Black Walnut Dining Tables & Furniture

Every jeweler has their favorite gem.  Every carpenter has their favorite wood.  At Woodland Creek we are far past like, past enamored…we are infatuation with walnut wood dining tables!

Look deeply into beautiful tones of dark amber, milk chocolate, caramel cream and cappuccino as the blended grains flow together to create the deep sensual coloration of American Walnut.  How can you not be enamored with the beauty of this American hardwood – this American treasure?

Counter tops, dining tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, benches can all be designed to your needs and fabricated in black walnut wood.  Come in to Woodland Creek Furniture, and let’s discuss your ideas.

There are 21 species of walnut but at Woodland Creek we specialize in American Walnut.”

Many of our black walnut dining tables and benches are designed using the natural live edge of the slabs. The natural edge allows the beautiful wood grain to flow to the edge in a natural real design.  Mixing the natural edge table top with contemporary or modern legs creates beautiful “Sophisticated Rustic” signature black walnut tables & furniture designs.

American black walnut is superior to many other woods due to its versatile nature. American walnut trunks grow traditionally straight and clear of many side branches.  This creates the highest grade lumber. Black walnut wood is a very durable, medium density wood that allows the grain to be sanded from either direction. This allows the black walnut dining table tops to be finished to a soft, warm luster.

Woodland Creek - a company that allows you to participate in your new black walnut table design.”

Notice the lighter wood on the edge of the tables and benches.  This is the outer edge closest to the bark of the tree.  The lighter wood on the edge of the wood is called the trees’ cambium layer;  This is the newest wood formed under the bark.  As layers added year after year the wood will darken taking on its dark cinnamon cast.

Woodland Creek’s workshop is located in northern Michigan just east of Traverse City.  Their workshop is surrounded by pristine forests full of black walnut, maple, cherry, ash, sycamore, oak and many more fine species.  We have access to some of the highest quality hardwoods available in the world.

Throughout Woodland Creek Furniture’s web site you will see dozens of black walnut dining designs utilizing natural live edge slabs.  Any of our live edge black walnut dining tables, coffee tables, sofa tables or desks can be made to fit your space.  Custom walnut furniture is one of our specialties. If you don’t see it, let’s discuss your ideas as we are always looking for creative input from our customers.  We would be honored to handcraft a beautiful live edge black walnut dining table, coffee table, sofa table, desk or bed for you.  Call or email us today.  We are here seven days a week answering questions and brainstorming ideas.  231.668.9125 or

“American black walnut is America’s hardwood!”

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