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  • A Design that Deserves a Pedestal

    Normally, it pays to be a little modest about designs that have been born out of a moment of wild creativity! Then manifested into being, especially when they are bold and unusual! However, we are going to make an exception for our incredible Teak Stump Pedestal Vanity.

    Let’s not beat around the bush here: this teak stump pedestal vanity unit is exceptionally different. We doubt you’ll have seen anything quite like this before! Especially not in terms of construction expertise and care, but more on that shortly.

    When it comes to teak bathroom furniture, we are all more used to sleek, polished surfaces and elegant uniformity, which we still have a lot of love for, but it never hurts to sidestep the comfort zone and embrace something new. That’s what we’ve done with our ultimate take on a natural teak vanity.

    What You Need To Know about the Teak stump Vanity

    No two units can possibly be the same – Of course they can’t, the central stumps are organic items, chosen for their size and likelihood of suitability for hollowing out in the back.

    Every vanity comes complete with a sink – If you’ve long lusted after hand carved sinks, now is the time to claim one for yourself. Sturdy and safe, though delicately affixed to not overshadow the overall beauty. The sink itself is the perfect finishing touch to what will definitely be the focal point in your bathroom.

    Each vanity is ready to plumb. We don’t think there could be anything worse than investing in a stylish and unique vanity. Only to find that you are expected to cut into the back in order to fix your plumbing system in place. That’s why we supply your solid teak vanity with a plug hole already in place. As well as, hollow sections in the rear of the stump, for all of your pipework.

    The finish is up to you. There is so much variation in terms of how people like their bathroom furniture to be finished. That we decided to supply these one-off vanity units in their natural state. This leaves you to decide if you want to stain, wax, paint, oil or lacquer and give you the freedom to do so! Once it is in place, you can coordinate with other bathroom pieces.

    Imbued With Pride

    While the stumps themselves dictate the finished shape and look of each reclaimed teak vanity. Our artisans use their judgement and experience to hand select the best raw stumps to work with. You might also be surprised to learn that we include a full year’s warranty with each unit, even though they are going to be placed in a moist environment. Why? Because we know our quality can withstand a little water!

    Shipped free of charge within the contiguous 48 states and taking between 1-2 weeks to be dispatched. You can enjoy a slice of designer style and chic in the most private room of your home and get the satisfaction of almost instant gratification as well. How many pieces of solid wood bathroom furniture can offer that? Not many outside of Woodland Creek’s portfolio, we’d wager!

  • Mountain Styling You’ve Dreamt Of

    Not all beds have mastered the art of being both gorgeous to look at as well as sturdy, characterful and a true representation of rustic design that cuts through gimmicks and fashions. One that does, however, is our Rustic Hickory Mountain Log Bed.

    What makes our take on a rustic hickory bed so different? The fact that we have a deep and meaningful connection to the wood that we use. Because of this, we not only take our time to select only the finest and most suitable logs. We then create designs that will support, not outshine the organic and inherent divinity. Sounds too good to be true? Let us tell you about a few of the details, so you can see just how much we respect the process of creating a stunning solid wood bed.

    Everything You Need and Want in a Rustic Hickory Bed

    The first thing to know is that each of our beds are designed, crafted and shipped from right here in the USA. The second thing to take note of is that for this particular hickory bedroom furniture piece, we have chosen to make great use of reclaimed wood. You might be wondering where, as the design has such a ‘cut straight from the forest’ look about it. However, we’ve built strength and heritage into this design through subtle inclusion.

    Chunky barnwood boards have been hand selected and used to cap off the head and footboard. It’s gentle touches such as this that take a rustic design to a more refined and luxurious level. Mountain man chic might be all the rage, but when it comes to a beautiful room to rest your head. You need some elegant touches to really lift your entire aesthetic. By finishing the steamed and shaped logs with such a neat accessory. We have created a harmony to our design. That allows for either flannel or floral bed linen to be the perfect finishing touch.

    Adaptable to Your Needs 

    You’d be absolutely forgiven for assuming that any bed which makes good use of organically shaped logs would only truly work in a through-and-through rustic home. However, we think there is scope for so much more. Imagine a family home, where each guest bedroom has a different theme…couldn’t you just picture this taking center stage in the ‘mountain’ room? Then again, let’s not discount lodges, cabins and ranches! That would make a hickory log bed such as this one just fit straight in.

    Available in twin, queen, king or even California king size, there’s a perfect log bed waiting to be built for you and your home, because we craft to order. Your bed will be made just for you, by one of our master craftsmen! Then it will be carefully packaged and shipped, at our cost, to your home within the 48 contiguous states.

    If you’ve been considering moving away from disposable furniture and investing in pieces that will give you comfort and joy for many years, now is the time and we want to help, so get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you!

    image of a rustic hickory bed

  • It's a Dealer’s Choice!

    The saying goes that you have to play the hand you’re dealt but if that hand were presented to you on our showstopping Rustic Game Table, we don’t think you’d mind one bit!

    Let’s get the elephant out of the room before we begin: we know that not everybody has a specific game room to house a beautiful table such as this. We also know that is an investment item and does not come with a throw away furniture price tag. These things having been said though. We know that more of you could welcome our redwood game table into your homes than you might think. Let us explain.

    link to the rustic game table

    Carving Out A Niche

    There’s something wonderfully appropriate about a wood furniture company ‘carving out a solid reputation’, don’t you think? When it comes to producing eye-catching designs that blur the line between function and beauty! We are happy to claim the niche as our own! Also, we think that this rustic card table is a truly representative example of why.

    You don’t need a game room, man cave or home bar space to justify a solid wood game table, as we think we’ve designed something special enough to be positioned in your main rooms. What’s more, you can customize the finished piece to make sure that it fits in with your existing décor to the rustic game table

    Let’s get back to carving for a moment. Take a look at the highly intricate juniper log base here. A masterclass in organic design, it is only possible to create something of this nature if you have the right people in your team. Here at Woodland Creek, we have the best! Artists with wood, every person in our workshop brings years of experience and vision to the table. If you’ll excuse the pun, and have a natural talent for letting the majesty of the wood speak for itself. And only one thing is good enough to top a carved log base: a live edge top.

    Attention to Detail with Our Rustic Game Table

    Attention to detail is the name of the game with our rustic game table in redwood and juniper, so as well as marrying striking base formations with an organic slab on top, we knew that you’d want to choose the color of felt that you have applied. After all, the deep red in our pictures might be incredible, but it won’t blend with everybody’s interior design scheme, which is why we give you the choice of 30 exquisite shades.  We’re not suggesting that a bolder hue might distract your opponents. However, we certainly don’t think it will hurt your chances of success!

    Given the intricate and specialist nature of our organic wood card table. We ask for at least 12-14 weeks to complete your build. This gives us time to source the perfect wood and allows the base to come into being naturally. We think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait though! Also, we offer free shipping within the USA, as a thank you for your patience.

    Beautiful, built for purpose and with no two ever being identical, why take a chance on a lesser game table when you could invest in the best and spread the cost with an easy financing package from Bread?

  • The Devil’s In The Details

    You might think that once you’ve seen one rustic entertainment center you’ve seen them all! However, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, unless you’ve been enjoying our own portfolio of designs, we are willing to bet that you haven’t seen true artistry or craftsmanship yet. But that’s all about to change! When you see this gorgeous barnwood entertainment center!

    A Legacy That Will Live On in this Barnwood Entertainment Center

    There’s a reason why we’ve bestowed part of our portfolio with the name Heritage Collection’. It goes deeper than the fact that genuine reclaimed barnwood has been used throughout; creating unique and seemingly antique pieces of furniture. It also relates to the fact that we know these items will be handed down through families, creating something of a legacy of their own. And why? Because, we created them to last a lifetime and nod to classic American carpentry and iconic rustic design tropes.

    Our Barnwood Entertainment Center is a stunning example of how impactful a solid wood TV stand can be. You might have previously thought of the furniture that you place your technology on top of as relatively unimportant. You better think again. Where do your eyes get drawn to when you sit on your sofa? Towards your television! By proxy, that means you are staring at its support more than you realize. Or perhaps you COULD be aware of it! If you invested in a piece of genuine American heritage furniture.

    Link to the barnwood entertainment center

    An American Icon

    We know that it sounds indulgent to buy an antique wood entertainment center! However, you’ve taken time and money to create your perfect home. It’s your sanctuary and a haven for good furniture choices! So, why not add in some true craftsmanship and domestic pride as well? Let us talk you through a few of the finer details.

    Built from solid wood, our reclaimed barnwood entertainment center has it all, including hand carved wooden hinges. We see this as attention to detail, as the main body has been beautifully crafted from antique material! So, it’s only right that we use construction methods that suit the age. We choose the best hinges to last a lifetime! This is not flat pack furniture!

    Another thing to note is that although we have used a picture of a two-cabinet, one-drawer heritage collection entertainment center, we would be delighted to design and build a bespoke version, just for you. Whatever size, layout or functionality that you need, our master carpenters are ready and happy to accommodate.

    link to a barnwood entertainment center

    We know you’ll love the combination of a thick top, built to support even the largest of home cinema systems. As well as, the useful storage underneath. We could have kept the front open. However, in a busy home, we know that you’ll need somewhere to stow away all your remotes, magazines and other accessories that you might not want on display 24/7. Those all-important wooden hinges, forged metal latches and free shipping complete what’s on offer and if you need just one more thing to tip you over into making an investment into your living room, take a look at the reviews for this item. They come from verified buyers and say more than we ever could!

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