Bar Stools

  • Take a new bar stool for a spin

    Never miss out on the action happening behind you again with one of our striking Black Walnut and Rustic Cedar Log Swivel Barstools! Ok, so that’s not exactly why we designed them to rotate fully; However, it’s an added bonus on top of being able to get on comfortably from any angle, don’t you agree?

    Functional Swivel Barstools!

    Barstools need to serve three functions; give you enough height to enjoy a drink at a raised bar, be comfortable for extended periods of time and look fabulous and we’ve managed to check them all off with this design. Let’s start with aesthetics. link to the black walnut swivel barstools

    The contrasts between black walnut and stripped cedar is eye-catching and magical. There’s a real balance between the dark and creamy shades, bringing organic monochrome to the forefront. The textural difference works so well to create visual interest as well; with the sleek walnut segments meeting undulating logs with ease. Imagine how impactful three or four stools would look, all perfectly lined up beneath a breakfast or home bar. 

    When it comes to comfort; the only way to guarantee it across the board is to include a number of options and variations. What’s great for one person will be torture for another! Which is why we have created both an arm chair and side chair version, both coming in two sizes. One of our favorite features is the high back, reaching approximately 17” above the seat. Not all bar stools have them and can get a little painful after a while. However, this one will have you relaxed, supported and comfy long into the evening. 

    Heighted for what you need!

    Backs that like a little extra support will appreciate the addition of tactile arms and with 24” and 30” heights available; you won’t have to stretch or stoop to enjoy yourself. We think it’s only fair to consider both the more petite and taller users, as well as the different heights in home bar surfaces. That being said, if you have something that isn’t a standard size and you want to finish it with style; we are always delighted to discuss bespoke projects. If you like the styling here but need a different height. Let’s have that conversation and see how we can help you finish your home exactly how you are picturing.

    We know that ordering a full set of barstools is a big investment! Which is why we have put two initiatives in place to help. Firstly, when you order four or more, we will ship them to you, totally free (within the contiguous 48 states). We guarantee easy and safe curbside delivery through one of our trusted logistics partners. Secondly, we work with Bread, a transparent financing company! A company that can help you spread the cost of your new barstools, over a monthly repayment plan that suits you. We don’t want you giving in to the false economy of cheap, bad quality furniture! Furniture that you have to replace regularly, when you can simply buy once and love forever.

    Barstools with a little bit extra? We’ll drink to that!

  • The perfect perch on a Walnut Bar Stool

    link to the walnut bar stoolPicture yourself with a gorgeous home bar. You’ve had a long week and you’re looking forward to pulling up a seat and enjoying a relaxed drink; however, one thing bursts the bubble of this idyllic way to unwind, an uncomfortable chair. It doesn’t have to! When you come to Woodland Creek Furniture for a beautiful walnut bar stool!

    A comfortable walnut bar stool for your to relax on!

    We know how important it is to be able to combine style, comfort and function in everything we create. We also respect traditional aesthetics and that’s why we created our stunning Black Walnut and Cedar Log Round Bar Stools. Take a fleeting glance and you might just see perfectly nice wooden stools. However, look closer and you’ll be able to appreciate the effort, creativity and artistry. All the work that has gone into each and every one. From the perfectly smooth and easy to relax on circular seat to the rustic and organic beauty of the base log frame; nothing here has been neglected, because it’s going in your home.

    So, why black walnut and cedar? The answer is simple. Black walnut is more than just a hardy and stoic material, it harbors great beauty as well. With some unfussy maintenance, the rich hues and gorgeous grain will remain eye-catching for decades to come and cedar? Well that’s our favorite do-all wood. Not just robust and aesthetically pleasing, cedar emits the most enticing aroma too! This brings everything you love about the great outdoors into your home in one easy move.

    It’s also such a fantastic neutral color that it is sure to blend in with any existing home decor. With such visually appealing materials in use, we finish our bar stools with a simple yet protective clear coat. This allows your wood to shine through but also helps to extend the lifespan as well; which is important here as once you sit on one, you’ll not want to enjoy a drink on anything else!

    Walnut bar stool 30"HCustomized for the Size you need!

    We know what you’re thinking; what if they aren’t the right height for my bar? This isn’t our first rodeo guys and with that in mind; We offer our striking black walnut and cedar log bar stools in two height options. Coming in 24” or 30” variations, with a 14” round seat, we feel sure that one of these will work for your home! Whether you’re accessorizing a home or breakfast bar, or both. However, if you think you need something just a little less standard, don’t assume that we can’t help. A custom design is only ever a phone call or email away with our team of experts, so get in touch and tell us your specific requirements, as we will be able to offer you a perfect solution.

    Never ones to miss out on an opportunity to pass savings onto our customers; we include free shipping within the contiguous 48 states, when you order four or more stools together. You’ll also enjoy a full year’s warranty to give you peace of mind.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pull up a perfect perch and finish your home bar with style today.

  • Bow Down to the Ultimate Rustic Bar Stool

    LInk to Rustic Bar Stools Rustic Teak Bar Stool

    You might think that bar stools are basically all alike, but you’d be wrong. Say goodbye to standard tall metal frames, wonky legs and unimaginative seats! As we introduce you to the last word in rustic bar stool beauty.

    Comfortably Relaxing with Gorgeous Bar Stools

    Home bars are such a pleasure. You can relax, in the comfort of your own home and enjoy your favorite drink without having to think about getting home, or what time it is. The only real snag is that you need to design and build out the perfect spot. We can’t help you decide where to position your bar but tag us in when it comes to furnishing it because not only do we offer an enormous range of stunning bars, we are also delighted to work with you on a fully custom installation and we have all the finishing touches you could possibly dream of. Including the comfiest, most authentically rustic and stylish bar stools you’ve ever seen.

    Our Natural Wood Teak Stool brings together the God-given beauty of teak wood with our ingenuity and not to brag, but the result is gorgeous. A shapely, tactile and chunky stool, we think our passion for working with teak is clear in the way that we have taken a solid piece! We let it guide our craftspeople to create an organic representation of a bar stool.

    link to natural teak barstools Natural Teak Bar Stool

    So many people make the mistake of fighting their materials! However, we put ours at the center of everything we create. Firstly, we take our time selecting our timber! Secondly, we nurture it and we do exactly the same in terms of choosing talented people to work with us. Lastly, when these two come together; a beautiful product is made, and what you’re seeing here is an excellent example of that!

    Many Styles of Rustic Bar Stools!

    Yes, we offer other styles of bar stools. Some are more intricate, others have a mix of materials included! However, we love this design because it radiates a natural simplicity and elegance that is impossible to argue with. We also enjoy the thought of settling down for one of life’s most uncomplicated pleasures on such a pared back design. A cold beer on a sturdy stool; it’s a match made in heaven. The seat is contoured for your comfort and an integrated foot bar is included as well. We also know that varying heights need different options, which is why this particular design comes in two sizes.

    Shipped free of charge and within 2-3 weeks, depending on stock levels and build queues! Your new bar stools could be with you before you know it. So you better get the fridge stocked, the keg hooked up and your loved ones prepared to not see you for a few hours each evening. Well, maybe just the kids!

  • Sturdy Bar Stools with Comfort and Style

    Sturdy bar stools. Have your current stools been given enough attention to detail, or are they simply tall dining chairs? We've sat on plenty that left a lot to be desired in terms of comfort, sturdiness, and aesthetic value. Woodland Creek Furniture decided to put our stamp on the tallest of seating options!

    Bar Stools Iron X Rustic Upholstered Leather Stool

    The Iron X Rustic Bar Stool not only puts the wow factor back into your home, it adds stability and a choice of upholstery options too. These modern, yet rustic, stools guarantee seamless integration with the rest of your interior. We bet you never thought you’d read that about industrial bar furniture!

    The Devil is in the Bar Stool Details

    When we designed this metal frame, sturdy bar stool, we wanted to play with traditional aesthetics. Hence the dramatic ‘X’ shape that comfortably cradles your back. More than a gorgeous feature, this braces the stool, adding an extra sense of security, no matter which height option you choose. Configure your new bar stools, by using our simple drop-down boxes to choose the following:

    • Stool height. This is an important consideration and will be impacted by where you plan to place the stools in your home. The most common placements will be in front of a home bar or as part of a breakfast ledge set-up, so be sure to measure before selecting. Our 26” option is considered to be counter height, while the 30” is standard bar height.
    • Upholstery choice. When working with an industrial bar stool, basically any upholstery will work. The dark brown leather combined with metal and wood creates a great rugged look. Our light gray leather adds a contrasting softness that makes for a fantastic transitional bar stool finish.

    Our bar stools are sturdy, thanks to the braced metal design, non-slip feet, and expert welding, but what about comfort? How have we added to the plush seat pads, to elevate your enjoyment? By including a curved wooden backrest. Hugging you in the right spot, you won’t need to worry about perfecting your posture on our stools.

    Bar Stools Iron X Rustic upholstered Leather Stool

    Logical Bar Stool Logistics

    We could flat-pack these gorgeous seating options, but this would have made for a less sturdy bar stool. We ship these bar stools fully constructed so we can take advantage of extra welding opportunities, while minimizing your frustration. Who has time for arduous seat assembly these days? Certainly not us and we don’t think you do either!

    Shipped for free when you buy three or more and available in as little as 2-3 weeks, stock permitting. We think our wood and leather bar stools are the perfect combination of quality, convenience, value, and attention to detail. So, how many bar stools do you want and what are we drinking to celebrate your amazing taste?

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