Best ideas to use Rust valley red cedar log diamond wall mirror as a decor element

Red Cedar Log Diamond Mirror
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Best ideas to use Rust valley red cedar log diamond wall mirror as a decor element

Adding rustic mirrors to the wall in your living space has more applications than just using them to check outfits. You can also use them as accessories to decorate your living space. Your fresh wallpapers and perfectly positioned furniture can become ten times more beautiful by adding a unique element such as a simple rustic log mirror. This article highlights some novel ideas about turning mirrors into art fixtures by simply changing their placement in the room.


The rustic vanity mirror in your bathroom has a straightforward application and is usually placed over a faucet. However, moving away from the usual format, you can think of hiding your extension cords, tool bags, and window wells using a vintage-style mirror. This innovative experiment will make your restroom functional and fashionable without any extra effort.


Placing a mirror in your bedroom completely depends on your taste in interior design. You can add the best lighting, paint your bedroom in unique colors and place the mats and rugs perfectly. But despite all of this, you can still struggle to find a good place to hang your mirror.

Some of the unique ways to use a mirror as a home decor element in your bedroom include:

  • Adding chains and straps to it
  • Placing them beside diffusers and oils
  • Installing a mirror above the cabinet
  • Hiding the TV wire, bolts, cable, and connectors using the mirror

Living room

Since the living room reflects the persona of your entire house and its people, you must plan your mirror placements strategically. The addition of decorative hanging Red Cedar Diamond Wall mirrors can fill the void in your large living room.

Light fixtures play a significant role in guiding the placement of the mirror. Hence, you can place your mirror at an angle near the bulbs to amplify the subtle lighting. Another exciting way of using a mirror is placing it right opposite the windows or any sign to avoid making it look like a random piece in the room.

Dining space

There isn't much you can do with dining rooms since they serve as a peaceful corner for the family to gather and have a meal together. This further rules out the possibility of placing a mirror near the house plants or the coolers.

Hence, an apt placement would be above the drawers or basin taps to make them look useful. Additionally, you can use them to hide low-lying ventilation units or a wire extension. It is important to properly insulate the wires before placing a mirror over them to avoid any problems.

A rustic red cedar log mirror made from red cedar wood with a clear finish will become the highlight of your home if used properly.