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  • A Multifunctional Bench that's a Marvel to Behold

    If you’ve never thought of seating as anything to get overly excited about, we understand. We might also be about to change your mind; because, the joy of multifunctional seating is something you never get bored of, once you’ve benefited from it. So let introduce you to our modern tuscan bench!

    A multifunctional Modern Tuscan Bench!

    Chairs are great, stools are fab but for really adaptive seating; you need to consider a beautiful solid wood bench for your home. Why? Because you can place them anywhere you have room! Wherever you need some useful extra seating and they can even be swapped out for regular dining chairs; to maximize the number of guests you can accommodate. In short, there’s nothing they aren’t handy for.

    Let’s take a busy hallway. Everybody prefers to sit while they put shoes on and a slimline bench like our Modern Tuscan Natural Wood Bench is an unobtrusive and stylish addition that will let plenty of people get ready together. Now, picture a gorgeous dining table, an occasion when lots of you want to get together! They get together to eat, and have a hankering for a really sociable setting. That’s when this bench will really come into its own; before, sliding gracefully beneath the top and out of sight until next needed. Though with this design, that actually feels like a bit of a waste, given how stunning it is.

    We knew we wanted to use a special material and they don’t come much more striking than Asian walnut. With a warm and decadent hue that radiates from the grain; finishing the base in black allows the rich top to really glow. There’s a swaying flow to the grain itself too, adding a little movement to a stoic and sturdy piece of furniture! One that you will otherwise plant to its spot!Link to the Modern Tuscan Bench

    A beautiful bench made in Asian Walnut!

    Thanks to the inherent beauty and hardiness of Asian walnut; we don’t apply a finish here. This leaves the wood natural and ready to bed into your home with grace and charm. We do, however, invite you to make a decision about the length of bench that would best suit you and your needs. We offer five standard sizes, ranging from four to eight feet; but as always, we can step up and help with a bespoke set of dimensions as well. That’s the beauty of making everything to order and right here in our USA workshop. 

    Order more than one bench or one bench alongside a larger item and we will ship curbside for free. This might be a good excuse to look at a new dining table as well, to take advantage of not only a significant freight saving; but also our complementary designs that will look symbiotic and stunning with this bench neatly tucked beneath it. We also have a range of other Asian walnut pieces, ranging from traditional and rustic through to sleek and undeniably contemporary, in case you simply can’t get enough of that grain!

    One bench that can do the work of four chairs. To us, that just sounds like savvy economics!

  • Take a new bar stool for a spin

    Never miss out on the action happening behind you again with one of our striking Black Walnut and Rustic Cedar Log Swivel Barstools! Ok, so that’s not exactly why we designed them to rotate fully; However, it’s an added bonus on top of being able to get on comfortably from any angle, don’t you agree?

    Functional Swivel Barstools!

    Barstools need to serve three functions; give you enough height to enjoy a drink at a raised bar, be comfortable for extended periods of time and look fabulous and we’ve managed to check them all off with this design. Let’s start with aesthetics. link to the black walnut swivel barstools

    The contrasts between black walnut and stripped cedar is eye-catching and magical. There’s a real balance between the dark and creamy shades, bringing organic monochrome to the forefront. The textural difference works so well to create visual interest as well; with the sleek walnut segments meeting undulating logs with ease. Imagine how impactful three or four stools would look, all perfectly lined up beneath a breakfast or home bar. 

    When it comes to comfort; the only way to guarantee it across the board is to include a number of options and variations. What’s great for one person will be torture for another! Which is why we have created both an arm chair and side chair version, both coming in two sizes. One of our favorite features is the high back, reaching approximately 17” above the seat. Not all bar stools have them and can get a little painful after a while. However, this one will have you relaxed, supported and comfy long into the evening. 

    Heighted for what you need!

    Backs that like a little extra support will appreciate the addition of tactile arms and with 24” and 30” heights available; you won’t have to stretch or stoop to enjoy yourself. We think it’s only fair to consider both the more petite and taller users, as well as the different heights in home bar surfaces. That being said, if you have something that isn’t a standard size and you want to finish it with style; we are always delighted to discuss bespoke projects. If you like the styling here but need a different height. Let’s have that conversation and see how we can help you finish your home exactly how you are picturing.

    We know that ordering a full set of barstools is a big investment! Which is why we have put two initiatives in place to help. Firstly, when you order four or more, we will ship them to you, totally free (within the contiguous 48 states). We guarantee easy and safe curbside delivery through one of our trusted logistics partners. Secondly, we work with Bread, a transparent financing company! A company that can help you spread the cost of your new barstools, over a monthly repayment plan that suits you. We don’t want you giving in to the false economy of cheap, bad quality furniture! Furniture that you have to replace regularly, when you can simply buy once and love forever.

    Barstools with a little bit extra? We’ll drink to that!

  • Surprising rooms where rustic interior design works

    Certain rooms within a home seem to just naturally work well with a rustic theme, don’t you think? Kitchens are a given, of course, as are bedrooms, but what about some of the more eyebrow-raising spaces? Well, we happen to think any room can be a rustic haven if you choose the right furniture; However, let us persuade you if you are yet to agree. Rustic home interior design works in many rooms! 

    Home office with Rustic Home Interior Design!Link to a solid wood desk

    Yes, we are going straight for the jugular here; because, so many people don’t seem to appreciate what potential a home office has to accept a healthy dose of rustic flair. The secret to productivity is a non-distracting zone that feels comfortable, not too cozy, functional; but also pleasant to be around. Well if that’s not the long way of saying a solid wood desk and some gorgeous bookshelves, we don’t know what is. A tactile desk with ergonomics and usability built in makes for a fantastic office centerpiece and we should know; we’re typing on one right now!


    We always forget that wood and water never used to be thought of as a good mix; However, these days, rustic bathrooms are the last word in considered home design. We love using our stripped northern white cedar to great effect! We use it in all sizes and shapes of bathing spots and add in a hand carved stone sink too? Now you’re really taking our language. 

    Boot room

    Brits love a boot room and we like the way they think. Having a dedicated room for coats, outdoor shoes and muddy dogs is a great idea! Furthermore, if you can inject some rustic style too; it will be so much better. Big sideboards, benches for getting Wellington boots on and off and pared back coat hooks all look great in a more rustic and unfussy aesthetic; especially if it reduces likelihood of installing pristine white cabinets. Don’t forget that dogs like to shake themselves dry!

    Child’s bedroom with Rustic Home Interior Designlink to a rustic bunk bed for rustic home interior design

    Master suites are great with log beds, but what about your younger residents’ private spheres? We think rustic bunk beds make a good kids' room into a great kids’ room and you can rest easy that a solid wood frame won’t collapse under the weight of rambunctious play. If you have one child, bunk beds allow for easy sleepovers! Furthermore, you might even be allowed to add a matching chest of drawers, to help keep it clean and tidy.

    Artist studio

    We know that not everyone has a studio at home but for those of you that do, making it rustic is nothing short of common sense. It’s been proven that a connection to nature and the natural world inspires creativity, alleviates stress and allows you to ground yourself in more organic thought processes, all of which sounds like the best frame of mind for artistic expression. Try using rustic shelving for your supplies, live edge tables for working on and even wooden stools to sit on while you create. Just being in contact with wood could unlock new levels of your imagination.

    Of course, we think rustic design looks good and works absolutely everywhere; but, hopefully you have opened your mind to a few new possibilities too

  • Timeless style you can see in black and white

    Monochromatic designs have remained elegant and fashionable throughout the ages and we’ve used them as inspiration for our Black Walnut and White Cedar Log Dining Chairs that promise to finish any eating space with a little extra pizazz.

    Black Walnut Dining Chairs in STYLE!!

    Are dining chairs normally something special? Not really, no. Given the proportions of a dining set, it’s normally the table that commands most, if not all of the attention! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t balance things out with some exceptional chairs too. Rather than just wanting to make the table a star attraction, make the entire set-up complementary; or, if you have a limited budget, why not start by upgrading your space with some utterly stunning seating options? Our log dining chairs will fit the bill, whatever you’re hoping to achieve. 

    We have three incarnations for you to choose from, in order to give you the best chance at accommodating everybody you need to, within your designated area. We have arm chair, side chair and slim sideline chair designs to select, each marrying together the rich and dark tones of black walnut with the creamy softness of natural cedar. We’ve utilized the strength of the walnut for the seat base in each version. This allows for the saving the cedar for the statement legs and back support spindles; and, we think you’ll agree that the look is striking yet so sophisticated. With a gentle touch; we hand finish every surface to ensure tactile smoothness! Finally, then we apply a clear topcoat for protection without adulterating those amazing hues. Link to the walnut dining chairs

    Our Work Speaks for Itself!

    We don’t subscribe to hard sell tactics. Primarily because our work speaks for itself; but, also because we are more interested in offering genuinely good value! Rather than trying to persuade you to buy more than you need to. With that in mind, we have set our free shipping threshold at just four chairs. Buy less and we have to add a small freight fee to your order! However, it can be negated by purchasing a full set all at once, or by selecting a table as well. We only ask for between seven and nine weeks to build your new chairs; so, that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to suddenly decide that you would like to get a couple more! So, we encourage you to think about how many you really need and wait until you can order them all together. 

    Beautiful as they are or easy to add a textile seat pad to, our log chairs are the ideal way to tie a new dining set together and inject some serious rustic charm into your home, without having to negate comfort for good taste. We know that these chairs will be just as pleasant to sit on for a long holiday feast as a short family midweek dinner; so, let us know how many we can make for you, today.

  • A dining table full of delicious flavor

    If you think that all dining tables are at least similar in the sense that they have a base and a top, we’ll forgivelink to the black walnut dining table you. However, why not let us show you just how dramatically different, unique and stunning they can really be? Let us introduce you to our beautiful black walnut dining table!

    Picture this beautiful walnut dining table!

    If we asked you to picture a rustic dining table, what would pop into your mind? A solid wood design, of course, but in what guise? Maybe something farmhouse in style, or a traditional trestle? What if it could be a startlingly eye-catching blend of black walnut and cedar logs; all finished with a live edge? Well, it can be!

    We enjoy taking seemingly simple designs and adding surprising detail where you least expect and with our Black Walnut and Rustic Cedar Log Dining Table, that’s exactly what we’ve done. How? By making the woods themselves so attention-grabbing. We transformed an understated base frame and natural edge top design! We did this by making the surface a thick, generous slab of unadulterated black walnut; and the support from aromatic stripped cedar logs. The finished result is a masterpiece of blended wood tones, scents and minimalist aesthetics.

    Of course, when you use wood that has the naturally beautiful properties of black walnut and cedar, you don't need to add too much to them, but we knew that a natural edge was essential. This is no run-of-the-mill table! As such, the slabs we use should be allowed to dictate the finished shape and look of the piece; especially seeing as the supporting logs have been left in their natural state as well.

    Sized for any Need!

    Black walnut and Cedar Dining TableWe offer five table sizes as standard, ranging from four to eight feet in length; but of course, we love discussing how we can take an existing design and turn it into a fully custom order! So, have no fear if what your dimensions are not on the list. We don’t, however, offer a choice of finishes. This is because we know you’ll agree that a clear protective top coat is all that you need here; to let the majesty of the materials dazzle your guests. 

    Now to something important. All of our designs are conceived, curated and created right here in the USA. We believe in the strength and heritage of domestic craftsmanship, as well as respecting mother nature for providing our beautiful building materials. That’s why we source sustainably and take our time choosing only the very best slabs for our dining tables. We supply them with a full year’s warranty. However, we want to be sure that they will last for decades; not a mere few months and we can only know that by building them ourselves, to order, in our USA workshop! We use only hand-selected wood. Working with this material is our passion and vocation, as it is for everybody in our team; and we all understand that you want to make memories around your new table. 

    Don’t forget that we also ship large items for free! So, if you are tempted to invest in some matching chairs as well; buy them as a bundle to avoid a small items freight charge. You can read more about our shipping procedure here.

  • Why solid wood will outlast the rest

    It doesn’t take a lot to understand the appeal of flatpack furniture; and, far be it for us to be snobs about homemaking on a budget. However, there is a big but here, the value for money that flatpack pieces offer is short lived! Furthermore, this usually adds up to a shockingly false economy. This is just one of the many reasons for solid wood designs being superior. Let’s talk about a few more as well though.

    black walnut bar stool


    Try as you like, veneer or artificial wood never comes close to capturing the same warmth and tactile appeal of solid wood. There are some fantastic materials out there, offering their own durability and functionality, but when it comes to looks, it’s hard to compare a slab of MDF with thin veneer with a thick live edge wedge of black walnut.


    If you’re thinking that flatpack furniture has a place in homes that have been designed to look very modern and minimal;  don’t forget that solid wood is one of the most malleable materials in the world. If you want simple, lacquered and unfussy; you can get that in timber and without worrying about replacing it within the next two years too.


    Let’s talk about longevity. Flatpack furniture is generally designed to serve as a fast and inexpensive solution to furniture and storage needs; and that doesn’t usually leave a lot of room for lasting durability. If it did, everybody would buy cheap bookshelves and they’d last forever. It’s simply not a financially savvy move for flatpack pieces to last well, but solid wood? It’s in its nature to go on forever. 

    Scratch a solid wood coffee table and it can be repaired to look good as new. Chip a solid wood sideboard and it will simply add some character and rustic charm. We cannot say the same for flatpack items. You chip one of those and you’ll expose the murky manufactured board interior, or maybe break a supporting dowel.


    Have you ever heard of anybody passing down a Billy bookcase from Ikea to younger generations of their family? Of course not, because places make them in masses and don't make them special. What about a much loved solid wood dining table though? One with years of thanksgiving memories, birthdays and family pow-wows around it? That’s the kind of heirloom that families fight over. Because, everybody wants to put it front and center in their homes for another 20-30 years. 

    Solid wood furniture has memories attached to it. Every scratch and nick, if not repaired, carries an experience and a story that is part of the tapestry of family life. 

    A solid wood dining table Hickory Base Dining Table - Cherry Top


    Finally, nobody ever admired the craftsmanship of flatpack furniture, namely because you have to build it yourself. It was all made in a factory! However, a solid wood item? Something carved, hand finished and designed by some of the most dedicated and talented minds in the artisan world? That’s an investment and something to admire for years to come. 

    Though offered as solutions for the same things, flatpack and solid wood furniture are worlds apart in terms of lasting appeal; and, being worthy of your hard-earned money. So, when in doubt, always remember one of our favorite adages: buy cheap, buy twice.

  • A wonderful walnut live edge bed

    If you think that upstaging a piece of black walnut live edge bed would be tough, you’re right. That doesn't mean that it can’t be even further accentuated, accessorized and perfected though. Prepare to fall in love with the heady combination of silky smooth wood with buttery leather or textural linen; as we introduce you to the last bed you’ll ever want to treat yourself too.

    The right walnut live edge bed for your home!

    The right bed makes all the difference. It honestly can’t be over exaggerated! What a huge impact a gorgeous, comfortable and sturdy bed has on the quality of life for those sleeping on it. Think back to when you’ve had some lackluster bedroom furniture; and, you’ll probably remember creaking frames keeping you awake, lazy finishes ruining your carefully implemented aesthetic and bad construction necessitating regular replacement. None of that will have added up to the best and most restorative sleep of your life; but, that’s what we want to offer you.

    Our Upholstered Live Edge Panel Bed is, in our opinion, a masterclass in combining ergonomics with aesthetics and excellent value for money. Let’s dive in and take a look at what makes it so special, to see if you agree with us.Link to the walnut upholstered bed

    First of all, you can’t snooze on that live edge detailing. Shapely head and foot boards give a fluidity and languid tranquility to the overall design; and, lock into the sturdy frame with ease. The strength is undeniably tough but the finished look has a defined softness and tactile quality. That is hard to achieve in something as dramatic as black walnut, but our artisans have managed.

    Playing on the warmth of the material, we wanted to inject an extra layer of gentle design. So, you can choose between soft brown leather or natural cream linen for your upholstered headboard panel. Contrasting and yet complementing the natural wood frame so well, this textural variation helps to define the duality of what makes a bed truly great; in that it’s soft and strong all at once. It’s also terrifically customizable.

    Beautifully upholstered bed!

    As well as choosing your upholstery preference, you can also pick between a modest queen or spacious king sized frame. Which gives you an extra 16” of stretch-out space. There’s no chemical finishes to worry about and if you want to switch up your whole bedroom to match, we have a range of beautiful black walnut furniture items that will seamlessly finish the look.

    Given the special nature of this bed, we ask for up to 10 weeks to complete your build, as everything is made to order. When you buy a piece of furniture from Woodland Creek; you are buying something specifically built just for you! So, now is the time to think about if there are any extra little touches you know you’d like included. Custom comes as standard for us, because your delight is our driving force. That’s also why we ship for free, within the mainland USA.

    Your best night’s sleep is just a click away.

  • The perfect perch on a Walnut Bar Stool

    link to the walnut bar stoolPicture yourself with a gorgeous home bar. You’ve had a long week and you’re looking forward to pulling up a seat and enjoying a relaxed drink; however, one thing bursts the bubble of this idyllic way to unwind, an uncomfortable chair. It doesn’t have to! When you come to Woodland Creek Furniture for a beautiful walnut bar stool!

    A comfortable walnut bar stool for your to relax on!

    We know how important it is to be able to combine style, comfort and function in everything we create. We also respect traditional aesthetics and that’s why we created our stunning Black Walnut and Cedar Log Round Bar Stools. Take a fleeting glance and you might just see perfectly nice wooden stools. However, look closer and you’ll be able to appreciate the effort, creativity and artistry. All the work that has gone into each and every one. From the perfectly smooth and easy to relax on circular seat to the rustic and organic beauty of the base log frame; nothing here has been neglected, because it’s going in your home.

    So, why black walnut and cedar? The answer is simple. Black walnut is more than just a hardy and stoic material, it harbors great beauty as well. With some unfussy maintenance, the rich hues and gorgeous grain will remain eye-catching for decades to come and cedar? Well that’s our favorite do-all wood. Not just robust and aesthetically pleasing, cedar emits the most enticing aroma too! This brings everything you love about the great outdoors into your home in one easy move.

    It’s also such a fantastic neutral color that it is sure to blend in with any existing home decor. With such visually appealing materials in use, we finish our bar stools with a simple yet protective clear coat. This allows your wood to shine through but also helps to extend the lifespan as well; which is important here as once you sit on one, you’ll not want to enjoy a drink on anything else!

    Walnut bar stool 30"HCustomized for the Size you need!

    We know what you’re thinking; what if they aren’t the right height for my bar? This isn’t our first rodeo guys and with that in mind; We offer our striking black walnut and cedar log bar stools in two height options. Coming in 24” or 30” variations, with a 14” round seat, we feel sure that one of these will work for your home! Whether you’re accessorizing a home or breakfast bar, or both. However, if you think you need something just a little less standard, don’t assume that we can’t help. A custom design is only ever a phone call or email away with our team of experts, so get in touch and tell us your specific requirements, as we will be able to offer you a perfect solution.

    Never ones to miss out on an opportunity to pass savings onto our customers; we include free shipping within the contiguous 48 states, when you order four or more stools together. You’ll also enjoy a full year’s warranty to give you peace of mind.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pull up a perfect perch and finish your home bar with style today.

  • Home interior design genres forever in style

    There’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at a little experimental home design now and then; but for timeless elegance that only ever needs a slight refresh. There are a few interior design genres to know about.

    Fusions, hybrids and just plain out-there interior design ideas are fun. They always look stylish splashed across editorial pages of glossy home magazines; but in the real world, ageless genres are what we need. Sure, we can punctuate our homes with accessories and finishing touches that add excitement and allure. However, when it comes to the basics, such as wall colors, furniture and overall ambience. The following are worth acquainting yourself with:

    Rustic Interior Design Genrea Rustic Dining Table

    The more wood the better for a rustic home and if it can be reclaimed? So much the better! Rustic homes are characterized by a warm and welcoming feeling! A feeling that seems to come from the warmth of solid wood furniture; not to mention the nostalgia that it also evokes. A well loved dining table, a log-frame master bed or even just a beautiful hallway sideboard. These key pieces, when balanced with neutral wall colors and plenty of soft furnishings. Come together to create the cozy cabin vibe that makes rustic interior design so steadfast and eternally popular. 


    The great thing about minimalism is that the principle of ‘less is more’ can extend to mean; that what you do buy should be of exceptional quality as well. Though you might think that white everything is essential. That is a myth and instead, minimalist homes showcase clean lines, unfussy color schemes and eye-catching one-off furniture pieces. Pieces that serve a function as well as having aesthetic value. Neutral colors are key, with natural light taken advantage of wherever possible and furniture can be crafted from exotic woods. 


    Laid-back, comfortable and with no discernable color scheme. Bohemian interior design places more importance on the symbolism and connection owners feel to the pieces around them. This is why furniture, soft goods and accessories tend to be mismatched. The resulting patchwork of belongings come together to work in a fluid and deeply personal way, with homes that align with this genre; being a perfect representation of the people that live in them. We always picture gorgeous upholstered ottomans and hanging chairs filled with unusual throws when we think of bohemian houses. Gorgeous!

    Contemporary Interior Design Genre a contemporary sideboard design

    This is a tricky one as it changes according to the time. What is contemporary now will be a vintage piece in ten years; so, to create a contemporary home requires allegiance to certain style markers that will evolve and change constantly. One-color walls, a lack of moldings and wooden flooring can all be good indicators of a contemporary home; with things like sofa styles and soft furnishings changing as trends fall out of favor. 


    For lovers of monochrome, metal and functional furniture, industrial chic is the home interior design genre of choice. Working best in spaces that are open and airy, the style takes cues from New York loft conversions and prizes commercial building techniques over perfect finishes. You’ll find open metal staircases, black metal, usually some bare brick walls and the odd piece of vintage furniture. Shabby leather Chesterfield sofas and solid wood architect planner chests are amongst the prized finds for this look.


    However you decide to decorate your home, just remember that nothing is irreversible. Paint the walls, swap out your sofas and think about your flooring; however, stay true to yourself and your own style, because fashion is fickle!

  • A beautiful Hand Carved Table

    Hand Carved Dining Table For true lovers of rustic furniture, nothing could be better than a striking hand carved solid wood dining table; but, just wait until you see what our artisans are capable of!

    We hate to admit it, but even we can still be shocked by the sheer talent of our craftspeople. We like to think we have a great eye for not only furniture design; but also talent spotting! However, then an idea is born, an example is made and we are speechless. That’s what happened with our ‘Walk on the Wild Side Hand Carved Cedar Stump Table’.

    Picture the scene. A group of creative designers are in a meeting; talking about what would take our dining table range to the next level! Then someone suggests a carved top. Great, we love a chance to exhibit our creativity, but wait. Not just a carved top, a carving that depicts an emotive and touching rustic woodland scene, with nuances and charm! However, it has to have no loss of functional table top space. Now that’s a tall order; but here we are, with one of the most imaginative pieces of dining room furniture that we think we’ve ever offered.

    A custom Hand carved dining table to your specifications

    Now. We knew that not everybody would want the same scene carved into their dining tables. Regardless of whether you are planning to house this in a family home, a lodge or a cabin. You want to have something you feel connected to, forever embedded. That’s why we decided to give you as much choice as we possibly could, so you could feel ready to tap into the rustic furniture trend.

    Link to the Hand Carved Dining Table

    The ordering process may take a little longer than normal, as you click through our easy-to-use drop-down menus; but, we want you to properly consider and choose the elements that you’ll love most and for the longest time. Not least because the table comes with a free lifetime warranty. Yes, a lifetime guarantee, because that’s how good our craftspeople are. 

    Options for your Dining Needs!

    We’ll ask you to choose the following elements:

    • Size. We have 10 standard sizes to choose from, but of course, you can always get in touch and ask us if there are custom dimensions you would prefer to work to.
    • Stump base finish. The stumps themselves are gorgeous already; but if you’d prefer a stained color finish, rather than a clear coat, just let us know. 
    • Carving scene. We have 6 carving scenes to choose from, all set in nature and with your favorite animals to choose from. We see you, wolf fans! You can also select from three backdrops, so if you'd rather have a mountain scene than a forest background. we are happy to oblige!
    • Coordinated seating. Take all of the hassle out of buying the right chairs or benches for your table by ordering them as a package and taking advantage of our free large items shipping policy. 

    Buying a new dining table is a big decision, but even more so when you’re choosing something with a lifetime warranty. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so take your time, make the choices that are right for you! Then, let us work our magic and organize all the logistics for you. Because bespoke furniture really can be this simple to invest in.

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