All Work And A Playful Design

Challenges are just opportunities that you haven’t fulfilled yet and we love them here at Woodland Creek. It stands to reason, therefore, that taking on the gargantuan task of transforming what would normally be a very strait-laced and uninspiring piece of furniture and turning it into a glorious masterpiece was at the top of our to-do list and we think we’ve cracked it. Say goodbye to boring office desks and help to your new reclaimed wood office furniture.

Almost Distractingly Beautiful

We understand the logic of keeping office furniture on the dull side, so that it doesn’t distract you from all your necessary day-to-day clerical tasks, but we happen to believe that surrounding yourself with beauty is far more inspiring and will lead to increased creativity, productivity and job satisfaction. You can take that from us, as we are surrounded by our incredible designs each and every day and we can’t help coming up with even more!

In the case of our Rustic Barnwood Desk, we think you’ll spot everything that makes it incredible in an instant. First off, you’ll no doubt enjoy the interplay between warm tones and textural finishes that draw your eye to every corner of the piece. Retaining a rustic yet refined ambience, it made perfect sense to include inlay detailing, with both metal and wood elements being used to phenomenal effect. Lastly, we know you’ll appreciate the combination of function with aesthetics, because what use is office furniture that only looks good? That’s why we’ve included four useful drawers, finished with metal strap handles, to keep you organized, as well as at the cutting edge of office design.

A Desk Made To Work

We don’t like the idea of limitations, so while this is absolutely a perfect inlaid desk for your home, lodge or cabin, don’t discount it from being a centerpiece in your professional office either. It might seem a little radical, to insert an old world style desk into a contemporary office, but we think it’s a chance to inject some personal style and to make your professional sphere entirely geared towards maximum productivity. Admit it – you’d much rather work late at this gorgeous desk than a bog-standard metal and plastic version that everyone else has, wouldn’t you?

If you’re concerned that you might be able to walk into another office and see the exact same desk, we hear you, which is why we offer a fully customizable experience. You can change up the size and even tailor your inlay details to suit you and your working space perfectly, without worrying about losing any of the heritage charm that makes the original design so special. We’ll ask you for up to 8 weeks to build and complete your new piece of furniture and we’ll ship it to you for free, within the contiguous states, but to set your mind at ease even more, just take a look at what a previous customer has to say about their barnwood desk,

“We were really nervous ordering an expensive piece of furniture online, but this company EXCEEDED our expectations! The items are beautiful and we intend to order more this year. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company…”

You can’t say fairer than that!

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