibrancy differences are what make each of them so incredibly eye-catching and whichever you select! You can choose whether you’d prefer neat square edges, a chamfered style; or, something a little more free-flowing and organic, with a live edge. Think about the rest of your furniture and your wider interior styling. Do you normally prefer linear, neat finishes or is there an element of boho and relaxed design to your home?

    That will give you some guidance as to which style to choose here. We finish the top with a clear coat as standard; just to add a little protection and to showcase the wood to its best! However, you have the option to ask for a colored stain instead. We have numerous different hues to consider, though please be aware that not all are available for each wood type. 

    A beautiful base to dine upon!

    Next, we come to the base. As one review states, it is an art piece in and of itself. Great sweeping supports lend authority and sturdiness to the ample top! You can choose from understated black metal or more bling stainless steel. Opting for shiny steel will certainly up the contemporary vibe no end; so, if you’re looking to amplify that element then this is worth thinking about. That being said, a stainless steel base will increase production lead times significantly, though it is absolutely worth the wait.

    Offered in incremental sizes from five to ten foot in length as standard; though we won’t shy away from a more bespoke order. This fabulous dining table can be made in any size that you need or want it, while still maintaining your original design preferences. In fact, we have already made it in a custom size and received glowing praise for the finished product. We mean it when we say that you can see and feel the quality of our timeless solid wood pieces! This contemporary rustic hybrid is no exception.

    Shipped for free (where applicable) and available to purchase through a transparent financing arrangement with Bread! If you’ve been wondering how you can replace a tired old dining table with something more exciting, this is the answer.

  • A dining table full of delicious flavor

    If you think that all dining tables are at least similar in the sense that they have a base and a top, we’ll forgivelink to the black walnut dining table you. However, why not let us show you just how dramatically different, unique and stunning they can really be? Let us introduce you to our beautiful black walnut dining table!

    Picture this beautiful walnut dining table!

    If we asked you to picture a rustic dining table, what would pop into your mind? A solid wood design, of course, but in what guise? Maybe something farmhouse in style, or a traditional trestle? What if it could be a startlingly eye-catching blend of black walnut and cedar logs; all finished with a live edge? Well, it can be!

    We enjoy taking seemingly simple designs and adding surprising detail where you least expect and with our Black Walnut and Rustic Cedar Log Dining Table, that’s exactly what we’ve done. How? By making the woods themselves so attention-grabbing. We transformed an understated base frame and natural edge top design! We did this by making the surface a thick, generous slab of unadulterated black walnut; and the support from aromatic stripped cedar logs. The finished result is a masterpiece of blended wood tones, scents and minimalist aesthetics.

    Of course, when you use wood that has the naturally beautiful properties of black walnut and cedar, you don't need to add too much to them, but we knew that a natural edge was essential. This is no run-of-the-mill table! As such, the slabs we use should be allowed to dictate the finished shape and look of the piece; especially seeing as the supporting logs have been left in their natural state as well.

    Sized for any Need!

    Black walnut and Cedar Dining TableWe offer five table sizes as standard, ranging from four to eight feet in length; but of course, we love discussing how we can take an existing design and turn it into a fully custom order! So, have no fear if what your dimensions are not on the list. We don’t, however, offer a choice of finishes. This is because we know you’ll agree that a clear protective top coat is all that you need here; to let the majesty of the materials dazzle your guests. 

    Now to something important. All of our designs are conceived, curated and created right here in the USA. We believe in the strength and heritage of domestic craftsmanship, as well as respecting mother nature for providing our beautiful building materials. That’s why we source sustainably and take our time choosing only the very best slabs for our dining tables. We supply them with a full year’s warranty. However, we want to be sure that they will last for decades; not a mere few months and we can only know that by building them ourselves, to order, in our USA workshop! We use only hand-selected wood. Working with this material is our passion and vocation, as it is for everybody in our team; and we all understand that you want to make memories around your new table. 

    Don’t forget that we also ship large items for free! So, if you are tempted to invest in some matching chairs as well; buy them as a bundle to avoid a small items freight charge. You can read more about our shipping procedure here.

  • A beautiful Hand Carved Table

    Hand Carved Dining Table For true lovers of rustic furniture, nothing could be better than a striking hand carved solid wood dining table; but, just wait until you see what our artisans are capable of!

    We hate to admit it, but even we can still be shocked by the sheer talent of our craftspeople. We like to think we have a great eye for not only furniture design; but also talent spotting! However, then an idea is born, an example is made and we are speechless. That’s what happened with our ‘Walk on the Wild Side Hand Carved Cedar Stump Table’.

    Picture the scene. A group of creative designers are in a meeting; talking about what would take our dining table range to the next level! Then someone suggests a carved top. Great, we love a chance to exhibit our creativity, but wait. Not just a carved top, a carving that depicts an emotive and touching rustic woodland scene, with nuances and charm! However, it has to have no loss of functional table top space. Now that’s a tall order; but here we are, with one of the most imaginative pieces of dining room furniture that we think we’ve ever offered.

    A custom Hand carved dining table to your specifications

    Now. We knew that not everybody would want the same scene carved into their dining tables. Regardless of whether you are planning to house this in a family home, a lodge or a cabin. You want to have something you feel connected to, forever embedded. That’s why we decided to give you as much choice as we possibly could, so you could feel ready to tap into the rustic furniture trend.

    Link to the Hand Carved Dining Table

    The ordering process may take a little longer than normal, as you click through our easy-to-use drop-down menus; but, we want you to properly consider and choose the elements that you’ll love most and for the longest time. Not least because the table comes with a free lifetime warranty. Yes, a lifetime guarantee, because that’s how good our craftspeople are. 

    Options for your Dining Needs!

    We’ll ask you to choose the following elements:

    • Size. We have 10 standard sizes to choose from, but of course, you can always get in touch and ask us if there are custom dimensions you would prefer to work to.
    • Stump base finish. The stumps themselves are gorgeous already; but if you’d prefer a stained color finish, rather than a clear coat, just let us know. 
    • Carving scene. We have 6 carving scenes to choose from, all set in nature and with your favorite animals to choose from. We see you, wolf fans! You can also select from three backdrops, so if you'd rather have a mountain scene than a forest background. we are happy to oblige!
    • Coordinated seating. Take all of the hassle out of buying the right chairs or benches for your table by ordering them as a package and taking advantage of our free large items shipping policy. 

    Buying a new dining table is a big decision, but even more so when you’re choosing something with a lifetime warranty. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so take your time, make the choices that are right for you! Then, let us work our magic and organize all the logistics for you. Because bespoke furniture really can be this simple to invest in.

  • Dining table with a Run Deep Style

    Every meal, no matter how simple, can be an event when you have the river runs dining table! That commands attention and invokes envy from your diners.

    It’s no secret that here at Woodland Creek, we only work with the best artisans. Those special individuals that have not only a talent for working with solid wood; but, also an eye for incredible design touches and the creativity to pull off audacious ideas. Why? Because it’s by unleashing and supporting their artistic ideals that we create a line of signature creations, such as this, our ‘A River Runs Through It’ dining table

    At first glance, you might think it’s a striking, beautiful and unusual table! However there’s more, because every single piece that we make is 100% unique. Yes, they come from the same idea, but no two pieces of material can be identical. Which makes each variation totally bespoke and the only one in the entire world like it. That being said; you can add your own stamp even further; by selecting either a round or rectangular top and also choosing your own roo, pedestal or forged metal base option. For the most rustic and unique look, we highly recommend a root section base, as this amplifies the organic vibe.A RIver Runs Through it DIning Table

    Only the best for your River Runs Dining Table

    When we know what size, shape and base you want for your new forever furniture purchase. It’s time to sit back and let us do what we do best! Create the finest dining table that you ever dreamed of owning. Our team is not only expert but also inspired! Which is why they have access to only the very best woods in our collections; while having total autonomy to choose the perfect piece for your design. And here is where the real artistry comes in.

    We lay the pieces for your table out like a jigsaw; moving, tessellating and shifting until they are in the right positions to perfectly mimic a natural cavern, with wild water running through it. You can sense the majesty, the power of nature and the inspiration given by Mother Nature herself. From here, rocks selected from the Great Lakes region (both for authenticity and sustainability purposes) are gently placed in the ‘ravines’ of your table top, to mimic the flow of water, but how does this piece of art become a functional dining table? With the addition of a protective and practical layer of thick glass. You get to admire the craftsmanship at every mealtime, safe in the knowledge that no harm can come to it. 

    A table that steals the showA picture of the RIver Runs Through it Dining Table

    Supplied with a full year’s warranty and delivered via a free-of-charge freight service, within the contiguous 48 states! We have kept everything as simple as possible; however, you do need to be aware of one thing: this table will absolutely draw all eyes to it. You may need to prepare yourself for even the most spectacular of Thanksgiving dinners; to be overshadowed by your choice of table! However, then you’d only have yourself to blame, for having such amazingly good taste. But on a serious note, do consider this when thinking about dining chairs to match and maybe consider something a little simple and understated.

  • Timeless style in a (live) edge

    Rustic dining tables. Truly rustic dining tables are few and far between, with many designers simply using recognizable tropes to allude to an outdoors vibe; however, that’s not what we do. We know that you want the full experience when it comes to a centerpiece for your home, which is why we created our Live Edge Hickory Base Table.

    Link to the Hickory base Table Hickory Base Dining Table - Cherry Top

    A Stunning Live Edge Hickory Base Table

    We absolutely adore live edge table designs and not just because they allow the natural elegance of the timber shine through. We like the challenge they present. From finding the perfect piece of wood to use; to thinking up new and innovative ways to add our own stamp. It’s never a dull day in the workshop when a live edge piece is being created.

    Here, we were really keen to create something with the majestic feel that a solid wood dining table should naturally radiate; but, with a tangible feel of the great outdoors. We were careful to avoid a gimmicky finish and identified that staying true to our favorite materials was the key. So, what can you expect?

    Custom Sized for your Custom Needs

    Link to the hickory base table Hickory Base Table-Black Walnut Top

    Firstly, let’s talk about the top. Available in six sizes, ranging from 5 to 10ft in length, you can also have your pick of woods. Eight of them, to be exact. Depending on which you choose, you can then select from a vast array of finishes. For the most naturally beautiful choices, such as Asian walnut, we offer just a natural clear finish; because, anything else would quite frankly be a travesty. For some of the more receptive and customizable woods, such as blasted oak, you can be as daring as you like. From paler tones like Whitewash and Dove Gray to rich Ebony and Jacobean, you might just be spoilt for choice. But choose you must, or we can’t build for you!

    Now let’s look at the hickory base. It’s not easy to take attention away from a perfectly smooth and beautiful live edge table top; but, a pared back rustic log trestle base might just manage it! Constructed using strong Hickory, you can rest easy that even the biggest of Thanksgiving dinners can be hosted here! The trestle styling is perfect not only for sturdiness; but, also timeless appeal and understated complimentary design with the natural look of the live edge top.

    Made Here in the USA!

    Designed and made in, then shipped directly from the USA. This is a domestic product that comes imbued with all of the pride that inspires. We’ve kept the details simple so the memories you create around it are the important thing. It comes with a full year’s warranty supplied as standard; you know you’ll be able to make those special memories for a long time to come.

    Want to talk about custom options? Just get in touch to see how we can turn your specific vision into a dining room reality.

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