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  • Furniture That Means Business

    link to the rustic barnwood desk

    Just because a piece of furniture has a designated serious use. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful and an investment item. We firmly believe that installing gorgeous pieces in your office can have an amazing effect on how productive you want to be, which is why our rustic Barnwood Desk is such a superb addition to any work space.

    A Rustic Barnwood Desk you want to sit at

    Not all desks are created equal and they certainly don’t all inspire you to pull up a chair and commit to a full day at them, but then not everybody can combine elegant style and functionality the way we can. There’s no point in skirting around the issue or being falsely modest, as our reclaimed rustic barnwood desk speaks for itself in terms of beauty and practicality! So you would know that we were being too modest.

    Made from salvaged solid wood, each of our barnyard desk comes laden with heritage already. Every nuance, mark and age spot tells a story of the life the wood had previously! What a joy to be able to re-purpose such beautiful materials, turning them into something so essential. There’s no doubting that every time you sit at one of these desks. You will be overcome with a sense of purpose and determination.

    Make it work for you

    I you’re worried that the nature of the material being used means that you can’t customize your design, think again. We build every one of our reclaimed wood executive desk to order, taking between four and six weeks. Which means that you can change up a couple of elements, if you think you need to.

    As standard, the desk comes with antique drawer knobs, but you can opt for wooden ones. You can also add a sliding keyboard platform! Which, when not in use, simply stows away elegantly under the desktop, out of sight. This allows you to keep your surface clear and ready to work on! It also helps to keep the rustic vibe authentic.

    Though listed as a standard size, you are more than welcome to contact us in order to discuss a fully personalized version, of any size.

    Designing your workspace made easy

    We pride ourselves on our customer service standards. Which is why you should find the ordering process not only easy, but also a pleasure. If you need to discuss something custom, we are always at the end of the phone or ready to reply to an email and once your salvaged wood desk design has been finalised, we will ship it to you for free, within the USA.

    We love our work and we want you to know that same feeling of contentment and excitement that we start each and every workday with. If all it takes is choosing the right desk for your office, then we would be delighted to help you achieve workplace bliss by building you the perfect barnwood desk. Just remember that you’ll have to actually do some work on it when it arrives, not just sit and stare!


  • Still Waters Run Deep

    link to the river runs throught it coffee table You might think that you’ve seen your fair share of modern coffee tables, or hybrid designs that combine rustic and contemporary motifs, but we don’t think you will have ever come across anything as different and beautiful as our A River Runs Through It coffee table design.

    Unforgettable design elements

    If a modern coffee table is sleek and unfussy and rustic coffee tables tend to be more rugged and organic, how can we describe this incredible design? Just referring to it as a solid wood coffee table seems somehow too understated! So, perhaps we need to devise an entire new genre! One that accounts for rich redwood, sleek metalwork and smooth pebbles all coming together in perfect harmony.

    Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we’re known for our attention to detail! We also consider all design elements to the nth degree! So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we were designing our river rock coffee table. We wanted the stones to be extra special too. Technically, we could have filled the beautiful wood voids with any pebbles! However, instead, you’ll find handpicked, vibrant stones form the Great Lakes. No, we are not joking and yes, there will still be still plenty of usable flat surface space in and around your unique top.

    Making the River Runs through it Coffee Table your ownlink to the river runs through it coffee table.

    We knew that as soon as you saw this design. You’d want to commission a custom coffee table from us! Which is why we set out to offer a number of sizes, options and even shapes to choose from. Also, no two homes are identical, so while one might have a perfect space for a large rectangular piece of furniture. Others might barely have enough room for a smaller circular variety. We wanted to be able to offer everybody an equal chance of owning one of these spectacular items! Which is why you can customize to your heart’s content.

    You get to choose between rectangle and round designs, before selecting an ideal size. However, there’s another fun twist – you get to choose what style of base you have as well. If you want to ramp up the modern rustic coffee table vibe. You can select a metal base that will bring sharp contemporary contrast into play! However, if you like to keep things strictly rustic, an organic log base is on offer as well. You can even ask us to build you this table out of a different wood. If redwood isn’t to your taste. It all starts with a conversation and we love hearing from you.

    link to the river runs through it coffee table Prepare for jealousy

    There’s no getting away from the fact that this is clearly a designer coffee table. It’s unusual, but also usable, stylish and tactile, which means that you should be ready for some serious envy from friends and family members. We can’t take responsibility for any jealousy that you might encounter, but we can promise to deliver you the coffee table of your dreams and totally free of charge too (within the USA).

  • Good Taste Never Goes Out Of Style

    link to the barnwood tableFor a barnwood dining table with a rustic flavour, our Timber Frame Support Dining Table is impossible to ignore.  From the chunky proportions to the fully customizable dimensions. Everything about this piece has been designed with you and your timeless taste in mind. We are sure you will love your new reclaimed barnwood table!

    A real talking point

    Have you ever seen a piece of furniture in person and found yourself drawn to it? Perhaps wanting to reach out and touch it, before asking more about where it came from? That’s exactly how anybody seeing your reclaimed barnwood table will feel.

    Delicately etched with 100's of years of American history, every timber has been selected for its stance and aesthetic appeal. Before, being brought together into a large statement table. We always choose the most structurally sound and appropriate reclaimed timber pieces for our exclusive designs. There is nothing sub-par or ‘pre-loved’ about barnwood. It is simply a beautiful material that has proven itself to be of the highest quality and ingrained with the most character.

    The top, gargantuan in both impression and gorgeousness, floats effortlessly on top of a simple wooden frame that speaks of a time gone by! When artisans knew the value of their skills and wanted to showcase them.

    link to the reclaimed barnwood tablePride in our work

    We’re keen to return to an appreciation for craftsmanship. Which is why each of our re-purposed wood tables are made to order, especially for you. Because nothing is ‘stock’ to us, we encourage you to consider being a little pickier and asking about a custom size! As it certainly won’t be too much trouble for us. If just a few inches could make all the difference between a handsome table and one that you cannot believe is yours. It would be silly not to take advantage of our workshop magicians.

    We make furniture for you, that’s our driving force. Whether you’re after a western style dining table, rustic coffee tables, real log vanity units or a reclaimed wood dining table, we are here to make your dreams come true and all from our USA workshops. Domestic production is something we are exceptionally proud to be championing! So, we never cut corners during the design, manufacture or shipping of your once-in-a-lifetime investment.

    Your reclaimed barnwood table, your choice

    As we’ve said, we make to order and customization is our specialty! So, why not think a little more outside the box? You might like the steadfast and sturdy design of this wonderful table and think there is little room for adaptation! However, you can opt for an extending version, adding two 18” leaves. Add this to whatever size you want the main installation to be. Then you could find yourself capable of hosting banquets, never mind cozy family dinners!

    Finished by hand, to ensure a smooth, tactile piece of furniture that not only cries out to be used. However, it also calls to be  loved and maintained! We know that you’ll fall in love with the  Timber Frame Support Dining Table during your first meal, if not when it is being unloaded at your home!

  • Family Furniture With Elegance

    The right dining table can transform what was just a place to eat,into the heart of the home, with family and friends gravitating towards it for good times and memory-making. This notion was firmly in our minds when we designed our Modern Tuscan Dining Table and we think we’ve created the perfect centerpiece for any dining room that packs an aesthetic punch, as well as being a favorite family hang-out spot.








    Chic Styling For Modern Homes

    You might think that dining tables are easy to design, after all, you only need a top and some legs, right? In reality, it’s the simplest and most understated finished products that take the most design expertise! Especially those with a modern yet classic flavor, such as the Tuscan.

    An elegant dining table designed to be just as beloved during family meals as formal dining, it features unfussy lines and subtle curved legs to balance the rustic finish of the wood with contemporary chic. A truly transitional item, this is a refined dining table that can be installed in any style of home, amplifying either modern or rustic themes and providing a central gathering point.

    Link to the reclaimed barnwood bed

    Built To Last

    You only have to look at the Tuscan to know that this is a formal dining table that has been designed and built to last but let us tell you a bit more about the construction.

    Each table comes with a 44” wide top, as standard! However, many other sizes are available, as a custom option and when it comes to length. You have anywhere from five to ten feet play with. This is because we know that no two houses are the same! So, the amount of space you have to dedicate to a dining table will be unique to your home only! As we make everything to your specifications. It makes sense to go the extra mile and built exactly what you need.

    In terms of finish, you can be as daring as you like. The standard finish is Antique Mahogany in a Natural Dark finish. However, if you like to be more expressive with your statement furniture pieces. How about considering one of our other options for finish or wood?

    A Rustic Finish for your Tuscan Dining table

    In addition to the natural option, there are five rustic paint finishes. That you can choose from, including red, blue and green. Each is distressed by a master craftsman, to give the appearance of an antique finish! The result is a spectacularly bold and beautiful item. That will look as though it has been passed down through generations of your family.

    Designed, made and shipped free here in the USA, the Modern Tuscan Dining Table is waiting to make a big impact on your interior design scheme! However, don’t take our word for it that you need one. Read our reviews and hear from confirmed buyers that have no regrets*.

    *Reviews can be found at the bottom of each product page. The Modern Tuscan Dining Table currently has two five-star ratings.

  • Style To Stay Awake For

    As far as we can tell, there’s only one problem when it comes to designing and building a breath-taking salvaged wood bed! You’ll want to stay awake for as long as possible, to appreciate your own fantastic taste!

    We Dream Of Barnwood

    link to the salvaged wood bed Standard Version

    What is it about reclaimed barnwood bed designs that make them so irresistible? Is it the sheer sturdiness of them? The aesthetic of over 100 years of history etched into every timber? Or simply the nod to more traditional furniture styles that creates a naturally comforting vibe? We think it’s a heady combination of all three elements, working together to create a bed frame that will last a lifetime! That will also get even more beautiful with every scratch and knock that it gets.

    Our Barnwood Mission Bed is special for more reasons than its good looks. Remember – beauty is only frame-deep in this case! The design was one of the first of our entire Barnwood Collection and as such, has a special place in our hearts. Yours too, it would seem! As it remains one of our most popular pieces of furniture and we know exactly why.

    link to a barnwood bed Slim Version

    Quality You Can See And Feel in A Salvaged Wood Bed

    You’ve heard the saying ‘as good as it looks’? Well this salvaged wood bed is as sturdy as it looks! Thick timbers have been chosen for their aesthetic value, as well as inherent strength! Before being hand-sanded, to ensure smooth, tactile surfaces. This doesn’t remove any of the character though. It simply allows you the luxury of being able to touch every nick and wonder how it was created.

    The romance of Midwest history being etched into every frame surface is something we protect fiercely! Because to us, each of these beds is a piece of Americana art. What a privilege to be able to help create this art! From ancient barns that have fallen into ruin come stunning bed frames! Frames that are worthy of the designer chic tag and there are plenty of ways to make your selection your own.

    link to a salvaged barnwood bed Platform Version

    Furniture That Fits Your Life

    Antique barnwood beds are powerful, large statements that garner attention in any bedroom, which is why we always make sure that you can tailor your selection to be as in-keeping as possible. It can start with custom head and footboard dimensions! Of course, it also includes a variety of different frame sizes as well! However, there is another unique design element to be considered.

    Our Big Timber option allows you to take full advantage of chunky proportions and strength. However, if you’re looking for a timeless aesthetic with a more delicate design touch, select our Slim Timber alternative. Just as robust but a little less stocky, you won’t be compromising on anything. What’s more, all of our frames come with side rails made from new timber, stained and finished to match the barnwood elements, to ensure your safety and support.

    A steadfast design, built to last right here in the USA! We think you’ll fall in love with our Barnwood Mission Bed! We’re sorry, but we take no responsibility if you lose sleep staying awake to admire it!

    Oak Version - Slim Style
  • Modernity for Every Bathroom

    Solid wood furniture can be crafted into a myriad of styles and one of the most eye-catching is a sleek contemporary look that makes the most of beautiful grain and the material’s natural adaptability. A contemporary modern wood vanity is a fantastic way to bring a touch of solid wood into your bathroom.

    link to a contemporary wood vanity

    Simple But Not Standard

    Whereas rustic furniture pieces seek to amplify the natural gorgeousness of solid wood! Modern designs have to work that little bit harder. Stylish and unusual designs can have a habit of overpowering naturally aesthetic materials! Which is why we take a less heavy-handed approach when creating modern items. Our Contemporary Wood Vanity is a perfect example of the understated and respectful design ethos that we are talking about.

    Made from a contrasting yet complementary combination of black walnut and ash wood, left in their natural hues. This contemporary vanity both stands out and blends in, making it ideal for any bathroom. Integrated shelves allow for easy storage and access! While the sleek cabinet guarantees hidden organization as well! Also, the smooth top is ideal for mounting a stylish sink onto.

    The design of the vanity seems, at first glance, exceptionally simple and it is, but it’s anything other than plain. A strong and sturdy framework gives way to beautifully hand-finished surfaces! The black walnut doors elevate the finished look to something far more designer. What’s more, you can customize so that your finished vanity is a truly perfect fit for your space.

    link to the contemporary wood vanity

    A Personal Touch to Your Contemporary Wood Vanity

    Available in a range of sizes from 42-60” wide, our natural wood vanity should work in almost any bathroom! However, we can accommodate even the most unusual size requests, by going fully bespoke. Contact us for more information about this option. The regular dimensions allow this tactile piece of furniture to stand at 34” tall and a generous but unobtrusive 18” deep! This gives you enough surface to be useful but not overpowering, even in a compact room.

    You can also choose the orientation of your finished piece! Allowing you to decide which side would be most beneficial in terms of shelf installation. This, along with the promise that no two solid wood vanity units will ever be identical. Thanks to the natural variation in solid wood! This means that you can benefit from designer-looking furniture with an exclusive feel, at incredibly competitive prices.

    link to wood vanity

    Crafted With Pride

    When you buy a Contemporary Wood Vanity from us, you are doing more than making a fantastic choice for your home – you’re supporting a dream and a domestic product. All of our furniture pieces are designed and made right here in the USA! By our talented craftsmen that we are proud to have in our team. We make all of our items to order, just for you and we ship free of charge! This is to give you peace of mind that once you’ve clicked ‘add to cart’, your work is done.

    Sleek, eye-catching and the perfect blend of practical and aesthetic! Our Contemporary Wood Vanity is a worthy focal point in any style of bathroom, so don’t delay!

  • When Art Meets Functionality

    There is some debate as to whether our Modern Root Console Table really is a piece of functional furniture, or whether it is an art piece that escaped from a gallery, as it garners attention at every turn. Stunning and dramatically different, it has the power to captivate an audience and elevate the interior design of any room! What’s more, it really IS a console table, not just a decorative addition.

    A masterclass in daring design

    We think that combining rustic and contemporary design features isn’t always an easy task. Especially when bold materials are being considered! However, we think that our modern console table has gone where few others have dared go before.

    The combination of a black linear metal casing. That is then filled with reclaimed tree root segments is exciting, artistic and makes for a transitional piece of furniture! That can be housed in any style of home. Picture this contemporary console table in a traditional lodge or cabin, adding in just a soupçon of modernity to amplify the rest of the heritage styling. Likewise, in a sleek, unfussy apartment, a rustic addition such as this would make for a dramatic centerpiece.

    Just when you think that this incredible item can’t get any better. We reveal that there are custom options available, for a cohesive home aesthetic.

    link to the modern root console table

    A Modern Root Console Table Created just for you

    Our creations are not mass produced and sitting in a dusty warehouse. That means that they are made to your exact specifications, once your order has been placed. With this in mind, you can inject a little creativity into your finished piece. Choose the right size for your home and the impression that you’re hoping to make. Then add a live edge top if you fancy one. Or, you could tell us a specific purpose you have in mind for your new furniture. We are as adaptive as we are committed to quality.

    Available as an entertainment center with integrated shelving, with a wooden frame instead of a metal one and in a myriad of different dimensions, your needs take precedence when we build you a solid console table. We are looking to add more finishes to your list of options as well, so stay tuned!

    link to the modern root console table

    Made in Michigan

    If you decide that our teak console table is for you. Then you should know you are choosing an all-American product, designed and crafted in Michigan by our team of artisans. Not only will your metal frame be hand-forged. Also, your section of root will also be carefully selected to fill your table proportionally. While the bare surfaces will be hand finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood itself. The end result is a piece or art-furniture! One that can stand alone as a focal point in any room! Or, it can act as a functional addition, built for purpose and stability.

    We ask for patience when creating one of our Modern Root Console Table designs, as the root sections, in particular, can require adequate sourcing time. We will keep you updated as to timescale. However, please remember that this is an artisan item that we don’t rush, in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Stylish Touches Beneath the Surface

    Imagine that your home is a perfectly curated blend of modern design features with classically beautiful wood added in for balance and warmth. Now try to find handcrafted combination furniture pieces that marry the two worlds together, within a designated budget. What would once have been an impossible task is now as simple as entering the Woodland Creek Furniture website. Let us show you with this contemporary rustic dining table!

    Two Worlds Collide with Our Contemporary Rustic Dining Table

    Designing a contemporary dining table that can join eye-catching metal shapes with natural wooden elements might sound easy on paper! However, in reality, it takes an expert hand and a keen eye for furniture trends to get it right. The wood needs to be the star of the show, but without being so flashy as to turn the finished article into a garish installation. While the metal needs to bring just enough modern flair without taking over. It’s a tough balancing act.

    We pondered over these issues and finally, our Contemporary Rustic Plank Dining Table was born, complete with various iterations to guarantee seamless integration into any home. We think you’ll love the finished design of this striking yet understated modern dining table! So, let’s talk about some of the details.

    link to the contemporary rustic dining table

    Carefully considered touches

    Say the words ‘stainless steel dining table’ and you’ll probably start picturing something cold, uninviting and stark, but with the addition of a live edge wooden top, a metal table base can be an incredible design feature. You can even choose your finish when you buy from us! As we can mount your top onto a brushed, polished or even black metal base. There really is no compromise needed in terms of your wider interior design to the rustic dining table

    When it comes to the top, you have a wealth of options to choose from. With five wood varieties on offer, your finished live edge planked slab will create an effortlessly soft rustic dining table! One that exudes tactile charm and timeless elegance. You can also upgrade your top to a bookmatched black walnut finish, guaranteeing a perfect symmetry and strong grain detailing.

    Perfect for any setting, from urban lofts through to cabin retreats. This is a hybrid design that truly can please all of the people, all of the time.


    Made especially for you

    We are blessed to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry! As such as, no two pieces of furniture are ever the same and nor are they pre-made and ready to ship. Why? Because we want to offer you the chance to really customize your purchase. We offer a number of ‘standard’ sizes but can make your dream live edge dining table to any specifications. By retaining this level of flexibility, we are able to give you the exact table that you want, compromise-free.

    You can choose your wood, choose your base finish and tell us what size you need! We can make it happen for you. Made in the USA and with free shipping included! We want you to enjoy the VIP experience of ordering a piece of domestically produced designer furniture that will last you a lifetime and catch everybody’s eye.

    link to the contemporary dining table

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