5 rustic chairs to own in your lifetime

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5 rustic chairs to own in your lifetime

We were just sat thinking the other day, about how your tastes and needs change at various points in your life! It made us wonder: how many bits of furniture do we all own, on average, in our lifetime? Hundreds, naturally, but what are some of the key pieces that everybody should treat themselves to at least once? Read on to find out what rustic chairs you'll own in your life time!

1. The first armchair

Whether you get rustic chairs for your bedroom at home or treat yourself to in college, no chair will ever make you feel as grown up as that first armchair that you treat yourself to. It probably won’t be a groundbreaking design or from a timeless brand; however, you’ll love it and have amazing memories of it! Which will probably make you look for something similar when you’re older and furnishing your forever home!

2. Sociable dining benches

Dining benches, as opposed to chairs, feel so much more casual, fun and sociable, don’t you think? If you house-share, you’ll definitely want to tap into New York loft living aesthetics by choosing benches over traditional chairs; to create a more communal feel. Link to a rustic chair

3. A nursery rocking chair

Not everybody plans to have children, or can. We know this and have nothing but love and support for whichever category you fall into, but if you do have a family, a nursery rocking chair is a must. You’ll never forget sinking into that comfortable, supportive rocker during a night feed, while the rest of the house is asleep and you get to gaze at that beautiful baby on your own for a few minutes. We highly recommend making this one of your first nursery furniture purchases, as they provide much needed relief in that final trimester, moms-to-be!

4. Decadent bedroom chaise longue

Who hasn’t, at least once, fancied the idea of a velvet chaise at the foot of the bed or in front of a window? We blame Netflix for making shows such as Bridgerton, which has us all dreaming of fancy furniture and brocade fabrics! Either way, a chaise is a very practical choice, as well as a stylish one. Great for sitting to put on shoes, to read a book or to simply relax without taking a full-on nap, you can live out your regency fantasies through a simple furniture purchase.

5. A traditional porch swing

We’ve saved the best for last. The porch swing that you sit on when you’ve worked hard; and have been able to retire and just want to enjoy some quiet time with your better half. It’s not a cliche to want to enjoy these picture-perfect moments. It's the American dream and we are very much here for it! Come back soon to read more of our must-have furniture series!
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