A Pool Table to Rack 'Em Up!

When we say rack ‘em up, we aren’t just talking about the balls on your potential new barnwood pool table! However, we are also talking about  your undeniable style points! link to the barnwood pool table

A Barnwood Pool Table Treat For You And Your Home

You work hard and you’ve taken the time to curate a stunning home for yourself, so what’s left to do? The answer is obvious…it’s time to create the ultimate games room, complete with outrageously decadent pool table. That guests will find impossible not to stare at! We want to give you fair warning though – this Barnwood Pool Table with Wildwood Accents is so exquisite that friends and family members might actually ask permission before playing a game with you! So what makes this such a special and elegant pool table? It starts with the fact that is has been handcrafted from amazing reclaimed wood. We don’t accept just any barn wood when we are searching for timber for our pieces!  Although, competitors might be satisfied with just 50 years of history in their material. We, however, are resolutely not. We demand a minimum of 100 years of American history and pride in every timber that we re-purpose! Also, we treat them all with the utmost respect, as can be seen in the details of this eye-catching investment.

Boasting isn’t an attractive quality. However, we see nothing wrong in celebrating our good fortune to work with some of the finest craftsmen available! The results speaking for themselves. In comes our carefully sourced barn wood and our magicians work their magic, turning distressed timbers into intricately carved and revitalized statement items, such as this antique wood pool table. Just look at those legs, not to mention the main body of the table, which houses all of the internal mechanism. It’s a work of art! You wouldn’t believe how long it takes for us to complete one of these amazing tables.

A Pool Table for your Dreams

We need, on average, just 6-8 weeks, from the point of ordering, to build your table! Regardless of whether you choose a 7, 8 or 9ft version. Though opportunities to customize are limited here, to ensure proper functionality. We can extend you a near-impossible choice of 30 felt colors for your playing surface. So, whether you choose tournament green or feel like being more flamboyant with gold or orange! You can inject some all-important personality into your reclaimed wood pool table design. When assembling your new table, a professional technician will be needed. We are happy to take all of the hassle out of sourcing one in your area for you. Or, you are welcome to find your own. Just remember that assembly is not the moment to cut corners, as proper felt stretching and internal assembly will be essential for longevity. link to the barn wood pool table We know that this is a large investment, but it’s one that your home will thank you for and if we were betting people, we’d wager that you’ll look for some complementary reclaimed wood game room furniture in the future as well. If nothing else, we think a striking bar or entertainment center would be the perfect finishing touch.
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