Add Reclaimed Wood Furniture to Your Rustic Interior Design

Reclaimed wood furniture is growing in popularity around the country when it comes to rustic interior design. The reclaimed wood that is used in the production of furniture is sometimes not what it claims to be, however.

Is it real reclaimed wood for your rustic interior design?

Many competitors are offering furniture that has a reclaimed wood look to it but comes from fresh cuts of lumber. The authenticity, durability, and history of the wood are all compromised! Actual reclaimed wood furniture uses wood found from sources such as old barns, factories, and warehouses that were built at least 100 years ago. This means they have the age, character, and meaning all buried deep within the timber. For anyone who is avid about their history and their furniture, these are all very important features!

The reclaimed wood furniture style is growing in popularity, for use in interior design, for several reasons:

  • It looks and feels great and unique
  • The rich history and tradition that are behind each piece of furniture
  • They reuse resources, instead of requiring more trees to be cut for wood
  • The physical characteristics of the wood are marked by higher quality and sustainability

Whats the reason for this popularity?

Why, you may ask, is it better to reuse the wood, especially if it is so old as it is? Well, the answer again lies in our history. The wood, that was used over a century ago by the nation’s agricultural pioneers, was harvested in a time when air pollution from the industrial age did not stunt the growth or quality character of new trees. The wood is stronger, healthier, and last much longer; than the wood that is harvested from the trees of today. Trees that are bred and cut down in the modern age for mass producing furniture.

The reclaimed wood furniture that we use at Woodland Creek Furniture is sourced from barns and other locations around the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. We use wood that is at least 100 years old and filled with history and character; before, implementing our unique process to craft and reclaim it into new and elegant pieces of reclaimed wood furniture. We would love for you to take a look through our wide variety of pieces either online; or, in one of our two massive showrooms.

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