• Gift A Live Edge Bed This Holiday Season

    Tis’ the season of giving, and what better gift to give than the gift of sleep. I mean, who doesn’t like good nights rest? Sleep keeps you recharged, positive and best of all young.  And why not sleep in style and expert craftsmanship? With our live edge beds made here in the U.S; we take the best of the best when it comes to rustic design and inspiration and deliver an unmatched-custom experience. Soak in the live edge wood with natural varying lines and contours. From Barnwood to Refined styles we have something for everyone.

    Barnwood is best paired organically

    Beautiful barnwood with natural slabs, present a unique approach in bed making that is rock solid. Solid reclaimed wood at 6” x 6” timbers are used for the headboard and footboard. With thick cut natural live edges the headboard is sure to shine and make a statement in any bedroom. Finishes vary and you can customize these as you see fit, but remember; Mother Nature’s artwork can never be replicated.

    Bring the wildlife indoors

    Meticulously hand painted, and hand made our Hand Carved Log Bed brings the wildlife indoors. Dream big with your favorite animals, sleep well with every turn of the clock this holiday season, and every season after that. Each carving is handmade using old fashioned rustic tools. No CNC routers are used here. Every bed is made in the USA, and we can make any custom height needed. That’s right, it’s not a one size fits all, it’s a - this size fits you.

    Rustic Log Bed with Carved Wildlife

    A functional artistic rustic bed sure to “WOW”

    In short everything we do here is rustic, but this Rustic Log Bed is just downright epic. The colorful twisted juniper we use only grows in high remote areas of Colorado and Utah; given this bed a one of a kind feel. The incredible slabs of edge redwood or burl wood (your choice) tell a troy for themselves. There is an art to picking and choosing the right wood and materials, this Rustic bed nails it. The hard work is definitely worth it, and by the time your receive it all you have to do is love it. Get ready to tuck in and sleep well through your nights for many moons to come.

    Bed Juniper Redwood Side

    Elegant and transitional are all the craze with this Refined Rustic Bed

    This Refined Rustic Bed with natural slabs is both elegant and rustic. Two terms that usually cancel each other out, but not this time. We worked tirelessly to perfect to this reclaimed solid barnwood bed, using beautiful live edge natural slabs that deliver an unmatched quality yet to be seen. We cut, plane, and sand the slabs to release the natural inherent character in each log. The combination of reclaimed naturally aged wood and its artisan finish techniques make for a beautiful nights rest.

    Natural Live Edge Slab Bed

    Sleep well, dream big

    So whichever bed you end up choosing this Holiday season, just know it will be made for you; custom handmade in the USA. Speak with one of our rustic design consultants today, and see why Woodland Creek is the leader in handcrafted rustic, cabin, lodge, and barnwood decor.

  • Rest, Relax, and Recharge With These Beautiful Rustic Beds

    Rustic inspiration in the bedroom can leave you feeling one with nature.

    We all know how important a good nights' rest can be. That is why we have taken the opportunity to put together a list of a few rustic beds that are both easy on the eyes and back. So kick up your feet, and grab a cup of tea, let’s find out which rustic bed is perfect for you.

    Go Contemporary and Rustic with a Reclaimed Platform Bed

    Sometimes we love Rustic aesthetic for what it is and sometimes we wished it would just be a tad bit more modern in design. Well, wish no more. Our reclaimed wood platform bed, combines the gorgeous lines of the timber wood and all while highlighting the steel ribbons. Bed comes with optional built in drawers perfect for storing your linens or other clothing items. Available in King and Queen sizes.

    Reclaimed Platform Bed with Drawers

    Barnwood Beds Have Never Looked This Modern

    By taking barnwood boards and setting them up in a transitional design, we are providing a true testament to the sign of the times. Designers are taking and mixing the old with the new, creating this cascading effect and impact on how we think about what rustic should look like in the future. This modern barnwood bed does just that, perfect for any space or style of home, this bed offers rich natural wood tones, with a variety of accent colors.

    Mountain Modern Bed

    Appreciate the Modern But Need a More Vintage Look

    If you like the modern barnwood design but prefer to stick with the classics, we understand and can help. The vintage era of rustic design is why we fell in love with it in the first place also. Clean, nature filled and full of calm outdoor vibes. Sleep well, and sleep in with this vintage barnwood bed, made from 100 to 150 year old reclaimed barnwood from the Midwest! Need a special headboard height or custom color tone? We can do that too. Vintage barnwood beds have never came with these many options, take advantage and get yours today.
    Colorful Rustic Cottage Bed

    The Kids Can Sleep-in Too

    As seen in Homify, our Post Beam Solid Wood Bunk Bed is made from solid cedar wood, and is well built and sturdy. It is strong enough for adults and kids, don’t worry it can definitely a few dings as well. The bunk bed works perfect for ages 7-12 and delivers maximum comfort for a good night's rest. Comes in a variety of color tones to choose from, making this custom bunk bed a must have!

    Extra Strong Bunk Bed

    Rustic beds come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you’re having a hard time choosing which is best for you, give us a call today. Our rustic design consultants are more than happy to help!



  • It's an exciting time for modern rustic design!

    It's an exciting time for modern rustic design!

    From organic rustic console tables to live edge tables -- these are the trends driving modern rustic design forward.

    While rustic design is engineered to stay true to its minimalist natural filled roots, many have explored new ways to bring fresh life to the aesthetic.

    Phillips Collection Style Root Console Table

    Modern Root Console tables by Woodland Creek Furniture

    This year has been no exception, with the likes of the Philips Collection1 and our very own Modern Root Console tables2, designers and companies are driving a new way of thinking about how to further blend design and nature.  By presenting natural escape in each of these pieces, modern rustic designers can provide sustainability and a feeling of calm reflection to any space through their works. This is especially true, with our River Runs Through It unique coffee tables3. As natural tones start to take shape more clearly when you create a flowing sense of trails, it delivers a feeling of outdoor excitement and adventure all year round.

    It doesn’t stop there.

    Live edge tables deliver a natural shape to your home.

    We all know that the edges and shapes to things matter. Let’s be honest, some edges are just too “edgy” while others are just “perfect”. With Woodland Creek Live Edge Tables4 you have the opportunity to find the best edge for your space! We offer a wide range of natural dining tables and table tops, with our best sellers being our Modern Live Edge Dining Table5, and our Modern Table made with Live Edge Top6. The Modern Live Edge Dining Table offers a more classic log cabin aesthetic, while the Modern Table made with Live Edge Top can fit perfectly into your Rustic Brooklyn home. Speaking of dining tables, here is an awesome one we found on Houzz that really shows the potential of live edge table tops7.

    Dreaming of rustic barnwood bathroom vanities? We sure are!

    From powdering the nose, and freshening up, to making sure your cowboy hat is placed just right before you head out for the night; washrooms play an important role in your personal well being. So why not match this to your style? Uplift your morning with a bathroom vanity you truly love using. We have everything from barnwood vanities8 to salvage/reclaimed wood vanities9; we are sure you and your loved ones will find the best unique rustic bathroom vanity10 for your space! This rustic Paradise Valley bathroom11 offers a great starting point for fresh ideas on your next remodel.

    Need a second or third opinion?

    Call one of our modern rustic design consultants at (231)668-9125 today. We are always more than happy to help you choose the right piece for your space. We are a Best of Houzz Customer Service company and pride ourselves and delivering quality feedback and insight when available. If you prefer to order online you can do so, with our easy checkout process!


  • Soft Modern Furniture

    What an unusual term to describe a style of furniture “soft modern furniture” - it is almost an oxymoron. The term never entered my vocabulary until one Saturday afternoon when a customer walked into our retail store and engaged one of the sales staff. This customer stated she had found us online, and after perusing our web site was excited to see we had a nice selection of soft modern furniture.

    I immediately looked up and starting asking the customer questions as to which designs she liked. I wanted which designs she felt fell into the “soft modern furniture” category. After she had left, I took pause and reflected on her thoughts. I agreed. Indeed some of our designs were modern, but the use of reclaimed woods and natural woods did give them a “softer” more “earthy” feel. Just five years ago no one would have thought of combining linear furniture designs containing polished or brushed stainless steel with textured, distressed salvaged woods. Well, now this décor and style of furniture is popular, and this style of decorating does not appear to be a fad. I personally think soft modern furniture is a category here to stay.

    Why do I feel soft modern furniture is here to stay? Well, the world continues to become fast paced; all cities have major traffic issues; the news both domestic and international is a constant stream of negativity and most products are mass produced and made with mostly synthetic materials (i.e., plastics, resins, etc.). Or society is basically on steroids and growing at a rapid pace. Everybody is working longer hours in order to get ahead or just stay above water. When our clients come home, they want their homes to be a refuge from this synthetic, fast paced, tumultuous society. The use of reclaimed woods with history, texture, and character offer solace and provide a unique warmth even when used in modern furniture design. The linear modernistic style of the furniture contributes with its neat and orderly essence. The combination is a breath of fresh air in the design industry.

    Now let’s take this look one step further. Let’s mix in some mid-century modern furnishings with soft modern, and you have what I personally coined “Michigan Modern Furniture”. I am speaking personally, but seeing furniture designs from the 60’s and 70’s come back in style and pairing it with the aforementioned new soft modern furniture designs is a look that resonates with Michiganders and now across the country. Maybe this attraction partly comes from nostalgia and a sentimental yearning for the happiness of being a kid with no responsibilities – whatever the reason for the positive vibe, it works. Woodland Creek Furniture and our sister store, Woodland Creek Modern, display a nice variety of soft modern furniture and mid-century modern furniture. Most designs are available made in custom sizes and layouts. Because we make most of our own designs, “custom” does not mean expensive. You are dealing factory direct and we offer very fair pricing for quality furniture. Our stores are open seven days a week. If you live out of state, we have live customer service sales staff helping with questions and quotes seven days a week. We ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. Call us today to discuss your project.

    Thank you for reading this blog entry.


    Rob Evina
    Woodland Creek Furniture

  • How to Compliment Your Rustic Bar for the Ultimate Man Cave

    After a long day or week at work, you need a space where you can relax, enjoy a few beers and catch up on the latest game. Luckily, creating a comfortable zone for you and your friends doesn’t require too much creativity or effort. One simple way to add a little extra luxury to your man cave is to install a customized rustic bar. A customized bar can easily be the focal point of any man cave without looking like you tried too hard.

    It doesn’t get any manlier than a custom bar made from natural wood with log accents or one handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood.

    Another advantage of installing a rustic bar is that the more they get used the better they look.  It is really hard for your clumsy buddies to damage a top made from distressed barnwood or a solid slab of wood top.  The barnwood already has 100 years of character so a little more will only enhance the look.  A thick slab top can take years and years of abuse and then be re-sanded only to look as good as the day it was originally installed.  Just choose a style that fits your personality and provides all of the storage you need to keep a few cold drinks handy.  After you’ve decided on the type of bar that will fit perfectly into your new haven, there are a few extra things you can do to ramp up the manliness.

    Get the right furniture: Depending on the type and size of bar you choose, look for rustic furniture that is similar in size and style to keep your room looking pulled together.

    The ultimate man cave needs a good couch and recliner. You can coordinate the bar with matching log or barn wood sofas, chairs or recliners.

    Leather or suede is comfortable, manly and looks great with darker colors and rustic pieces. Because this space will be (hopefully) kid free, you should be able to splurge on a pricier piece, which may be necessary if you are looking for high quality leather or suede furniture. To ensure that you’re getting a good quality piece look for an aniline piece, which means the stain permeates the entire piece of leather and not just the surface.

    You should also look closely at the stitching on your furniture and avoid pieces with frayed stitching; and last but not least, sit on the couch or chair you’re interested in. Move around in it. Plop down into it like you would at the end of a long day. Listen for any squeaking and move around to feel any unpadded areas of the furniture. Comfort is at least as important as style, so make sure you select a piece that’s comfortable and attractive.

    Choose the right colors: Luckily rustic wood bars go with pretty much anything, but if you want a more subtle place to relax, you should look for a mix of dark and light colors to compliment the tones in the wood of your bar. Colors that typically work well with rustic pieces include burgundy, browns, creams and dark reds. If you’re feeling a little brave you could even try a burnt orange on the walls.

    Accent your man cave with personal touches: Throw pillows aren’t really a man-thing, but that could change if you choose a cool pillow like the Man Cave Beer Coozie Pillow. This awesome pillow can be customized for your personal space and doubles as a beer holder. Forget about coasters, this cozy pillow can sit next to you on the couch. There’s space for two drinks, so you can share with someone or just hold an extra drink for yourself.  Don’t forget to add photos, sports memorabilia and other personal touches to make the space feel more like your own. And to round out the perfect man cave, don’t forget the pool table and/or big screen TV! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beer in your personalized rustic man cave.

    Author Bio:  Hank McKinsey is a lifestyle how-to blogger for his blog Home By Hank and also a stay at home dad.  When he’s not at the computer blogging, he can be found at the park with his two dogs or on the tennis court with his wife.  Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

  • Add Reclaimed Wood Furniture to Your Rustic Interior Design

    Reclaimed wood furniture is growing in popularity around the country when it comes to home decor. The reclaimed wood that is used in the production of furniture is sometimes not what it claims to be, however. Many competitors are offering furniture that has a reclaimed wood look to it but comes from fresh cuts of lumber. The authenticity, durability, and history of the wood are all compromised! Actual reclaimed wood furniture uses wood found from sources such as old barns, factories, and warehouses that were built at least 100 years ago, meaning they have the age, character, and meaning all buried deep within the timber. For anyone who is avid about their history and their furniture, these are all very important features!

    The reclaimed wood furniture style is growing in popularity for several reasons:

    • It looks and feels great and unique
    • The rich history and tradition that are behind each piece of furniture
    • They reuse resources, instead of requiring more trees to be cut for wood
    • The physical characteristics of the wood are marked by higher quality and sustainability

    Why, you may ask, is it better to reuse the wood, especially if it is so old as it is? Well, the answer again lies in our history. The wood that was used over a century ago by the nation’s agricultural pioneers was harvested in a time when air pollution from the industrial age did not stunt the growth or quality character of new trees. The wood is stronger, healthier, and last much longer than the wood that is harvested from trees that are bred and cut down in the modern age for mass producing furniture.

    The reclaimed wood furniture that we use at Woodland Creek Furniture is sourced from barns and other locations around the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. We use wood that is at least 100 years old and filled with history and character, before implementing our unique process to craft and reclaim it into new and elegant pieces of reclaimed wood furniture. We would love for you to take a look through our wide variety of pieces either online, or in one of our two massive showrooms.

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