Simplicity with A Twist

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of our Modern Natural Edge Black Walnut Dining Table, as it contains plenty of designer elements that are so seamlessly interwoven into the design that none shouts above all the others. The end result is a harmonious and elegant piece of furniture! One that will be a treasured focal point in any dining room, for years to come.

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Bringing out the best in the materials

It takes skill and a practiced hand to be able to combine rustic touches. Touches that frequently get associated with solid wood dining table designs with smooth contemporary detailing! However, we’ve managed it. Starting with the top, we take reclaimed black walnut that has been professionally kiln dried. We then fashion it into a shapely surface that allows the live edge of the wood to speak for itself. Amplified by the natural striations of the grain. The non-linear sides allow for a pared-back aesthetic that is sharply contrasted by what is happening underneath.

In order to create a hybrid modern natural dining table with a rustic live edge, steel has been added to the base, but not in the way that you might expect. These are no ‘veneers’ of sheet metal! They are solid inlays, built into the very fabric of the support system, for a sleek transition from warm wood to chis steel. The final effect is striking yet subtle.

link to the black walnut dining table

A modern black walnut dining table, finished the old-fashioned way

Wood is a responsive material and the move love it gets shown, the better, which is why our team of master craftsmen finish every one of our natural edge dining table designs by hand. Having taken the time to ensure the perfect level surface. The wood is then treated to four coats of high-quality clear coat! Which not only seals and protects the top from stains. It also allows the rich beauty to shine through. Walnut dining tabletops are so stunning that it would be negligent to finish ours in any way other than by hand! So, when yours arrives, you’ll know that it has been gently coaxed into revealing every beautiful variation in the grain! It will be all ready for your home.

link to a walnut dining table

Make it your own

Despite being a hugely popular design, the Modern Natural Edge Black Walnut Dining Table is not a ready-to-ship item, with each piece being made to order, to exact specifications. We know that no two homes are the same! As such, neither are dimension requirements, which is why we take a more holistic approach to the ordering process. You can select the ideal length and width for your home. We will make it, right here in the USA, with only you in mind. When completed, we will then ship it, with no charge, to anywhere within the Contiguous 48 states.

Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we don’t believe that in anything less than a bespoke service, so whether you are looking for a live edge table or a contemporary bed frame, we want to make your design ambitions a reality.

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