Bringing Home the Barnwood Table of Your Dreams

For some of our customers, owning a barnwood table is a reminder of their days back at their family’s farm. For others, the barnwood tables are natural and elegant pieces of Americana that fit comfortably into their home’s interior design. Whatever the reason may be, our customers have a wide variety of barnwood tables! Tables that we make by inspiration of a movement of American heritage and craftsmanship.

What are our Barnwood Tables made from?

We exclusively make our barnwood tables out of reclaimed wood beams! Wood beams from 100 to 150 year old barns from the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Unlike many of our competitors, who utilize paint and finish techniques to make fresh lumber look old. We use actual pieces from our nation’s rich agricultural history and reclaim them using our unique process; which keeps them looking rustic and natural while breathing new longevity into them.

The other unique aspect of our barnwood tables that sets us aside from mass-produced, fresh-lumber furniture is our ability to customize the size specifications and finish colors to suit your specifications and tastes. The quality of our customer service is something we at Woodland Creek Furniture pride ourselves on; and, we would love for you to come by one of our spacious showrooms! To check out our friendly team and a wide variety of barnwood table options!

For a unique and finely handcrafted addition to your home that will not only complement your rustic decor; but, will also earn you multitudes of compliments from your house guests! We invite you to come and get a good look and feel for our lineup of barnwood tables. Following a rich tradition of agricultural history in the United States, help us pay tribute to the years of work and toil! That went into feeding our great nation when it was coming of age. Do so by taking home a piece of that history; and, using it to be the place where you continue to feast on! The great products that the modernized agricultural industry still provides us to this day.

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