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Timeless style you can see in black and white

2021-07-07 14:17:26 19 view(s)

Timeless style you can see in black and white

Monochromatic designs have remained elegant and fashionable throughout the ages and we’ve used them as inspiration for our Black Walnut and White Cedar Log Dining Chairs that promise to finish any eating space with a little extra pizazz.

Black Walnut Dining Chairs in STYLE!!

Are dining chairs normally something special? Not really, no. Given the proportions of a dining set, it’s normally the table that commands most, if not all of the attention! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t balance things out with some exceptional chairs too. Rather than just wanting to make the table a star attraction, make the entire set-up complementary; or, if you have a limited budget, why not start by upgrading your space with some utterly stunning seating options? Our log dining chairs will fit the bill, whatever you’re hoping to achieve.  We have three incarnations for you to choose from, in order to give you the best chance at accommodating everybody you need to, within your designated area. We have arm chair, side chair and slim sideline chair designs to select, each marrying together the rich and dark tones of black walnut with the creamy softness of natural cedar. We’ve utilized the strength of the walnut for the seat base in each version. This allows for the saving the cedar for the statement legs and back support spindles; and, we think you’ll agree that the look is striking yet so sophisticated. With a gentle touch; we hand finish every surface to ensure tactile smoothness! Finally, then we apply a clear topcoat for protection without adulterating those amazing hues. Link to the walnut dining chairs

Our Work Speaks for Itself!

We don’t subscribe to hard sell tactics. Primarily because our work speaks for itself; but, also because we are more interested in offering genuinely good value! Rather than trying to persuade you to buy more than you need to. With that in mind, we have set our free shipping threshold at just four chairs. Buy less and we have to add a small freight fee to your order! However, it can be negated by purchasing a full set all at once, or by selecting a table as well. We only ask for between seven and nine weeks to build your new chairs; so, that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to suddenly decide that you would like to get a couple more! So, we encourage you to think about how many you really need and wait until you can order them all together.  Beautiful as they are or easy to add a textile seat pad to, our log chairs are the ideal way to tie a new dining set together and inject some serious rustic charm into your home, without having to negate comfort for good taste. We know that these chairs will be just as pleasant to sit on for a long holiday feast as a short family midweek dinner; so, let us know how many we can make for you, today.
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