Barnwood Furniture is the Ultimate Rustic Touch

Growing up in a road tripping family might have afforded you a few chance visual encounters with some of those barnyards that pattern our Great Plains and our old American art and cultural items. Barnyards of the older generations have a mystical quality to them, reminding us of the strong agricultural tradition that carried our great nation into prosperity and helped nurture it when going through the more difficult times. While many barnyards have since fallen into obsolescence as technology has altered the face of the farmlands, they still stand as cultural beacons. Woodland Creek Furniture takes these traditional items and helps breathe new life into them with our lineup of barnwood furniture items. With our finely crafted and uniquely designed pieces, we offer our valued customers the chance to own a piece of Americana that will fit elegantly into their home. What better way to cherish the American spirit of agriculture and stylistically decorate your home than with an actual piece of that tradition? Our barnwood furniture collection exclusively uses barnwood to create a fresh, unique look to your home decor. Our barnwood furniture collection includes the following items:
  • Barnwood bedroom sets
  • Barnwood dining tables
  • Barnwood coffee tables
  • Barnwood sideboards & sofa tables
  • Barnwood end tables & nightstands
  • Barnwood chairs
  • Barnwood benches
  • Barnwood entertainment centers
  • Barnwood lighting
  • Barnwood framed mirrors
  • More!
As you can see, there is no shortage of options to bring that homely, rustic decor into your home, and with loads of style. The barnwood furniture that we craft is given a very special touch behind each and every piece, and we have many options for you to choose from. Visit one of our humongous showrooms in either Kalkaska or Traverse City, Michigan, and find out what people from all around the country and even the world have been looking into when they want a piece of barnwood furniture and unique American craftsmanship in their homes. All of our barnwood furniture is made from 100+ year old barns in the Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana areas, and find out how we can replenish these antiquated pieces of wood into custom sizes and shapes, to meet your specifications!
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